We Empower You so You Can Empower Others With Unique Female Empowerment Tools

Too many breakthrough coaching companies and guru’s claim to specialise in women, but they are using male formulated (supposedly one size fits all) minded solutions such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other conscious, logical and cognitive mind strategies that simply fall short for women,  leaving them feeling frustrated, even after spending up to $100,000 in some cases.

These processes just don’t fit our female circuitry in the same way iphone apps don’t work on a smart phone.  They also don’t get to the very root cause of women’s issues either, BUT WE DO.

We not only specialise in women, we’ve designed, compiled and formulated unique education and breakthrough tools JUST for women that ‘fits’ us beautifully. These work better than anything you will have tried or be currently using for your female clients, because this industry is still asleep to the biological (scientifically evidential) differences of our amazing female brains, hormones (chemical inducing emotions) and minds and how they function psychologically and behaviourally. Women have missed out for long enough. Become a Woman’s Creatrix® Transformologist® and join the ranks of women treating women with tools that work fast and last.


The Story Behind Creatrix®

We Train, Certify and License women to become Women’s Breakthrough Transformologists™ so you can help women you so passionately want to empower. Regardless of what level of training you’ve had to date, this is so unique, its a one of a kind powerful and specialised solution to help you get better longer lasting results, so you can transform those women you care so much about.

Marylin Schirmer

Meet Marylin Schirmer (Maz), our Founder

“Hi sister revolutionist :).  I invite you to join me in turning women’s lives around. I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling or rewarding.

I live and breathe to change women’s lives for the better by changing the mindset, thoughts, insecurities and emotions women have that don’t serve them.

The biggest lie we’ve been told is ‘Its a long slow process to change your mindset’. That’s because THEY don’t know of a process that isn’t. But I do and our Transformologists™ and I can prove it! The naysayers need to get with the current program and open up their minds because that is simply a limiting belief in itself.

There are 3 things I know very well, 1, women 2. how to help them change their lives by using their minds 3. how to help others do what I do and be darned successful at it.

Why do I now crave to train women to empower others? Because although I NOW run 3 successful businesses, I get to live a beautiful abundant life through empowering and leading women to success and happiness in the personal development industry, but it wasn’t always that way.

I was quite screwed up (lucky to be alive in fact) for the first 30 years of my life. I was a single mother of 4 little kiddliwinks, struggling on the pension, suffered DV involving guns along and other forms of abuse, lived in hiding for 400 days and I could go on and on….. Basically I turned my life around on a dime due to one of those freakish unexpected life altering wake up calls I wouldn’t wish on anyone. What I do wish on women, is to get them their unique life learnings like I got DURING my wake up call. That’s exactly what I do now FOR YOU and YOUR CLIENTS through the processes I’m developed exclusively for women.

The Story Behind Creatrix®

If you are a world difference maker determined to help women shine their lights, so they can become the woman they are meant to, the real woman behind the mask and insecurities then we need to talk.

Attend our course and….

After just 6 intense days of training with Maz, you are able to use our revolutionary Female Minded Tools such as our aMAZing female formulated breakthrough process called Creatrix®, to achieve incredible life transformations for women.

It’s important you know we only accept women who are willing to also use these processes on themselves so we have women of high integrity who walk the talk consistently therefore we have a course application process.


The woman who gets the most out of our Signature Course who we call our ideal client, is a woman in one of these positions:

Already in the personal development industry in some capacity, such as a Life Coach, Therapist, Practitioner, Counselor, Psychologist, Mentor, Leader,Trainer etc in Industries such as health, wellness, fitness, weight loss, education, disability, carers, psychological, public services or wherever you may deal daily with women who want to change for the better.

You’ve realised you are so deeply passionate about empowering women and want to make the lifestyle choice of actualising your dream or vision to bring it into reality. You are ready to commit to just 1 week learning what you have to because you just need the education and powerful tools (without all the historical theory that wastes your precious learning time) that are guaranteed to work for your ideal woman client or patient so you can launch your endeavour.

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TRANSFORM WOMEN’s Minds so they can let go of the past, release limited thinking, stop negative head chatter, break negative sabotaging cycles, perform better, make better choices, take actions that otherwise they couldn’t do, feel internally strong, able to act and feel confidently, raise self esteem, become self aware, know they are whole, complete and worthy so they can focus on what they want, feel empowered, no longer focused on what they DON’T want and the list of benefits goes on and on and on ……! See more here:- 70 Client Results Benefits

Why women? Because we know them inside out and that their needs are not being met and their challenges remain. Women have unique needs and we deliver a unique solution. Here’s a humorous clip by Marriage Counselor, Mark Gungor we know you will love and show the guys, it’s very enlightening.

