About Marylin Schirmer

I specialise in certifying and licensing women to use my breakthrough solutions that cause women struggling through life to achieve success and contentment, make better life choices for themselves and their children and love who they are. My legacy-"Helping women lead themselves and other women to a better life by breaking through negative and destructive cycles".
Certifying Trainer to Become a Woman's Transformologist® and Creatrix® Facilitator

Better Relationships at Work and Play

How often do you feel really heard and get what you want? Great communication doesn’t always come naturally for everyone so I wanted to share with you a really easy way to succeed in communication.

Here are 3 great tips for […]

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How You May Be Blocking Your Own Success

You cannot take action if you don’t think you can do anything about your circumstances which is how labels bind us to hopelessness and inaction.

Could you be blocking yourself from the very life and success you desire by simply labeling […]

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