Our courses teach you how to set women free FAST of their deep emotional and mental blocks using 1 PROCESS for ALL issues designed specifically FOR WOMEN by a woman

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Creatrix® is the solution for women’s mental and emotional issues.

Every now and then something comes along that causes the the worlds of science, psychology and personal development to stop in their tracks and ask “how could we have missed this?”

Epigenetics was one such discovery and our Creatrix® Process designed for women is just as BIG!


Jun 19

Creatrix® Transformologist® Course June 2017

June 19 @ 9:00 am - June 24 @ 5:00 pm
Aug 07

Creatrix® Transformologist® Course August 2017

August 7 @ 9:00 am - August 12 @ 5:00 pm
Sep 18

Creatrix® Transformologist® Course September 2017 (Netherlands)

September 18 @ 8:00 am - September 23 @ 5:00 pm
Sep 18

Creatrix® Transformologist® Course September 2017 (Sunshine Coast, AUS)

September 18 @ 8:00 am - September 23 @ 5:00 pm

It takes one to know one, right? That’s why our course teaches a modality that was developed BY A WOMAN, for women… making it unlike ANY other modality on the planet!

Our Creatrix® process is truly mind-blowing and the results are FAST and LONG LASTING!

Ready to Stand Out From the Rest?

Creatrix® is literally THE most transformational tool for women…

It has the power to release suppression from an entire gender.

Bold claim, we know, but we have the results  to prove it!

What Do 16 Women Say About Our Course?

Was it Worth the Trip from NZ?

YOU can be a part of our global mission to set 10 million women emotionally and mentally FREE!

Watch this webinar for FULL INFORMATION about our Creatrix® Transformologist® Program:

Do you want to be on the cutting edge with us?

You can help us pioneer the rolling out of this WOMEN’S ‘POSITIVE’ PSYCHOLOGY across the world? If so this course is for you! We need women who are serious about transforming women and this course is for you if you are passionate and just know in your heart that you get deep satisfaction helping women release their ‘issues’, and you crave to build a career around it. You do not need previous qualifications in the industry to apply.

It’s ok if at this stage you think we are full of sh!t, that’s because we are asking you to believe in something you’ve been told is impossible. It’s ok, we get that, but don’t let that limiting belief block you from learning more, so bear with us and if necessary CLICK HERE and see it in the eyes of the transformed women for yourself, but then come back and keep reading…


You can use it to up-level your transformational powers and take women to a whole new level of personal development, growth and success – INCLUDING yourself!

Become known for your results and success!

Whether you are a coach, therapist, or just want to empower women but don’t know how yet, this is THE tool and complete package you’ve been looking for.

How can we teach it in just 6 days you ask?

We’ve templated and scripted EVERY PART OF THE PROCESS so we only have to teach you to use the tools and you’ll be able to offer an OUTCOME guarantee. See below for the course component content of the license. We don’t let just anyone have these tools and we protect them with a license agreement to ensure they remain protected and only used by women who meet our standards…



Is This Course For You?

This course is particularly for women  who value helping women feel better about themselves and their future, and who want to assist them to rise above life obstacles and break negative cycles.

You are right for this course if:

  • You have already embarked on your own self development journey and are committed the becoming the best version of yourself. You have a few life lessons under your belt that you want to share to help others. You may not yet have a business but you’re fed up doing work for others that doesn’t feel truly fulfilling or meaningful enough.
  • You could already be a mentor/coach/leader/trainer/therapist or the like and you want more FEMALE-specific tools to add to your transformational toolbox that are simple to use and in a done-for-you format.

Do you crave to make a significant difference in the world by empowering women to live up to their potential? If breaking negative cycles for women sounds like a fulfilling career, and if building a meaningful legacy rocks your boat, this course is for YOU. Unlike other courses, this one is subject to a license and therefore is a privilege, not a right.


There is no other method available in the world like this. It’s innovative with the Epigenitics concept. Two months after this course I have a waiting list of clients and I haven’t even had to advertise yet!

Nikolien Martina-Doorenbos

Company Owner, Moms & More (Netherlands)

What Will You Get From Our Creatrix® Transformologist® Course?

What Does TV Presenter Nikki Say About Our Course?

We Offer Double Certification!

APPLY to attend our TRANSFORMOLOGIST® COURSE and you could be certified, registered and licensed, in Just 6 days as both a:

  • Woman’s Breakthrough Transformologist®
  • CREATRIX® Facilitator

These are a recognised modalities with the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

These certifications are exclusive to IOWI (that’s us) ONLY! We don’t just claim to specialise in women, we actually formulated ‘first in the world’ solutions for the unique way our FEMALE brains and minds function, according to the PROVEN biological and psychological differences we as a gender share.

To deny they are different is a dis-service to women who need genuine help to break through their destructive cycles. To really change it starts with women understanding themselves and using mindset changing tools that assist her unique mind and factor in her unique difference.

Hint: If you believe ‘consistency’ and ‘goal setting’ are important keys to achieving success, you are conditioned into a male system and that will work for only 1 in 5 women and will damage your reputation in time as your female clients continue to fail.

All applicants are subject to approval to attend and qualification is subject to character assessment of suitability to licensing criteria. Should you become a Transformologist® and most importantly a licensed Creatrix® Facilitator, you become a member of our secret facebook group where you get free mentoring from Maz herself and to brainstorm with the other dedicated, ambitious and compassionate Facilitators.

