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Hi My name is Alexandra Ross

As a mother of a child with a disability, as a woman who lost a house and a business and as a wife who felt like a failure, I would never have dreamed that I could achieve so much happiness in life.

I’m dedicated to helping you discover peace, happiness and emotional freedom!! Regain control of your life, ignite your confidence and reconnect with who you truly are. How amazing would that be?

For a very long time I carried around guilt, grief, anger, heart ache, a lack of self worth and self love. I saw life as a heavy burden and believed that I was not good enough.

THEN!! I was taken on this incredible journey, I released all of the above emotional that held me back and so much more!! I found myself!! I gained confidence and a deep sense of peace I never knew existed. I was so impressed with this outcome that I became a CREATRIX® Facilitator and Advanced E.Q.U.I.P™ Facilitator myself. This process is a blessing that every woman should experience and I’m so excited that I am somebody who can take you on this journey.

This is a very U N I Q U E and pain free process to help you move forward and to be the best version of yourself. The effects are lasting and life changing on many levels. Very likely side effects are happiness, calmness, deep senses of peace, healthier relationships, confidence, excitement and a new passion for life.