Over time women have accumulated blanketed layers of tainted perceptions that have buried incredibly innate superpowers deep within her core that we have not only forgotten how to access or use, but we’ve long forgotten that they exist at all. When we get back in touch with what I call our girl ‘superpowers’, we cannot doubt our worth, our level of influence, or the value of our contribution, as many women do today. If ever there was a time for women to rediscover their extraordinary essence, it is NOW. It’s time to reignite our spirit.

Most women have been lulled into a false sense of security and trust that the systems of authority in areas of expertise (medical research, politics, and education etc.) will find solutions to our female health and wellness issues.

My research has uncovered that 95-99% of these ‘bodies of knowledge’ were originally philosophically perceived, formulated, measured, modeled, discovered and determined by male minds. We cannot fully ever know what it’s like to be a male just as males cannot fathom what it’s like to be female, regardless of their area of expertise or authority. We have mistakenly been waiting for something that is not possible.

In order to heal our own minds and bodies and be able to function at our best we must first accept our deeper, underlying differences, which will empower us to become proactive in finding our own solutions. This will allow us to thrive, and celebrate our essence while forging a new path for future generations to follow.

A Woman’s limbic system is much larger than males and although some similarities, it almost seems to have a separate function for each sex. For women it’s the emotional interpretation centre that instructs our hormonal (endocrine) distribution centre to function according to these perceptions. Perception (and mis-perception) affects EVERYTHING and cause stress. This is important to know as it is the reason why and how we get ourselves ‘stuck’ and have problems unique to us.

Our limbic system is designed for that of a ‘creator-being’ that can create the egg of life, develop and nurture new life within itself and continue the maternal process outside of itself through naturally organic intuition and hormonal bonding (For example, A man may not know he is a father unless told, but it’s impossible for a mother to not know she is a mother). Women are built for love, not stress. The effects of stress hormones releasing overtime inside of a female body is messing with our design and its showing up as hormonal and emotional dysfunction. Frankly, we are not built for it.

It has been perceived that a brain is a brain, a mind is a mind and an emotion is an emotion, regardless of gender. While similar, the way in which women go about creating the emotion, the processing of information and functioning biologically and intuitively, both consciously and unconsciously is the key difference. This is the secret to UNcreating our own unique problems and creating new and unique solutions.

This is why the existing male developed mindset changing processes and success and happiness strategies are just not working for females. This is why I have broken new ground by creating a Women’s Genetic Breakthrough Process, it’s been long overdue. Remove tainted perceptions that cause unnecessary stresses (even inherited ones) and you reclaim your power and your body can get back to its originally designed functionality. Your female mind can be set free along with emotions and limiting beliefs that make you feel ‘less than’, ‘not enough’ or ‘insecure’.

Let us fathom ourselves and not forfeit our own power as it really does takes one to know one. We’ve seen it, we’ve heard it, we’ve read about it everywhere….the time of the woman is NOW!

WE are what WE have been waiting for!


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Strength against the cloudsWOMEN ARE EMOTIONAL beings! This can mean when we are happy and free, our light is very bright and everyone around us is affected positively. With that energy we are ‘attractive’ from deep within which ripples outwards to be visible on the outside.

This effects those around us to the point of causing them to see their world through different lenses, therefore changing the potential of what others see as possible. This is the kind of role model and leader we ‘want’ to be and as women, there is always a level of influence we have on others, especially little humans still developing and growing and learning about life. They do what we do not what we say as you’ve no doubt realised by now.

On the flipside (yes there is always a flipside, sorry to be the breaker of bad news but it too is perspective) our emotions can wreak havoc not just on ourselves but others as well. Are you meant to feel guilty about that? NO. Are you meant to own it? YES. Is it your fault? Not necessarily. It can be many factors and for various reasons…

BUT here’s the great news:

We just don’t understand what a negative emotion is trying to tell us, or else we would listen and make choices that would help us take control and direct them properly ,rather than being led by them, sometimes into a shark-cage and in some cases we become the shark. It’s bad enough others don’t understand why we do what we do but when we ourselves don’t understand why, it adds another layer of complexity to the problem.

Another MASSIVE factor is your gender difference. Every single cell in your body is your gender so  Physically, Psychologically and Hormonally you are unique female being and emotion is a part of your innate design.

