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Hi My name is Leanne Sutton-Boyd

Leanne’s authentic, heartfelt approach and genuine desire to see women succeed encourages them to live from their heart and highest values. She has helped countless women achieve their goals in life and business and knows the benefit of having an understanding and inspiring coach to support you and take you to the next level.

Raised on a dairy farm and moving to the city to chase her dreams, Leanne has faced much adversity in her own life losing many special people close to her and personal property to fire. As a result, she learnt the value of living life – not just enduring it.

“I have also seen many women struggle with stress, loss, depression and hopelessness getting through daily life outwardly wearing the mask they want the world to see but inwardly feeling the torment of anger, fear, anxiety and hurt.”

Wanting to give them hope and to let them know they didn’t have to be defined by their experiences, Leanne decided to devote her life to sharing the importance for women to take time to enjoy life, prioritising their own wellbeing and becoming resilient.

Her extensive experience in business, sales and marketing, event management and hospitality led her to create the Winona Group and Fearlessly Free Women – two businesses dedicated to helping women progress in life lifting them from feeling crappy to happy living their best life. Leanne has done this through one-on-one coaching and empowering events and workshops for women.

She is happily married with three beautiful children – Izaac, Zahra and Ava.

She quotes “You can experience great growth and change, even at your lowest point, for it is then that you have the most reason and opportunity to tap into your amazingly, powerful mind and transform your way of thinking to enrich your life. If you are stuck, know that life can be better. You just need to know how.”

“I am thrilled and excited you are here and ready to enter a new phase of your life bringing you more happiness and satisfaction than you ever thought possible.

Trusting my intuition that the Creatrix Process (developed by Marylin Schirmer ) was the ‘missing piece’ in my life, I stepped forward with faith and haven’t looked back. Creatrix unblocks the deepest inner barriers and heals the deepest core issues that a woman may not even know she has and moves her quickly towards the life she longs for”.

I would love to help and guide you to become the woman you long to be and to create your best life. Please send a message today and I am happy to offer you a FREE no-obligation phone consultation to get you on your way. Blue Skies and Smiles, Leanne xxx


I was going through one of those really rough times in life where you think – “Can it actually get any worse?”
I contacted Leanne and after working with her through some of my challenges all I can say is “WOW!!!”
Leanne led me through her process with flow and ease and it was amazing and very powerful.
I know that now I am a feeling like a better person having had a session with Leanne. My fragility gave way to confidence and assertiveness which is what I needed most at the time.

Leanne, thank you – I am so grateful – Fiona Wright