One of my favourite questions to answer is:


We don’t have to be psychologists or know anything other than how to hold someone’s mind in several viewing points PREVIOUSLY NOT EVEN REALISED in any other body of philosophy or therapy. THIS is what makes the woman undo ‘herself’.

You see… No one person can know e.x.a.c.t.l.y what another soul needs to learn from her experiences to be able to let the pain go, but CREATRIX® causes the exact right ones to be got. It’s the NEW MIRACLE CURE for women and removes even inherited patterns. Its’ simply a.m.a.z.i.n.g and psychology should be very jealous. The truth is after Creatrix® you don’t need psychology because you’ll barely even remember what the problem was. It’s true!!!!!!

Women in particular make wonderful Creatrix® Facilitators and Transformologists® (That’s a title we give our Facilitators because they are able to do workshops that transform as well as 1:1 breakthroughs) because Creatrix®, our main breakthrough technique that we also created at Institute of Women International to relieve emotional suffering in women, capitalises on a woman’s innate maternal instincts and female brain. In fact it doesn’t work on men, that’s how well designed it is. Just so you know, it breaks entire cycles too.

We all know that a psychologist or counselor can help us to feel somewhat better, but to entirely break a pattern, a cycle, let alone the entire problem or past horrible pain disappear in just 2 or 3 x 90 minute sessions??? NOT LIKELY! Actually I challenge anyone to tell me where such a thing has actually happened. It happens for us every day.

 Find out how you can help women at a VERY deep core level. BOOK A CALL or TAKE THE QUIZ and find out for yourself. (OPEN YOUR MIND TO NEW POSSIBILITIES)

That’s only part of what our facilitators learn though because they can even run workshops and information events that are interactive and make a massive difference to WOMEN being able to cope and rebuild their lives.
Maz Schirmer

PS. Don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself HERE

Disclaimer:- This is not the case for psychotic or mentally ill clients other than for every day women who are suffering their own issues that stem from beliefs, values and thoughts. If there is a brain injury or disability of some sort or when clients are on drugs for mental illness then they are not candidates for Creatrix®. But women like you and me who’ve suffered emotional pain from past events, including PTSD or even unexplained reasons, CREATRIX® WORKS!

Is it Right to Coach Others if You Too are Struggling?

Is it Right to Coach Others if You Too are Struggling?

*THE ANSWER* For Women Who Want to Empower Others

You’ve come through so much in your life and empowered yourself to a great extent but success and financial freedom still eludes you.

You know you want to help others and you are willing to continue to improve yourself, but the big question is…


This is the single most powerful question to ask yourself if you are passionate about empowering others.

And with Creatrix ®, YES, YOU CAN…….IF….


  • You are passionate about helping others, particularly women….
  • You want to empower others by sharing your life lessons from your own personal experience.…
  • You can’t stand to see women feeling inadequate, not good enough, sad, depressed, negative and with no life direction…
  • You want to help women rise above it all so they can turn their lives around…
  • You get off on knowing you made someone feel better just by them having spent time with you and love how it makes you feel….
  • Secretly (or outwardly) you love personal development, inner growth and learning about the power of one’s own mind and learning how to use it constructively.
  • You find yourself searching the internet sometimes not sure what you’re looking for and end up reading empowerment resources and posts.


  • You think things like ‘who am I to help others’….
  • You still have some of your personal development journey to go through, but you don’t want that to stop you helping others because time is ticking by….
  • You’re not quite confident enough to act on your dreams….
  • You’re unsure if there’s a way you can help others, but you haven’t known where exactly to look or how to find out….
  • You’ve got money blocks to get rid of so you can work for yourself successfully, so you don’t have to go work for someone else doing something that is not fulfilling to your soul….
  • You know you need mentorship along the journey because although you want to do this for yourself without any boss telling you what to do, you recognize you may need support along the way….