The ability to control your emotions begins AFTER the removing of old patterns, limiting beliefs and pain that has been too long held inside of you. Also, getting yourself life changing ‘tools’ to keep yourself cleaned out afterwards. We all know we SHOULD break these patterns and cycles but what most don’t know is HOW to do it. Here’s the reason for our negative emotions…

The 6 POSITIVE REASONS you Feel Negative Emotions:-

1.  It could be your UNCONSCIOUS MINDs way of communicating to get your attention. The stronger the emotion the more it needs your attention. One of your unconscious minds jobs is to keep you safe, protected and in sync with your own higher good. It’s a signal so take time to listen. What have you been doing that brings on the feelings? What is the trigger?

2.  It’s that time of the month (wait a week if still happening it can be one of the following…). There’s a beautiful symphony of goings-ons behind the scenes inside of you at any one time. We spend a lot of time educating women in this area, because many parts of us are linked up by nature we should at least get educated on what directly effects our lives. Did you know that hazy-brain time of the month co-incides with your cycle and your ‘sharp as a tack’ stage also is virtually predictable. The emotional aspects and how to control them have never been taught to us, until NOW.. Imagine all teens knowing about this… The girls won’t think they are going nuts and unpredictable and we could teach the boys this also so they understand why females do what they do too.

3.  A sign to STOP, Assess and make a Decision. Too often in life we avoid making decisions so we are causing ourselves to keep feeling bad. We perceive there is no choice when there is almost always choice however to see it you can need help getting out of your own way to see the trees clearly and not the whole forest.

IF IT PERSISTS beyond the top 3 it might be:

4.  Your intuition is telling you something so come out of denial. (Change MUST happen for it to stop) Its very likely yelling at you to WAKE UP and deal with ‘stuff’ and pull your head out of the sand.

5.  Suppressed Emotion surfacing that was buried so deep your unconscious mind, for whatever reason, thinks now is a good time for you to deal with it before you get sick. In this case you need to get your life learning’s to make it stop (The uniquely female minded process called CREATRIX® does just that). Then you can get back to healthy mind and body…

6.  Not living in alignment to your highest values. This also requires change or decisions.

Please don’t dismiss your negative emotions and especially don’t learn to COPE WITH THEM. The definition of ‘cope’ means to not even try to get rid of them but to actually push them down and pretend they don’t exist and ‘get by’ with them. This causes the suppression of emotions that fester inside of you.

There is no HOPE in that approach when nowadays there are processes that really do WORK and long term as well. There really is a solution now, regardless of whatever past experience you’ve had with other processes. You NEVER give up the fight to be happy and let go of the ACCUMULATED poisonous emotions. You face them head on, own them, deal with them, get the life learnings from them, let go and then move forward.

How well are you doing the process of stabilising your emotions because it’s worth addressing. Your children or those who look up to you will do what you are doing and how you are doing it. Get rid of them from your system for more than just your own reasons.

You see, if you think you see a snake on a path in front of you or whether there is a real snake, your body reacts PHYSICALLY the EXACT same way.

The same amount of stress hormones (blend of up to 1200 of them) and adrenaline courses through your veins in an instant, bathing every single cell in your body, so therefore what you perceive through your invisible mind that you turn into emotion, DOES DEFINITELY AFFECT YOU PHYSICALLY.

That in itself is enough reason to get help and get it over with, so you can effectively navigate with the future negative emotions helping guide you. Don’t hate your negative emotions, they are a part of you. It’s just the language your body uses to talk to you and guide you. It’s your navigational life GPS when you know how it works.

This could be you very soon:-

sarah dutton better calm mother after creatrix


See our homepage to download an ‘info’ pack if you are wanting to go straight to our CREATRIX® breakthrough courses.


What I Learnt When My Life Fell Apart

What I Learnt When My Life Fell Apart

Maz Schirmer Sitting in JeansSome women suffer more adversity and have more life challenges and obstacles to overcome than others. Why is that? Is it bad luck? Is it the law of attraction? (better bloody not be I hear some of you say because that’s just stupid considering some of the hideous acts, unjust events and horrendous things that happen in life) Is it because you deserve it? (Not my words, some people actually tell me they think that) Is it because it’s your lot in life? Is it because of something you were told as a child?

Well all I can say is that if it wasn’t bad luck for me to be a 3rd generation domestic violence sufferer (each with guns involved), a 2nd generation childhood sexual abuse (my daughters were the 3rd), rape, single mum living in hiding with 4 small kids on my own, cyclic doomed relationships etc, then what was it about ME? It’s hard not to think like that. Obviously it ran deeper than being just about me but I’ll refer to that reason later.

