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Hi My name is Courtney O’Malley-Jones

CREATRIX TM Facilitator, Advanced Empowerment Consultant. “I am excited and passionate to free women from the constant frustrations and head chatter that prevents us from being balanced, calm, at peace, happy and free”

After experiencing her own personal breakthrough in 2012 which changed her world completely from one of frustration to calm at peace and so happy to feel free and rid of the knots in her insides.

Courtney’s passion for wanting to ignite that same feeling for other women began.

A mother of two primary school aged children wanted so much more for her family and other women experiencing life’s frustrations so in 2013 she started her journey to become a facilitator with IOWI. Discover Life Balance was created.

Courtney already has success in family owned and operated business. Her wish is for all women to be their own powerhouse and Discover Life Balance.

“I so look forward to you discovering your life balance x “

“Honestly life changing, I feel amazing I didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t imagine it being this amazing. Seriously you have got to do this for every woman out there it is liberating, I don’t know a woman that could not benefit from this.” Sharnee