  • That although you’ve come quite a distance, current personal development and Counseling success formulas have not catered for, or understood the female brain and mind.
  • You’ve felt you need to be digging deeper to get to the core root issues to break the cycle once and for all, because it’s not that you don’t know better, it’s just easier said than done.
  • That although you often know better, sometimes you slip backwards and feel there’s got to be as easier way for you to move to your next level.


Are you ready for the answer to the biggest question?



You don’t want to feel like a fraud or like you’re not role-modeling what you want to help others to do, I get that, but there’s a few crucial things you need to understand that will make you a great facilitator of change for women, and guess what? You don’t have to wait any longer and here’s why….

  1. Your personal ‘story’ is going to make you real and relatable. This creates instant rapport, respect and trust.
  2. Your experiences are what feeds your compassion and why you give a shit at all about empowering women. You care because you’ve been there at some level but you’ve come further along your personal development journey than they have.
  3. You never will be perfect or ‘ready’ because you have to DO IT to gain the final dose of confidence and nothing, absolutely nothing can substitute that.



  1. Awesome, specifically female designed tools that work.
  2. Lots of practice using them to build your confidence.
  3. Support so you can take that leap now and into the future.
  4. To be accredited by a classy well respected brand who operates to a code of conduct and quality traits.
  5. Super simple training in layman terms for you to learn easily and fast.
  6. A breakthrough to smash you through your OWN major limiting beliefs and any negative emotions that no longer serve you or may block you from being able to help others get great results.
  7. Ongoing  PD FREE just for you as long as you are a licensed Creatrix Faciltiator.
  8. All encompassing COMPLETE progamme that is all you need.
  9. A dynamic mentor who will continue to believe in you along your journey who has turned her own life around and never looked back. Her personal journey began as an unemployed check out operator, single mother of 4 living with domestic violence, sexual abuse and destitution who went on to earn millions of dollars through leading women from emotional suffering and crippling inner limitations through to to a level of success that most only ever dream of.




What’s Gender got to do with Mindset?

What’s Gender got to do with Mindset?

If you’re like most women, you’ve realised that we’re quite different at a behavioural, emotional, mental, psychological and biological level. How our heart is all entwined with our head and how our female design causes hormonal fluctuations (from day to day and sometimes hour by hour)  that causes imbalances in our moods and thinking, cause us to need tools that take all of this into consideration.

Regardless of all the self development courses or self help books we’ve read, women find it harder to intentionally control emotions (not always under our control) which effects everything from the quality of our decisions, thoughts, commitment and so on, thus affecting all areas of our life.

We are far from silly, in fact we’ve been grossly underestimated and not considered fully in the self-development industry for our biological and psychological differences. We are wired non-static and therefore what seems unpredictable, is simply misunderstanding and not knowing how inconsistency can be harnessed and worked with, not against. In fact expecting consistency, which is the secret of success according to every Personal Development Guru since the Napoleon Hill days is causing women to burn out and fry our circuits. I’d go even further and say it’s causing us dis-ease and terrible inadequacies that are just crippling to women and causes us to feel like failures.

You probably know the roles of the unconscious mind BUT who says the unconscious mind that can grow a brain inside of itself while running a brain at the same time might’nt need a different type of software to run through our hard-wired  gender brain… Current personal and professional development success formulas and therapies originated via the perception of male minds, therefore the solutions, lets call them software applications, do not fit our female minds (our hardware) It’s like we are iPhones and are expected to operate android apps. It’s not us that’s the problem its simply software incompatibility.

Heck, even the M and P Ganglion cells in our eyes have different balances of focal cells and peripheral cells so these very physical components OF COURSE matter. This is why many courses such as NLP who teach rapport actually take women away from our intuition and innate ability to bond by teaching us to do consciously that which we do better than men at an unconscious level.

We have 23% more neural connectivity (the white matter that transfers communication signals) connecting our right and left brain hemisphere. What does this mean when it comes to our ability to find joy and appreciation in life and our emotional resilience? Well our hormonally cyclic body hates to work at anything consistenctly and logically (this is the male brain way) and so we harm our bodies, brains and minds by going against our ‘grain’ when striving to achieve in these masculine ways. We CAN achieve the same things as men, it’s how we go about it that is not the same.

