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Hi My name is Emma Priestly

With over a decade of experience in leading and empowering women in business, I know what a relief it is to learn that there is a process uniquely designed for the Female Mind that delivers incredible, lasting results.
I am passionate about guiding women to BEcome the best and happiest version of themselves.
My mission is to help women achieve the work/life harmony they have always dreamt of.

I was a woman with big dreams and aspirations for my family’s lifestyle that was slowly becoming our reality day after day.

I dreamt of freedom of choice, personal success and a loving harmonious love affair with my husband.

I envisioned holding hands, sitting back in our amazing home, overlooking rolling hills of green watching our happy, healthy well adjusted kids laughing and having fun together. Knowing they were growing up in a home with our happy contented hearts and peaceful guidance.

I dreamt of one day watching them succeed in their own lives and eventually entrusting us to watch over their bundles of joy with a knowing and a trust that we would breathe our love and magic “you can do anything” potion into their hearts.

My vision was of togetherness, love and laughter.
It felt like I was ticking all the boxes. I had the beautiful home, the hubby and kids, and the vision yet something was missing …….

Why didn’t it FEEL like I imagined it would?

Why was I really feeling sad, overwhelmed, lost and unhappy?

The stress would catch up and I would take it out on the hubby and kids, I was just tired …..
I wanted to “be happy.” I was afraid if I didn’t do something it would just get worse and I didn’t like who I was becoming.

I wanted to move forward yet couldn’t shake the ‘stuck’ feeling. I just didn’t know what to do.

I was ready for change. I was ready to make my dreams my reality.

By choosing to help myself, the ripple effect on my hubby and children was evident.
I no longer feel the frustration and anxiety.
I am free of fear, worry and procrastination.
I am free.
I live my passion and I have purpose every day.
I have choices and personal success.
I look to the future with such excitement and happiness.
I am confident, courageous and moving forward daily.
I was ready to create and live the lifestyle of my dreams.
I was ready to take control of my emotions.
I was ready to feel happy and give my all to living the best life I possibly could.
I was ready to give back and help others.
I was serious about helping myself so that my family could reap the
benefits of a lifestyle where we love and support each other 100%.