Some people are way ‘unluckier’ than I was and it breaks my heart. Will we ever know why bad things happen to good people? I doubt it, but all we can do is share our learnings so others may not have to suffer like we did. Do you agree? The positive to come out of any of life curve balls would have to be the life ‘learnings’, if we’ve been in the right head space to get them of course. I wonder what yours are? Have you ever taken stock of them?

I remember dragging myself to a psychiatrist several times during my life, however the time I went to see this one in particular was when I’d been living in hiding for almost a year. I remember as I sat in his office, after soaking many tissues and spilling my guts all he had to say was, you’re not going mad, everything makes sense for what you are going through. Well, that was NOT what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear you ARE going mad and we will help you now and you can go to sleep and realise it was all just a bad dream. Instead I had to simply walk out and go pick the kids up from school and live another unpredictable terrifying day.

Some of the things I went through are too horrific to discuss here however I will say that my suffering was not in vain. In fact it’s made me so strong I now know nothing can take me down.

If I didn’t eventually DECIDE to turn my life around, take stock of my learnings and refuse to continue the cycle (even if it did take me 30 years) the Institute of Women International would not exist. A cosmetic company would have missed out on at least $30,000,000 (that’s a lot of lipstick for someone who never used to wear it) in sales. I wouldn’t have written a book. I wouldn’t have been able to fund some of my children’s important milestones and travel overseas several times a year for 14 years. I wouldn’t be able to donate to charities as I like to do. The thousands of women I now know I would never have met.

In fact, its bloody scary to think where I would be. ‘Dead’ would not be an underestimation and quite probable. I was spiralling pretty badly in the end. My cycle was out of control and heading down a very steep slope FAST.

You see I found myself on the floor of a phone box in the middle of nowhere and when I sat up and looked outside over the bonnet of my car and headlights, through the windscreen I saw 4 little kids and a dog playing and I knew, in that super silent moment that life HAD TO CHANGE.

Finally I saw my life like never before. The raw truth of my accumulated life choices were staring back at me. You see after you have an epileptic fit (that was my first one ever at 30+ years old) there is this total silence where you are without your fears, emotions, beliefs, misty stained glasses of disillusion or even your wits. What was with me was just love and quiet. Pure love and in that blessed moment I knew there was no turning back EVER from the silent vow I made to myself, or what would come of my kids? They never asked for this crap. That decision was set in concrete and that was that. I WOULD CHANGE OUR LIVES FOR THE BETTER!!!!

What I learnt FIRST and foremost and I know HAS TO HAPPEN for anyone to turn their life around is to make a ‘no option’ commitment to yourself that you will DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to make life better. That was definitely THE FIRST STEP IN A FORWARD DIRECTION for us.

Thats not easy as some of you will attest to. In fact life did get worse after than BUT as I lay there in the foetal position, feeling crushed yet again, I still knew I would not go back to my old ways. I lay crying, praying I guess you’d call it. I was simply asking out loud through my tears for an ‘opportunity’. I pleaded into the nights for about a week. My prayers were answered. Was the opportunity at the time obvious? NO! Did I seize every opportunity? YES! I become bolder and put myself out there.

Wind my life 20 years forward and I have to say I have never gone backwards from that moment.

So what did it take? Well, it’s taken the commitment mostly along with educating myself on how my mind was holding me back and how to not allow that to happen by me taking over and knowing when it was just tricking me, or recognising when it was just an old habit trying to come back. There’s always a ‘test’ after a commitment and even that’s not real, its just a play from the unconscious mind.

so why 30+ years of pretty severely bad s$%T of a similar nature and then 18 years of a blessed life that has its ups and downs and losses and all sorts of things happen, however never have I gone back in financial abundance or contentment. My desire to empower other women was born from my adversity. What will be born of yours? Could your purpose lie in the learnings that stem from your adversity too? Often people find their life purpose hidden more in their struggles than their triumphs.

Bad luck does tend to follow pessimism and feeling hopelessness in plague proportions. Whenever I get pessimistic where I’m asking problem-based questions (eg. Why me? Why now?) that have no answers and not solution-orientated ones (eg. what can I do to improve this?), I feel myself slipping back. That’s when I know I have to snap out of it or it will begin the cycle again. I wake up again. HOPE comes from empowering yourself with the facts without emotion. You made it this far and you’re ok. Why think you won’t make it all the way and be ok?

