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– IOWI:Institute of Women International.

– WBT:Woman’s Breakthrough Transformologist® Course.

– IP: Intellectual Property of Institute of Women International.


COURSE ATTENDANCE ACCEPTANCE CONDITIONS: Institute of Women International (IOWI) reserves the right to decline your course attendance application and all applicants are subject to an interview process prior to you making first payment where you are told whether you are accepted to attend or not, which is our standard booking method however, should this process be not adhered to and therefore you make payment prior to the standard interview process occurring, do not assume we will accept you to attend the course. Without an interview you are not guaranteed acceptance into the course.  IOWI reserves the right to cancel an application after acceptance to attend, if it feels the long term license won’t be adhered to by you. If you are not accepted to be able to attend the course, you will receive a full refund within 7 days.

RIGHTS TO USE IP AT THE END OF THE COURSE IS SUBJECT TO AN EXECUTED LICENCE. Licensees must be approved by IOWI following final assessment seven days after completion of the course attended.

PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance to ‘attend the course’ does not guarantee acceptance as a ‘licensee’ unlike other ‘courses’ you may have attended where there was a guaranteed long-term license being entered into at the end of it before original course was even attended. Our course is the ‘in person’ step and part of the pre-training prior to licensing rights of using the IP. If you do not ‘pass’ the full assessments completed seven days after the course you attended (which includes character assessment), you will not be eligible for a licence or a refund for the course payment as you will nonetheless have received the services. IOWI reserves the right to offer discounted courses to individuals that did not pass a course and wish to re-apply.

COURSE COMMENCEMENT DEADLINES: Please be aware that all courses officially commence 30 days prior to the actual course attendance dates with a pre-assessment task and pre-course Creatrix® Skype session.

PAYMENT PLANS: Courses may only be attended after receipt by IOWI of payment in full by 30 days prior to the course attendance dates, unless otherwise agreed in writing with IOWI. If you are entering into an agreed payment plan, please be advised that you will not be able to attend a course until we receive the final payment unless otherwise agreed in writing with IOWI and are subject to the same cooling off period and refunds and cancellation policy set out below based on the course you have reserved your seat into.

COPYRIGHT & CONFIDENTIALITY: I agree that any recorded or written material included as part of course is protected by intellectual property laws, including trade mark & copyright laws. I understand that the course I attend must not be recorded or reproduced (in part or whole) by me or any agent of mine or on my behalf without obtaining prior written permission from IOWI. All breakthrough recordings will be kept confidential and will NOT be used in marketing or in the public domain without my express written permission after viewing the end recording. It is also vital that all discussions had during any breakthrough (or part of time spent at course) are kept confidential to protect the privacy of IOWI, myself and others within the group.

COOLING OFF PERIOD: All IOWI courses, events or programs are subject to a seven (7) day cooling off period from the date that the course payment process is initialised with payment either made in full or with a minimum deposit of $550.  All cancellations within the applicable cooling off period must be received in writing via email to admin@instituteofwomen.com.  Should money’s be owed to you, money will be returned to you via the initial payment method (i.e. credit card if paid on credit card or bank account if paid via a direct debit) within 14 days of termination. PLEASE NOTE ANY CANCELLATIONS OUTSIDE OF THE COOLING OFF PERIOD WILL BE SUBJECT TO THE REFUNDS AND CANCELLATION POLICY IF YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED AND APPROVED TO ATTEND THE COURSE.

REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be received by IOWI in writing via email to admin@instituteofwomen.com and are subject to the terms and conditions below. Refunds are solely at the discretion of IOWI in accordance with the terms and conditions provided herewith.  The cancellation and refund policy is detailed below.
The full deposit (Minimum of your first payment of a payment plan) paid is 100% non-refundable after the applicable cooling off period has expired. Below amounts are in addition to the full loss of deposit.
60 days or more prior to course Payment due date which is 30 days prior to each course commencement date (because we start doing pre-Course work 30 days prior to the course commencement date):  25% of total course cost will be forfeited.
59 – 31 days of course course Payment due date which is 30 days prior to each course commencement date (because we start doing pre-Course work 30 days prior to the course commencement date): 50% of total course cost will be forfeited.
Within 30 days of course Payment due date which is 30 days prior to each course commencement date (because we start doing pre-Course work 30 days prior to the course commencement date): full course cost must be paid including future payments due, unless a suitable replacement can be found who agrees in writing to pay IOWI the full cost or final balance owed.  If final balance owed is paid, you are responsible for liaising with replacement person for any monies already paid for course.
All cancellation costs less a $250 administration fee are kept as a credit (cancellation credit) and will be transferable to any course/program within a 12 month period from the date of written cancellation received (subject to acceptance if it’s a pre-license course).  Courses/Programs paid for using a cancellation credit are to be completed within 12 months from the date of written cancellation received.  Please note that if the cancellation costs are not paid in full within a three (3) month period (or as discussed with IOWI), all monies will be forfeited.

NOTE: Course refunds will not be given after you sit through the course regardless of whether you pass or are accepted or at any later date or for any reason. This policy is strictly adhered to as you did have equal opportunity.