If you understood how your GENDER mind and body syncronise you’d be blown away with a whole new level of hope for women. Heck they say gender is the 1% difference only, but it actually affects 100% of your 50-100 trillion cells which are each coded gender and if we are using male processes, that stress affects all 11 of the bodily systems that run you. We’ve too long now underestimated the power of our amazing gender.

We’ve taken the time to design female software for our unique hardware so we can no longer crash and burn, but instead we can finally be understood and run as we’re designed to.

The self development industry although you see many females teaching it, they themselves have been taught very masculine methods of transformation which fit only 1 in 5 women because they’ve been designed by males for male brains. It’s alright for them because they are the 1 in 5 (many female CEO’s fit this category) but what about the majority of women, the 4 out of 5? It’s just how it is. It’s nobodies fault because we ourselves have been asleep to the joining of these dots. We (IOWI) have joined them for you and developed UNIQUE gender formulated personal development and mindset tools, processes and solutions, it’s our thing here at IOWI (Institute of Women International).

Up until only approx a decade ago most science lab tests done on female subjects were actually boy mice that’d been castrated (apparently that’s what the female version has been to science and still is in many labs, just boys without balls) so really, we are super behind and there’s no knight in shining armour to come save our predominantly female issues any time soon, and he certainly won’t be wearing a damned lab coat, so it’s up to us to take care of ourselves. Female Solutions designed by a woman!

IOWI discoveries and solutions are FEMALE based however that’s not all we care about because breaking the entire cycle is important to us and that’s not just a female issue now is it. We want to help EVERYONE but working THROUGH the women.

So look at what else we considered when creating Women’s Transformology® Courses to help heal and empower women:-

  1. The Female Factor (a full education in layman’s terms so you can go out and educate others in the community) If not us then who? Why not help us spread the word and bring hope and transformation to women who need us.
  2. Working on our own facilitators so bring our clients ‘Cleaned out’ emotionally resilient Facilitators who value the need to keep themselves cleaned out. We accept women to be facilitators who value their own state of mind so we take care of that for FREE for our facilitators. We created a solution we call Intra-support. Won’t find that in any coaching course or breakthrough guru courses.
  3. Epigenetics– Its just an industry word that means the instruction that the genes receive which tells them how to behave. Basically it’s the biggest hope for ALL of us in a decade. You see we inherit the pre-disposition to certain life sufferings as proven now in universities in every capital city in Australia, even Newcastle has one. Yep, we can  turn off the pre-dispositions we inherited and break the cycle.
  4. Our signature transformational process Creatrix® was designed with Epigenetics and the Female Factor in mind. We had to or else we are not breaking the cycle therefore we’d be putting band-aids on wounds that are infected.
  5. Our facilitators enter into a Code of ethical conduct license agreement– Sorry but not anyone can come help us on our misson. You must be a respectful human being that values such powerful processes and the delicate lives that we deal with every day. It takes women willing to own their ‘stuff’ and be on top of it to ensure she’s the best person to be helping others. Does she have to be perfect? NO WAY or else god help us all, but she does have to have a desire to strive to be a good soul with a good heart. We can handle the rest through our own tools if necessary and also the support we share inhouse.
  6. We hold a public registry of Authorised Creatrix® Facilitators so your clients or patients can check to see you really are an ethical Facilitator. (see the search bar in our website footer). There’s too many people out there in this industry who really are quite dangerous because they use some powerful tools on others for self serving and intentionally manipulative egotistical reasons.

Have you ever considered helping women as a way of life and earning great money and loving what you do? It’s truly rewarding and humbling and OMGOSH the stories of the women you will change for the better.

Do you have a passion and dream to empower women to believe in themselves and love the skin they are in, as well as loving yours too as a part of the course process?

We’ve got the transformational tools you need that have been specifically designed just for women.

We have a mammoth vision. To learn more about what we do you could watch this webinar we held recently which really helped women understand the power of female facilitators helping women.