We’ll never know why bad stuff happens that is tragic, and frankly I don’t think we will, however to be strong and to roll with the really bad stuff that can happen in life, it takes developing your mental muscles, being able to self talk yourself out of the darkness. It takes knowing it won’t last and that you WILL be ok. Self development, self growth and self understanding HAS to happen for life to change.

To make new choices takes a NEW mindset.

It takes understanding how your own mind works. I personally have spend tens of thousands of dollars just learning how my mind works and it’s made me much more money in return and will continue to for my entire life. AND most of all I am happier, healthier (no more epilepsy), gave up smoking and lost weight to name just a few other benefits.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself first and invest in your personal self development and improvement. I see now in hindsight that the reason for my old life story to be worth anything at all, my learnings have to be passed on. I cannot sit idly by and watch women not take action to better themselves when they are so miserable or struggling because of silly beliefs about themselves.

Challenges are a part of life, however, the cyclic nature of similar types of events or ones that make you feel in a similar state (mine was rejection and fear mainly as well as many more), you DO have way more power over than you give yourself credit for. Did you know we even inherit a pre-disposition for certain experiences to occur? Yes it’s true according to the science of epi-genetics. In fact there’s an epigenetic university near you they are that common however they intend to find a pharmaceutical solution. Take matters into your own hands ladies and experience some of our solutions to this.

That is why I am about to release a 100% ONLINE self development Course VERY SOON. Its HOW TO TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND IN 8 HOURS.


Stay tuned ladies if you are interested.

Why not share YOUR life learnings in the comments below that you’ve had over the years, especially the first biggest ones that caused you to change your ways and find more happiness. Anything that you realised that made you have less bad experiences in a certain area of your life.

Powerful Daily Visualisation for BIG Success

Powerful Daily Visualisation for BIG Success

Visualisation Technique

Visualisation Technique

What if one simple little pleasant daily habit could make your dreams be realised? 

A new year brings thoughts of change. Renewed hope! Another chance to do better than ever before. It feels good too, however if the last year sucked, we don’t want to repeat the pattern so change is the only way to break that cycle. We don’t want another ground hog year.

Lets face it, change is not often easy. If it was you would have been doing that thing already and not still needing to change.

Here’s some of the New Year Resolutions we’ve heard, what’s yours?

1. Find a better relationship

2. Find a better career

3. Get healthy

4. Lose weight

5. Give up a non-serving habit that sabotages us in some way

What makes us change anything at all? Well usually its something that is not already familiar or it’s likely uncomfortable and has short term pain attached and who wants pain right?!  It’s going to mean remembering to do something different to what we are used to and with so much to remember already, one more thing can feel like it could topple us if we are leading a hectic life. What if there was one little thing that would support all change, regardless of what it is, and help remove the pain part to keep you on track? Staying positive, motivated and on track is the hardest part of any achieving anything.

What’s the one thing that could support any change you decide to make that would have the biggest impact and assist your new years resolution and yet be enjoyable? What if you’ve heard of it before but you didn’t really fathom it’s potential in YOUR life or how to do it properly. You probably didn’t have it spelt out to you in real terms that lay out the very real and personal impact to YOU in YOUR life and longterm happiness and health but also short term.

Well, its not quite meditation although it could be called that. Its not just visualisation, its more than that. You see, it achieves not only calm in the middle of stress but it causes hope in the middle of doubt. Doubt is the deepest root of failure whereas stress, worry and procrastination are just symptoms. Whats the opposite of doubt? Its knowing you WILL achieve it right?! So here’s how to get the unconscious mind to ‘buy in’ to your goal too and set about supporting you to achieve it, even while you sleep.

(Feel free to print these instructions)

Ok so here’s the one thing (delivered in steps just like following a recipe) that will make the biggest impact on your chances of success and it takes just a few minutes a day.

