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Hi My name is Kylie Stretton

Kylie already was a Qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner before coming to IOWI. “I had tried everything I came across, I did not know what else to do but I knew there was something missing. I have done so many modalities but yet I wasn’t getting the results that worked how I thought they should, for women. I then came across IOWI and after my own transformation I had found what was missing. Now I am fully equipped to help my clients achieve their dreams and live a happy, fulfilling life.

Kylie Stretton is a loving mother of four beautiful children, devoted wife and loyal friend to many. A pocket rocket of energy, passion and inspiration, Kylie lives her life caring for her children (two of which have special needs), her business and practicing living a full filled empowered life. Driven to help others in her position, she prides herself on her heightened level of empathy which grew over a lifetime of abuse, neglect, hardship and struggle.

A true inspiration to others, Kylie’s primary desire is to help women through her work as a Life Coach and Mentor to all Mothers, Carers and Disability Carers.

After 12 years of studying Personal Development and NLP to give myself and my children the best life I could, I still felt there was something missing. I had read hundreds of books and attended many workshops, seminars and courses, while on this journey but still if it wasn’t helping me then I knew I needed more not only for myself but for those I wanted so much to help. Now I have found Creatrix™ I believe I have all the tools needed to help unblock YOU so you can achieve what you want to.


I will help you to become a happier and calmer Mummy, teaching you techniques to calm your children and yourself down in stressful circumstances. I am passionate about transforming mother’s lives into balance, calm and happiness. My aim is to give mothers the proven, powerful tools and solutions to transform your life and your children’s life into the lives you believe you should be living.

Mummy Motivator stands for providing healthy, happy and caring households and also the importance of looking after yourself as a mother and for mother’s to not lose sight of their dreams while fulfilling their roles and commitments in their lives and households.