Imagine the equivalent of a full Breakthrough Guru’s international firewalk event but WITHOUT the expenses, in your own home, over within just hours, painless, tailor made for our female-type ‘issues’ and SUPER FAST, LONG TERM results for women?

THAT is Creatrix® and you can become a Facilitator and change lives from the comfort of your own home, with no overheads other than a phone or wifi for Skype sessions.

This Course Will Allow You To: 

  • Have more FEMALE clients who can’t help raving about you to everyone they meet because of the painless, thorough, fast and long term result they experience FIRST HAND, which is the secret to a rock solid $PROFITABLE business.
  • Deliver the most advanced FEMALE-Only Breakthrough Technique on the planet called CREATRIX® to clients which causes LONGTERM, SWIFT Results that women have been desperately needing but have been led to believe is impossible. You do this one on one via Skype anywhere in the world, phone or in person.
  • Learn from a woman who has achieved millionaire status through owning and running 3 successful businesses as well as pioneering the launch of her own innovation (Creatrix®) as well as being the founder of Institute of Women International. Those 20 years experience are priceless to a start up.
  • Be able to earn $hundreds/hour by taking on clients who are READY to PAY YOU and do what it takes, because they are THAT pro-active about changing for the better that they will do whatever it takes. (we’ll even teach you to screen and test for secondary gain so you CAN guarantee your results)
  • Become one of a select and exclusive group of licensed CREATRIX® Facilitators in the world with this one of a kind exclusive GROUND BREAKING female breakthrough technique. (you do have to qualify so if you don’t apply you’ll never know. Hint- we don’t care what you know, we care who you are)
  • Train exclusively with ONLY 11 OTHER STUDENTS so you get the full attention and experience with 4 hands on training days out of the 6. That’s more ‘actual’ hours in the field than a three and a half year psychology student gets.
  • Be trained in a comfortable, safe environment with other like-minded women. We take our course ‘experience’ seriously and KNOW what women want to be a part of so they really learn, feel like they belong, secure, important, respected and feel confident.
  • Pre-packaged workshops (run up to a series of 12), informative, transformational and educational events  on just about any personal development topic, but nail it for female audiences because of your unique ‘female formulated’ women’s empowerment content that will have the women finally understand WHY they AS WOMEN do what they do and got where they are and how to navigate their life and themself for a better life, lifestyle and legacy they can be proud of.
  • Teach women in groups how their female factor ‘cyclic’ difference effects all areas of women’s lives along with the men and children they love.  Also teach women HOW to release future blockages as they arise that reset themselves back to cool, calm, collected and confident using dynamic self-help tools, so they can make better life choices.
  • Break negative Intergenerational cycles through empowering women in a way that positively impacts those around her.
  • Pre-Prepared Templates, Scripts, Checklists, Handouts, Charts and Assessment Tools all done for you and ready to go and action. We’ve done the work  FOR YOU so you can focus on doing what you love and start immediately!
  • Future pace your clients so they stay ‘cleaned out’ with ‘after’ Creatrix® workshops.
  • Discover the 4 ways to make money with the tools you learn from this course alone. (most students earn the cost of their course back in just 2 months)
  • Learn how to pre-assess and screen clients to be able to offer a RESULTS BASED money back guarantee.
  • Learn to use the most innovative and revolutionary scientifically based tools on the planet today. NO you don’t know our major tool, it was innovated in house by a woman, for women! Creatrix® has its own entire complete set of tools as well as the many others you get to take away for the workshops and your business.
  • Business Dynamics.
  • Enhance the results of your other great skills and processes if you are already a coach or therapist, causing happy contented clients more quickly.
  • BONUS – You get the entire breakthrough experience before going out and helping others, so you will be internally set up for success without your own blocks around money, success and being an amazing facilitator.
  • EXTRA BONUS – You get FREE Creatrix® Sessions as long as you remain currently ‘licensed’ all year round.
  • EXTRA EXTRA BONUS – You get GROUP MENTORING as long as you remain currently ‘licensed’ all year round.
  • EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA BONUS– You get to join our annual Facilitator Weekend at a retreat where we hang out, hone our skills, get the latest training and have FUN together as long as you remain currently ‘licensed’.

“As a trainer you won’t get anyone more real than Maz. She has changed my life in ways $100,000 worth of self development courses just couldn’t. I was already an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach yet I struggled to believe in myself. Not anymore! Maz is the one that will get you to be a true role model for your clients.”

– Kylie Stretton, Caboolture QLD

Check Out the Transformations in These Women…

Opportunity for Progression to a Creatrix® Facilitator Trainer

We also offer suitable licensed Creatrix® Tranformologists® the opportunity to become a Facilitator Trainer. Becoming a trainer would allow you to:

  • Train and certify Creatrix® Facilitators
  • Empower a movement of women with a breakthrough methodology that will impact the lives of many through the ripple effect of this Creatrix® Revolution
  • Learn how to lead and empower groups of women to create massive change
  • Get certified as a CREATRIX® GROUP FACILITATOR (Optional extra module)
  • Become one of the very first Creatrix® Trainers in your country
  • Have unlimited earning freedom. Conduct as many courses as you like
  • Have a substantially rewarding lifestyle, being a part of a large global vision to set 10 million women free

Contact us for a potential earning schedule chart (Hint: nothing under 6 figures up to $500,000/year for the right candidates). All Trainers or Presenters must first become a Creatrix® Faciltiator by attending our Creatrix® Transformologist® course first.

Are you ready to make a living from empowering women?