  1. Choose an uninterrupted time of the day.
  2. Turn off all noise, devices etc.
  3. Go to the loo and get comfortable temperature wise.
  4. Sit upright with your feet on the ground and your hands in your lap with palms up.
  5. Close your eyes
  6. Take 3 deep long breaths by counting to 4 on in-breath, hold for 4, out for 4 and do that 3 times. (to clear your mind just focus on your breath)
  7. Create in your minds eye an ‘image’ of yourself in the EXACT moment you will achieve your desired outcome.
  8. Ensure you can see it in full color, notice everything, hear the sounds you will hear and notice how wonderful you feel.
  9. Breath normally now and you take it all in.
  10. Watch the movie play out and make sure you can see YOURSELF in the movie.
  11. When you’ve got that clear float down inside the ‘you’ that you see in the image and see it all as if you are fully experiencing it for real.
  12. FEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLL the feeling. Where in your body do you feel this feeling? Is it in your chest or your tummy or where?How big is it? Turn it up a notch of intensity. Mmmmm feel it full on.
  13. Notice what you SEE and HEAR. Make sure its in full ‘stereo’ sound and high definition colours that are most pleasing to the eye. Soak it up for a minute or 2.
  14. Now float out of your body and go back to the first picture again where you could SEE YOURSELF IN THE PICTURE (most important step of all)
  15. See it one last time.
  16. Open your eyes and ask yourself what ONE THING you could do right now to move you closer to that outcome and DO IT. You’ll really feel like it. Its more powerful than anything you can do daily as you’ve included your unconscious mind in on the goal.

There you have it.  A simple little CREATIVE VISUALISATION for real change. This alone can cause you to encounter freak events so you meet who you must, to do what you must, to be blessed with the pathway for it all to happen. Enjoy the results ladies. Of course our courses includes many many many processes for change.

Print that list and do it regularly and let us know how you like it. Its quick, becomes a habit and is fun and easy.

Please leave us a comment so we know what you think.

To your Life, Lifestyle, Legacy Without Limitations









CREATRIX_logo_graphic-onlyBare with me as I must share how I stumbled across this shortcut to life lessons.

My turning point occurred after my first epileptic fit at 32 years of age. What at first seemed like doom at that stage of my life, ended up being a blessing in disguise. You see after a fit the world is silent for just a moment in time. You get what I call a ‘bleep’ moment of clarity where you are without your self beliefs, your values, your anything, your thoughts, no past baggage at all, you just see it how it really is, without the defensive eyes of blame or victimhood or any of the pain from the past.

It was not when I was at the bottom (god knows there were a few) that I actually had my life pivotal moment that redirected my destiny, it was in fact when I simply had access to a moment of pure uninterrupted clarity (without any self talk) to see my life without the layers of my life’s conditioning.

In that ‘bleep’ moment I looked up from the floor of the phone box and over the headlights of my car and through the windscreen of my car. There I saw 4 little kids and a white dog and for the first time in my life I saw the accumulation of my life choices right there before me. 4 kids and a dog and we were heading away from all we knew, and headed for goodness knows where. Deep down I had a lowest of self esteem, no confidence, a lack of self trust and trust of others and I feared the future. I was full of self doubt and second guessed myself at every choice point in my past. Look where it had got me. I was up a creek without a paddle at that point in time.

I was living a cycle of self-destruction that perpetuated into a living nightmare, however to many I appeared ok on the surface. My kids were well dressed, I was doing what mothers do, putting my kids first and showing up with my ‘mask’ of ‘I’m fine’ on.

The choices I made in men particularly led yet again to taking my kids away from their friends and family. I gained the clarity that they were mostly my decisions that led me there, although I loved to blame everyone but myself, wind back far enough though and you’d find I made a choice at some point. I felt sorry for myself and had no idea any of my life was actually controllable. I felt like it was my lot in life to suffer or at least not succeed and I gave up on my dreams decades ago. Talk about a victim mentality.

Any venture I’d start I’d soon give up. What was the use, I was ‘destined’ to fail anyway I thought, UNTIL my bleep moment that was. What I learnt in that suspended brief window of clarity was that it was I who had to change, not anyone else because I couldn’t control them. The only choice of who and what I got to control originated from me, including gaining self-confidence and building myself back to whole, complete, happy and even successful beyond measure. If that was to be that was up to me. My moment of clarity put me back in control. Your learnings might be many. In fact I guarantee you will get hundreds using my shortcut method.

Until you have a bleep moment of clarity, you won’t change anything. That’s just how life is. Nothing like the truth to set you free, the truth of what is real and not what you have led yourself to believe regardless of how those beliefs come about.