Working from the inside out, we take everyday women, set them free AND to top it off, we believe that women like you should be able to be financially independent if you choose, so our courses have unlimited earning potential attached.

Our founder Marylin Schirmer continues to prove that anything is possible given the right tools, understanding, education and support. Her life story is nothing short of shockingly EPIC. She took herself from an unemployed checkout operator who lived in hiding with her 4 small children fearing for her life for more than a year as an abused single mother, to achieving what most women only ever dream of.

With more than 15 years of great international success and revolutionary research discoveries that led to the pioneering of NEW and innovative mind and success breakthrough processes, the Institute of Women International just seemed like the natural thing for her to do. Just more evidence that her Midas touch is simply a system that is able to be duplicated.

Her determined and weathered soul realised their wasn’t any real solutions that fully understood what goes on inside of us women let alone had a solution that is designed accordingly and works. Many women had tried what was available through traditional means such as psychology, self-help books, self development breakthrough weekends, and many of the guru formula’s, but nothing seemed to help the WOMEN. Something was missing in the understanding and she has uncovered that there really is a gender biological difference that affects all of her, including her psychology and mind. Makes sense really when you think about it, we have different hardware why wouldn’t our software (solutions) have to be different too?

dawn-sunset-person-woman-largeWomen are not complicated, just often misunderstood.

This led her on a quest to not only fully uncover what lies inside the woman, but find a solution that is fast, simple and ‘fits’ the way she operates. She did just that! She designed 2 processes that cause long-lasting transformation like nothing else does, it’s nothing short of miraculous.

We feel it’s important to mention that we love men, women, boys, girls and humanity however we specialise in women because there really isn’t anything that caters for, understands and fully gets the female unconscious mind, our unique needs, our style of processing, how we perceive our world and set about achieving our desires. Many existing models work well with the male mind. Most men can logically get themselves out of their dilemma’s because they constructed them through the same process whereas logic has no place in un-creating emotional blockages.

It’s like we’ve been trying to run smartphone software inside our iphones for way too long. Its time we had something that wasn’t mostly left-brained and formatted logically, spatially and sequentially to solve our creative and emotionally charged problems.

Women have an unconscious mind that requires unique processes (one of its jobs is to run the body, so ours needs to able to sometimes grow another human being inside her with her unconscious mind developing another head, another torso, 2 hearts, all within the framework of our unconscious mind running her) that do not exist anywhere else within education or self-development that we can find. Psychologically we are different and we are excited to show women just how amazing they are, and also educate and empower them with uniquely designed processes specifically for them.

If you are frustrated with not having your life in control and you seem to be re-creating the same situations as if you are doing the groundhog day all over again in relationships, or experience the glass ceiling and can’t seem to crack the code of why you continue to be stuck and not moving freely forward in life and happily YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR SOLUTION- FINALLY and we put our money where our mouth is!

What is Creatrix®?

One client called it “Emotional Botox” (She looked years younger after Creatrix®) Another called it “Emotional Rehab” (She was cured of her habitual emotional outbursts). Another client called it “As Miraculous and Powerful as a Cancer Cure would be, but this is for Women Struggling Emotionally instead, which affects more of the population”. Find out how it can help you.

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Why Creatrix® Works?

Creatrix® is a female minded breakthrough (healing) experience that sets a woman free of her blockages, her lack of self-esteem, confidence and self belief to name but some of the issues that stop a woman feeling great about herself and in control of her life. It’s fast, pleasant and instantly transforms a woman at her CORE. Discover the real you and your potential!

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Our Values

  • Permanently Breaking Negative Generational Cycles
  • Igniting Women’s Innate Power to Lead and Create a Successful Life, Lifestyle and Legacy by providing quality facilitators.
  • Empowering Women with the Tools they need to Thrive
  • Gifting Children with Calm Control and Well Balanced Role Models
  • Harmonious Homes and Relationships
  • Lifestyle and Financial Freedom for Women
  • Support for Women Who Choose to Step Up in Leadership
  • Intra-Support for our Quality Facilitators to Feel Confident and Uninhibited
  • Setting Women Free of Suppression

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