CREATRIX_logo_graphic-onlyBare with me as I must share how I stumbled across this shortcut to life lessons.

My turning point occurred after my first epileptic fit at 32 years of age. What at first seemed like doom at that stage of my life, ended up being a blessing in disguise. You see after a fit the world is silent for just a moment in time. You get what I call a ‘bleep’ moment of clarity where you are without your self beliefs, your values, your anything, your thoughts, no past baggage at all, you just see it how it really is, without the defensive eyes of blame or victimhood or any of the pain from the past.

It was not when I was at the bottom (god knows there were a few) that I actually had my life pivotal moment that redirected my destiny, it was in fact when I simply had access to a moment of pure uninterrupted clarity (without any self talk) to see my life without the layers of my life’s conditioning.

In that ‘bleep’ moment I looked up from the floor of the phone box and over the headlights of my car and through the windscreen of my car. There I saw 4 little kids and a white dog and for the first time in my life I saw the accumulation of my life choices right there before me. 4 kids and a dog and we were heading away from all we knew, and headed for goodness knows where. Deep down I had a lowest of self esteem, no confidence, a lack of self trust and trust of others and I feared the future. I was full of self doubt and second guessed myself at every choice point in my past. Look where it had got me. I was up a creek without a paddle at that point in time.

I was living a cycle of self-destruction that perpetuated into a living nightmare, however to many I appeared ok on the surface. My kids were well dressed, I was doing what mothers do, putting my kids first and showing up with my ‘mask’ of ‘I’m fine’ on.

The choices I made in men particularly led yet again to taking my kids away from their friends and family. I gained the clarity that they were mostly my decisions that led me there, although I loved to blame everyone but myself, wind back far enough though and you’d find I made a choice at some point. I felt sorry for myself and had no idea any of my life was actually controllable. I felt like it was my lot in life to suffer or at least not succeed and I gave up on my dreams decades ago. Talk about a victim mentality.

Any venture I’d start I’d soon give up. What was the use, I was ‘destined’ to fail anyway I thought, UNTIL my bleep moment that was. What I learnt in that suspended brief window of clarity was that it was I who had to change, not anyone else because I couldn’t control them. The only choice of who and what I got to control originated from me, including gaining self-confidence and building myself back to whole, complete, happy and even successful beyond measure. If that was to be that was up to me. My moment of clarity put me back in control. Your learnings might be many. In fact I guarantee you will get hundreds using my shortcut method.

Until you have a bleep moment of clarity, you won’t change anything. That’s just how life is. Nothing like the truth to set you free, the truth of what is real and not what you have led yourself to believe regardless of how those beliefs come about.

My turning point led me from the lowest of self belief to believing anything is possible and that I control my life, no one else. This led me to go from an unemployed check out operator, single mother of 4 living in hiding, who’d dropped out of school at 14, who made rotten choices to becoming a successful entrepreneur who broke Australian company records leading to 30 million dollars in cosmetics sales and being the number 1 leader of women within that company in 10 countries including china. I really am not being egotistical here, I just want you to fathom what’s possible for yourself because we are talking about little old Marylin Schirmer from Flying Fish Point here. If I can change after a 32 year cycle of sabotage, what can you create given a good swipe of a clear slate??

What I’m most proud of is being a positive and proactive role model to 6 grand children and my 4 adult children now proving you can change your life if it sucks or you want a different outcome. The Institute of Women International is my newest endeavour and my biggest. I felt like sharing the story because most women don’t really know what we do as our marketing is not very clear however we are getting there.

But so what! Personal success is all wonderful for a while for anyone but well over a decade later I had an epiphany. Why was it always the same people succeeding, why no matter what I (or other leaders) taught women and shared about our strategies etc such as goal setting, consistency and plan your work and work your plan was that not enough for them to be where we were? We went off to the best guru’s (male) and accessed the best stuff out there to create change. Nope…. Just the same ones struggled and the same successful ones were successful.

I’d been trained by the best in self development and yet that wasn’t enough to help others when I passed it on to them. Some of my women wanted success more than I did. I lay awake wondering what I could do to help them. I really related to them because I was them once. I’d worked out how to be successful for myself but that wasn’t truly filling my cup, I HAD to help women who needed help. I knew I was meant to do that, I felt it was my purpose and it certainly was my passion.

I realised I HAD to devise a process that would help women to break through their inner limitations like I did so I could teach that process to women who lead or influence women so we can set women free all across the globe. I didn’t want them to have to get epilepsy for crying out loud, so at first I studied up to 18 hours a day how the female brain worked, and noticed we do it differently to men, and I realised that’s why most traditional self development doesn’t work for 4 out of 5 women. I researched Epigenetics (how we can inherit a predisposition to low self esteem and other issues from our ancestors etc) and how women’s hormones effect their brains at stages of life and stages of the month fully effecting their decision making capabilities therefore quality of success achieved. Its no longer nature versus nurture, the 3rd elemental factor is Epigentics. Its actual science and undeniable.