EVENT POSTPONEMENTS/DELAYS: Wherever reasonably possible, IOWI not postpone an event or course, however sometimes the unforeseeable can arise.  Any monies paid for an event or course that is postponed by IOWI will be fully transferable to another date.  Please note that any cancellations received as a result course/program IOWI postponement will incur a $250 administration fee.  Cancellation must be received in writing via email to admin@instituteofwomen.com.au within 7 days of being informed of event postponement.  Any cancellations after this period will be subject to normal cancellation and refund policy.
MEDICAL: I acknowledge that participation in the CREATRIX® Breakthrough Process that is a bonus to being accepted into the WBT Course is of my own free will and I have not been informed by any doctor/health professional that this form of therapy would cause me any health issues. I agree that I am physically/ psychologically fit to fully participate in breakthrough. I acknowledge nothing in IOWI communications, website, courses should be construed as medical diagnosis or treatment. No doctor-patient relationship is established at any time during my enrolment with IOWI. My breakthrough is not intended as a substitute for ongoing medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner, counseling or psychotherapy practitioner. I understand that although my personal breakthrough will aim to remove emotions associated with specific events in my life, other emotions may arise in the days/weeks that follow. I acknowledge and agree that any unresolved issues which may surface and which may warrant medical treatment, counseling or psychotherapy, will be at my own risk and expense. I acknowledge that if I have taken recreational drugs, high alcohol consumption or special combinations of the above may be declined at the discretion of course facilitator.

PARTICIPATION: I agree to participate to the best of my ability in every aspect of the course including the course application stage, pre-assessment prior to the one on one, the one on one that is held prior to the course, course training and after course tasks as instructed. I fully understand that deviating from the implemented process and systems within every aspect of the course or not participating to the best of my ability may compromise my application for a licence with IOWI. I clearly understand that the results of any coaching and personal development depend solely on my ability to put the taught processes and coaching into action where my personal and business success is concerned. I agree to make life changes wherever possible so that I do not recreate the situation through use of triggers and behaviours. The processes are solely my responsibility as I clearly understand no-one can do the work for me. I am aware that I may be set additional tasks or activities by the course trainer when they feel it is necessary to assist in the completion of my outcomes. I acknowledge that if requirements set out by trainer or training materials are not completed, the outcome may not be predicted or long lasting and I risk not being offered a licence by IOWI.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO RECORDING: IOWI will occasionally take photographs and videos throughout the duration of the course, which may be used for marketing purposes (excluding video from the breakthrough section which is kept confidential). By signing this form, I agree not to ask for or expect any compensation from audio, photographs or video if they are used for marketing purposes. IOWI take no responsibility for the photographs and videos taken by any course participants. I agree that when taking photographs with my personal camera, that I will ask the person for their permission before taking their photo. I agree that all photographs I take must only be used for personal memories and I agree not to post them on any social media, website or in any marketing material without the express permission of those in the photograph.

RECORDING OF SESSIONS AND COURSES: Due to the nature of this ground breaking process and the client’s inability to access the original problem state, IOWI may video a before and after assessment and/or audio recordings throughout the process. I understand that my breakthrough may be videotaped and/or a digitally recorded (audio) and my image may be photographed, and/or digitally recorded but will only be used by IOWI for in-house training purposes and for client future reference if needed. All personal breakthrough recordings of before and afters will be kept confidential and will NOT be used in marketing or in the public domain without express ADDITIONAL written permission AFTER I have viewed the end recording.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Please keep in mind that due to the content of these courses everyone will react differently. I agree to be mindful of everyone around me at all times by using appropriate manners and showing respect at all times. I understand that the dress code for the event is casual and comfortable and will keep in mind that a large variety of people attend the courses so I will dress appropriately. When in a group environment I agree that wherever possible that all foul language (including swearing), offensive gestures and inappropriate topics of conversation will be kept to a strict minimum. I understand I will be removed and may not be able to return to the course if my behaviour is viewed by IOWI as being a deliberate distraction or negatively impacting the course and/ or other course participants.

PRE-QUALIFICATION FOR ALL COURSES: I declare that I am not under psychiatric care, not taking recreational drugs or participating in the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol. I acknowledge that if on antidepressants/anti-anxiety medication or under psychologist care I may be asked to produce a letter of approval from the treating GP within 7 days prior to attendance. I agree that I will take responsibility for my life, I am ready to let go of blame and take charge of my life. I am aware that IOWI reserves the right to not pass or send home any attendee without reason at its discretion who fail to participate fully or do not display certain traits and qualities suited to licencees . I am aware that this only occurs in extreme circumstances and if this happens to me that I am not entitled to any refund or course credits for the course already attended.

GENERAL: I agree that my course can be terminated at any time and I will accept this without question/discussion. I aware that assessment is going on at all times during the entirety of my time at any course session. I acknowledge that there is NO ALCOHOL or RECREATIONAL DRUGS allowed at any session. I agree that smoking is not permitted within any building and must be at the government-required distance from the building.


I acknowledge that I have carefully read and understood this agreement and the IOWI terms and conditions. I agree to release, indemnify and hold blameless IOWI and any persons associated with IOWI for any loss or damage I may suffer in direct/indirect association with my participation in my relationship or courses with IOWI. I agree to all terms and conditions of application, attendance and participation.



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