My turning point led me from the lowest of self belief to believing anything is possible and that I control my life, no one else. This led me to go from an unemployed check out operator, single mother of 4 living in hiding, who’d dropped out of school at 14, who made rotten choices to becoming a successful entrepreneur who broke Australian company records leading to 30 million dollars in cosmetics sales and being the number 1 leader of women within that company in 10 countries including china. I really am not being egotistical here, I just want you to fathom what’s possible for yourself because we are talking about little old Marylin Schirmer from Flying Fish Point here. If I can change after a 32 year cycle of sabotage, what can you create given a good swipe of a clear slate??

What I’m most proud of is being a positive and proactive role model to 6 grand children and my 4 adult children now proving you can change your life if it sucks or you want a different outcome. The Institute of Women International is my newest endeavour and my biggest. I felt like sharing the story because most women don’t really know what we do as our marketing is not very clear however we are getting there.

But so what! Personal success is all wonderful for a while for anyone but well over a decade later I had an epiphany. Why was it always the same people succeeding, why no matter what I (or other leaders) taught women and shared about our strategies etc such as goal setting, consistency and plan your work and work your plan was that not enough for them to be where we were? We went off to the best guru’s (male) and accessed the best stuff out there to create change. Nope…. Just the same ones struggled and the same successful ones were successful.

I’d been trained by the best in self development and yet that wasn’t enough to help others when I passed it on to them. Some of my women wanted success more than I did. I lay awake wondering what I could do to help them. I really related to them because I was them once. I’d worked out how to be successful for myself but that wasn’t truly filling my cup, I HAD to help women who needed help. I knew I was meant to do that, I felt it was my purpose and it certainly was my passion.

I realised I HAD to devise a process that would help women to break through their inner limitations like I did so I could teach that process to women who lead or influence women so we can set women free all across the globe. I didn’t want them to have to get epilepsy for crying out loud, so at first I studied up to 18 hours a day how the female brain worked, and noticed we do it differently to men, and I realised that’s why most traditional self development doesn’t work for 4 out of 5 women. I researched Epigenetics (how we can inherit a predisposition to low self esteem and other issues from our ancestors etc) and how women’s hormones effect their brains at stages of life and stages of the month fully effecting their decision making capabilities therefore quality of success achieved. Its no longer nature versus nurture, the 3rd elemental factor is Epigentics. Its actual science and undeniable.

When you consider all of these factors you get a very clear picture of why female entrepreneurs and lots of women struggle to succeed at any area of their lives. They needed more than a bleep moment, the bleep moment would have to consider the whole woman and all of the above.

I had to consider that women already were using psychology and yet most still stayed with their self doubts, fears and anxieties. Some were using NLP but it would work on more current issues but not seem to capture the deep female suppression that’s been lying beneath the surface of many women. You name it, I know women who’d tried it and they weren’t delivering the woman the life learnings at their ‘core’ (as an undeniable knowing) so the issue and energy would return swiftly. We will simply not release an issue till we get what we needed to learn from it full stop!

Well I innovated a process after many years of research. Creatrix® is my creation that is a bleep moment stretched out over time to allow you to see for long enough to get the life learnings you’ve always needed to get, and it works in sync with the female brain/mind and scientific understanding of Epigenetics beautifully.

See what those who’ve tried it say!

You don’t have to live your whole life to learn a life lesson wasting years trying to get it. Creatrix® is a shortcut way to access that. It’s the interpretations and perspective of our life through emotions, hormonal imbalances, mind filters such as values, beliefs, conditioning and insecurities that stop us from getting our life learnings. Imagine all of that suspended long enough to get what you need to learn so you are free to make a new life path for yourself…. Well Creatrix® is just that. Its very exciting if you imagine this for women in business, women who’ve suffered domestic violence or child sexual abuse or any woman. Imagine as a leader if you work with these women having this tool in your tool box….. What women would you help with it? Let us know in the comments area below.

Imagine this process in the hands of women of influence and holding retreats of women at a time to help even more people. When the woman changes, her whole family gets happier. Its women who will change the world. We are needed to not sit around waiting for help when it’s not coming any time soon. We have to take it in our own hands.

If you are inspired to want to learn how to do Creatrix® because you are a woman who dreams of inspiring women or lead them already and just want to better be able to do that. You know we are here. 2015 courses start in February to become certified and licensed to facilitate Creatrix® for clients if you are interested or know someone who is.

Otherwise spread the word to women you know. If you just want it for yourself click on our FIND A FACILITATOR link on our menu or to learn it click on coursesand start with level 1 and complete the form to enquire.

The woman in the mirror is a remarkable person. If only you knew just HOW remarkable…

See what those who’ve tried it say!

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