When you consider all of these factors you get a very clear picture of why female entrepreneurs and lots of women struggle to succeed at any area of their lives. They needed more than a bleep moment, the bleep moment would have to consider the whole woman and all of the above.

I had to consider that women already were using psychology and yet most still stayed with their self doubts, fears and anxieties. Some were using NLP but it would work on more current issues but not seem to capture the deep female suppression that’s been lying beneath the surface of many women. You name it, I know women who’d tried it and they weren’t delivering the woman the life learnings at their ‘core’ (as an undeniable knowing) so the issue and energy would return swiftly. We will simply not release an issue till we get what we needed to learn from it full stop!

Well I innovated a process after many years of research. Creatrix® is my creation that is a bleep moment stretched out over time to allow you to see for long enough to get the life learnings you’ve always needed to get, and it works in sync with the female brain/mind and scientific understanding of Epigenetics beautifully.

See what those who’ve tried it say!

You don’t have to live your whole life to learn a life lesson wasting years trying to get it. Creatrix® is a shortcut way to access that. It’s the interpretations and perspective of our life through emotions, hormonal imbalances, mind filters such as values, beliefs, conditioning and insecurities that stop us from getting our life learnings. Imagine all of that suspended long enough to get what you need to learn so you are free to make a new life path for yourself…. Well Creatrix® is just that. Its very exciting if you imagine this for women in business, women who’ve suffered domestic violence or child sexual abuse or any woman. Imagine as a leader if you work with these women having this tool in your tool box….. What women would you help with it? Let us know in the comments area below.

Imagine this process in the hands of women of influence and holding retreats of women at a time to help even more people. When the woman changes, her whole family gets happier. Its women who will change the world. We are needed to not sit around waiting for help when it’s not coming any time soon. We have to take it in our own hands.

If you are inspired to want to learn how to do Creatrix® because you are a woman who dreams of inspiring women or lead them already and just want to better be able to do that. You know we are here. 2015 courses start in February to become certified and licensed to facilitate Creatrix® for clients if you are interested or know someone who is.

Otherwise spread the word to women you know. If you just want it for yourself click on our FIND A FACILITATOR link on our menu or to learn it click on coursesand start with level 1 and complete the form to enquire.

The woman in the mirror is a remarkable person. If only you knew just HOW remarkable…

See what those who’ve tried it say!

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7 Ways To Break Negative Thought Patterns

7 Ways To Break Negative Thought Patterns

Our minds love to run away with us, taking us down dark roads that lead to misery, regret, anxiety and heartache when most of the story it’s telling us isn’t even real or is long gone and can’t be changed anyway. Try telling that to your nervous system though. It releases the exact same Cortisol stress chemicals/hormones into your body as if it were real, so the power of the mind can lead to all sorts of dis-eases in the body, not just of the mind.Everything from Adrenal Exhaustion, to anxiety disorders as well as most diseases can be worse if not caused by such stresses that stem from our perceptions.

When it gets out of hand you end up depressed, burnt out, having panic attacks, dreading, hating and fearing everything and taking it out on those we love, and we don’t want that.

Women are not made for all the stresses of today’s life and it affects those we love. As corner stones of families, we really do affect way more than ourselves when we are in our heads too much in a negative way.

The exact same mind has the same power to take you up roads that lead to peace, joy and harmony, but how do we manage it when it’s so powerful? It’s all about continually disrupting the pattern until your mind realises you don’t want to do that old pattern anymore. You see, you gave your unconscious mind the power in the first place by simply ‘allowing’ the pattern to continue.

Here are 7 ways to keep your mind beautiful and break the negative thoughts pattern:

1. Override the head talk with better noise. The very second you notice yourself feeling bad STOP the pattern by standing up, find your music and play one of your favourite dance songs LOUD that have positive lyrics.

Or if it’s middle of the night play classical music on your ipod with earphones even if you don’t like classical music. This acts as an instruction to the mind that you’d rather listen to classical or enjoyable music than listening to the broken record it was playing.

2. Change your environment. People and places are linked to the patterns of the mind. Notice the places you go and the people  who set you off or feed your negative thoughts. If it’s triggered by being alone, get onto and go join a local group doing something, anything that causes you to interact with other humans doing something you can tolerate if not enjoy. The act of change is what it’s all about. Don’t be scared though because it can be simple small changes that make big shifts.

3. Change your routine. Routine is part of the problem and also part of the solution. To make a switch though means creating a disruptive strategy for each old trigger. For example what do you do when you first wake each day? Notice the VERY FIRST thing that leads to the thoughts. Is it standing and reading your emails on your mobile while waiting for the jug to boil? If so STOP IT.

You see, the time of day, the jug boiling and scrolling through your phone have been linked by your mind as working in sync as if they go together, so you need to un-link them. To do that you’ll have to either stop boiling the jug, change the rule you have around your mobile phone or change the time you do it.

You could start your day with a juice and a walk instead giving your mind time to wake up in a new way each day. How you start something often determines the quality of the outcome, which in this case is peace of mind.