See the Woman’s Transformology Course HERE and TAKE THE ‘READINESS’ QUIZ


We need women to become Transformologists® to help us take this to the world and transform women across the globe!

ps. You could  CLICK HERE to watch the video recording of a webinar where we shared all about it plus more. (Sorry the special in the video is out of date but we have a great deal on now anyway).

Are we kindred spirits?

Are we kindred spirits?

fingers crossed1
You’ve trialled and tributed your way through life’s ‘curve balls’ and you’ve got the emotional scars to prove it. BUT you wear them proudly now because you want those who’ve lost hope to gain strength from you.

You ‘get’ what it’s like to be a weathered woman but you don’t sit and wait to be saved anymore. You’ve learned that your own life is your responsibility and you’ll be damned if you’re going to your grave without making sure the journey was all worth it.

You dream of being able to inspire women and fill them with hope, even though you may need some help yourself to be confident enough to be able to speak up in various situations.

You want to help women live true to themselves, guilt free.

You want to help women feel joy so they can spread that lightheartedness to their kids and be better role models to their daughters AND their sons.

Somewhere inside of you is a yearning to set women free of feeling stuck, helpless and hopeless because you are a caring compassionate soul.

You believe women have every right to happiness.

You are passionate about helping others, even though you may not be sure HOW you would do it.

You’ve got the passion, you just need the vehicle, tools and guidance.

Women deserve to feel content in their own skin and celebrate being a woman, instead of doubting themselves and thinking they are worthless and useless like way too many girls and women do. You see it all around you and…

You want to make a difference damn it!!!!

Deep down you have a feeling you are meant for ‘more’ than to just exist and even more than you are doing right now!!!

You’re ready to be that person!!! You feel you’ve put it off for long enough.

Actually, you might already be fulfilling this mission of yours, so gaining additional support and tools, specifically designed for women would make your toolbox complete.

You know that life is made up of choices and opportunities and that without faith, optimism and action, you wouldn’t have got this far already.

You’ve got your opportunity radar on high alert and you’re ready to seize the moment should the missing piece of your legacy dream present itself. You have faith that things happen when they are meant to, otherwise you would have given up long ago.

IF THIS IS YOU, you are in the right place.

You see, this is who WE are and we want like minded women to come join this purpose also. Come get licensed and trained in the most miraculous process called Creatrix® because it helps the women who are ready, to transform from within to turn their entire life around. We believe in long term solutions that WORK FOR WOMEN.

You can finally get out there and fulfill your dreams instead of dreaming about them, because you’ll turn around and another decade will have passed you by.

Women are waiting for you and need us.

If you do not resonate, that’s ok, thanks for reading. Actually maybe you could share this for the higher good of others and that could be your way of making a difference.

If you DO resonate with this person we speak of here, and you feel this is the opportunity that you’ve been searching for, BOOK A CALL HERE and let’s chat to see if we are the right fit and get your questions answered.

Let’s make a difference and empower women together. 🙂

Why MOST People Fail At Changing Their Lives Long Term

Why MOST People Fail At Changing Their Lives Long Term

first things first


You don’t just wake up one day and you are going to change your life. It rarely happens like that. You know I’m right because at least once a week women SAY they are going to start either a new diet, a new exercise routine, or vouch to do something in a new way BUT how many times have they said that exact same thing? A penny for each one and most women would be rich by now.

Some of us get a wake up call we wouldn’t wish on anyone (I did) and so I don’t want you to sit around and wait for one of those either. So what I want to share with you is the MOST IMPORTANT STAGE to any SIGNIFICANT life change, the very one MOST people ignore.

Also you MUST start with number one and progress in the exact order of progression if you want to NEVER go backwards. The problem with most formula’s for success is they don’t spend enough energy (if any) on this PREP (pre-transformational) stage (if at all) because, well, it can make us squirm and own our ‘stuff’.

YUK,  ‘why put ourselves through more pain for crying out loud’ I hear you say.

