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Hi My name is Katarina Yzel

Katarina helps build your business – without the stress. She simplifies tasks and gets you to see the solution clearly. Why be overwhelmed?

Running a business can be challenging and holding your position in the business you work for can steal your happiness! Why have so much emotional baggage holding you back?

When you ask yourself “Why don’t I have what they have” and “Why don’t those kind of opportunities get presented to me” … what is your answer?

You don’t have to be held back anymore! You don’t have to feel like you are struggling to stand out and be heard! Katarina will help you realise how amazing you are and where your talents and passion lies!

Katarina works with business women who feel they lost themselves through beliefs brought onto them as children, through relationships and experiences. It’s these negative beliefs and experiences which have made you see the world as it is today and it limits you in achieving your best. If you feel that you lost your sparkle, or you feel like you’ve never had a sparkle that really made you shine, then it’s time to re-evaluate your worth.

The reason she knows is because she was in the same position as you!

She didn’t believe she was as good as everyone else, she felt like everyone else was smarter and knew more than her. The beliefs she had were not hers, they were beliefs she grew up with – which made her feel like she was a black sheep.

Things changed after Creatrix. Life was brought into a new perspective for her. She no longer feels this way, and now she helps other women grow their business and see how freakin amazing they are!

Now it’s your turn. Katarina wants to see you change too!! She would love to “happy dance” when YOU finally realise how amazing you are too!