4. Count 5 things around you that are red, then blue, then yellow. By then you will have had time to come back to being present and broken the mind pattern.

5. Do a valuable activity  such as working out what truly motivates you to see if you are living in alignment with your highest values. Here’s how. Sit and ask yourself this question over and over again until you empty out your answers on paper. “What is important to me”. That is your list of values. From there you can assess your life to see if you could be doing something different or it may reflect where you fell of the life excitement wheel and where you need to get back on.

6. I know you’ve heard it before but it’s soooo important. Count your blessings. You simply cannot feel negative while doing this. It’s actually impossible. Don’t just say the same old things you think you are supposed to say. Really reflect on how lucky you are that your knees work, or your eyes, or that you live where you don’t have to grovel in the rubbish for food or that you have warmth when it’s cold and ways to cool yourself when it’s hot. Just anything small as well as big.

Imagine if you didn’t have something so you can see the real value in having it. When you are deep in a hole it’s hard but doing it anyway is still telling your mind you won’t surrender to it’s perpetual negativity.

7. Do an unexpected kind deed. When we are down we are very self focused. We only see life through our own eyes and negative filters. Go get evidence that it’s possible to feel good. It’s true that when we make someone else feel good it in turn makes us feel good.

8. This one’s a bonus. Give yourself regular check ups from the neck up regularly. Check in with yourself making yourself accountable. Like each Sunday evening see how you’re doing. If things need to change and you make this activity regular, you will get on top of it before it takes hold.

You are worth it. You only can bank on one life for sure so don’t waste it away in misery unnecessarily. Enough people have gone to their graves that way…

If you want to fast track a total mind clean out and let go of all the stuff that stops you being present and living your best life, you need CREATRIX®. Even better still become a Creatrix® Facilitator by attending our Woman’s Transformologist™ Course and help us transform women’s lives for real as a lifestyle and rewarding business.

Book a chat if you are interested to know more.

I Did It For My Daughter and Those I Want To Help (Video)

I Did It For My Daughter and Those I Want To Help (Video)

This is a before and after of a woman who was a highly paid engineer with a sound career however she felt called to help others, particularly mothers.

She knew to do that she’d have to get rid of her own ‘stuff’ and so she did whilst also qualifying as an empowerment facilitator with IOWI.

“I had to get myself right so I could be the best help to others” she said. Irina now helps others to break free.

You can too. Where else can you get qualified and release your stuff in just 1 week. Yes lifelong emotional baggage gone. The ripple effect of Irina’s breakthrough and qualification means she is a calmer and happier mother to her daughter Kira and can even teach Kira techniques so she doesn’t end up with emotional baggage therefore having a great chance at a happy well-balanced life.

Find out more about our Level 1 – Life Experience Course

I wanted to change my life, but I didn’t know there was any way out…

I wanted to change my life, but I didn’t know there was any way out…

Hi – Maz here. I was interviewed on 90.3 ABC Sunshine Coast Radio last week to share my story of escaping domestic abuse. I wanted to share with you a portion of the interview and give you a link so that you can listen to the interview in its entirety.

My mother was the role of “victim” and my father was the role of “abuser”. They were my role models. As a child, that’s all you know.

Witnessing every Friday night domestic violence involving alcohol and guns. That become normal. For me, myself, I was being sexually abused by other men. Abused, unwanted, unloved as a child by my father who was my male role model.

Why is it so hard to escape a domestic violence situation?

When you are in it, the cloud, the gloom, the doom, the secrecy, the shame – everything locks you in to think there’s no choice. You haven’t had roll models to show you that there are. You feel very alone, even when you tell people. There’s a lot more help available now.

People need to know that there is hope. There are choices, it’s just that you can’t see it when you’re in it. You have to have faith that people have come through it. They have made it to the other side and they have broken that cycle. They created a new cycle and that is possible.

A horrible statistic – more than one woman per week is killed by their partner in Australia. We don’t hear about it. It doesn’t make the daily news.

Women need a different approach from men. Most self-development books originate from a male’s perception. Women can’t action it because of the emotional overwhelm and the turmoil inside is a little bit more. We’re not that logical.

I’ve spent 18 years now researching and learning skills and techniques so that they can make their breakthrough so that they can change their lives.

If you are in a cycle of abuse, I want you to know there IS a way out.

End the cycle of abuse now.

I welcome you to listen to my story:

How Success REALLY Happens (Video)

How Success REALLY Happens (Video)

Success is no accident! You cannot stay at the same level in emotional intelligence and mindset and expect to grow a business. Especially for women!!! As emotional creatures with innate fears we will kill our chances otherwise.

You TOO can have success when you realise it’s an inner growth journey FIRST, not an external growth. It starts with building YOU up on the INSIDE so you can do the process of creating success for yourself.

It’s a self-development journey or else you WILL sabotage your chances of success. You cannot stay at the same level in emotional intelligence and mindset and expect to grow a business.

Watch this video. Then ask yourself… Are you ready?