No silly, wrong attitude, its WORTH IT I PROMISE!!!!!

We rush to push aside our ‘issues’ to hurry up and get to the good bit of the journey, where it’s easy going and the rewards are plenty. WRONG!!!  WRONG!!!  WRONG!!!

You will see the aftermath of those who habitually restart by skipping this step in the many frustrated people around you who are doing it that way, yet expecting to get life changing results.

Its not long lasting and just like an elastic band you will likely spring back to the old bar level of how far you usually get before you spring backwards. These people can become addicted to the search of the ever-elusive short cut formula to Break through to the other side, to cross their own belief barrier or ‘bar’ to find the longterm happiness and success they seek.

We must milk this stage dry before we move to the next. No short cuts and ready to play FULL OUT.



  1. ACCEPT what is and has been, by getting your life learnings however you have to.
  2. Dig deep to find out what you’ve been NOT aware of about yourself. What have you been denying? You see, we do know our own answers, we just shove them down and dumb ourselves down so we can NOT face our role in our own life past, EVEN if it was an UNCONSCIOUS ROLE we played we need to own it if we are to learn from it. If it was someone elses fault then we think ‘they’ have to get learnings, not us so that’s DISempowering. We still suffer you see. If we own our choice to ‘feel’ what we felt at least, we can ‘unfeel’ it if we look through new lenses.  (see our Epigenetics page).
  3. List what you ‘feel’ from each Significant life event. Notice what these emotions are doing to you and how they effect you and what OTHER feelings they bring up, and how they link to CURRENT events (and they always do).
  4. Go all the way back through to early childhood and mark out them most significant emotional events in your life.
  5. Assess Your Life, honestly.
  6. Dig for your learnings from the ‘emotions’ rather than the ‘event’. What might you have MISread to make yourself feel so terrible that you can re-interpret to mean something different, something empowering to YOU. (stop the blame of anything and anyone before doing this process)

For example:- If you were hurt by the actions of a parent, your learnings COULD be:

It was THEIR interpretation and not necessarily the truth at all.

It could be THEY were treated that way and didn’t know any better so they simply did the only thing they knew to do.

They just didn’t value you and you may have misinterpreted it to mean YOU are NOT valuable just because THEY didn’t value you.

Don’t take it personally.

And so on and so on. Does that make sense?

(BTW. I know a method that takes literally minutes to draw your life learnings out of your subconscious mind as ‘undeniable ‘knowings’ as we guide you to ‘realise’ them as the TRUTH. Sounds a bit weird but hey, works as fast as clicking your fingers. You can investigate Creatrix® at if you want)

7.  Make Peace with yourself and others. I know you don’t want to hear this word most of you but FORGIVE yourself and others behaviours.

You see, forgiveness does not mean you condone their behaviour in any way shape or form and it doesn’t mean you even have to like the person. Forgiveness just means I’ll stop self-torturing myself over what this person did and set them free to have no control over my mind anymore THAT’S IT!!!!

From here you can move to where many success guru’s or coaches begin at the Take Responsibility stage and from there you can continue your journey taking BOLD and BRAVE charge of yourself, committing  to owning your life fully and that includes all future choices.

Refuse to let anyone or anything sway you because now you KNOW you are valueable, have your life learnings only YOU are in control. You can’t any longer blame others, things or anything outside of yourself or else you will give up your power. Make a pledge to CAPTAIN YOUR OWN SHIP.

And the rest, well you can hang with me for the next steps or seek out a good life coach etc because  the rest is about values, being true to yourself and recycling back to this FIRST STEP whenever you slip up. Try to avoid it and it’s backwards we go so REMEMBER NOW TO SET THE TIME ASIDE AND GIVE YOURSELF A CLEAN OUT.

Or get us to do it for you. Either way I wish you well on your journey to a happier and more peaceful yet successful life living your dreams.


To your Limitless Success, Wealth and Happiness

Maz Schirmer

Women’s Mindset Junkie and Transformationalist.


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