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Hi My name is Maria McGrath

YOU ARE HERE on this page, you believe there is something more, something that you have not found yet or something that needs to change! You may be somewhere between “I’m not quiet reaching my potential” and “I cannot stand another day living with this anger/pain/fear”. I CAN HELP!!! TAKE A STEP towards a happier, brighter and better future.

Spending the last 6 months becoming a Creatrix(R) Facilitator with the IOWI has given me my purpose in life. The experience has awakened a passion in me, to help other women release all of their negative emotions that keep them stuck, and unable to move forward. I want to help all women believe in who they are, and to become the best version of themselves.

Before the IOWI, I was a 40 something, single woman with no children, and felt like I was unworthy and a disappointment to all who knew me. I felt there was something wrong with me not to have found love and happiness with a family of my own. I found myself in a deep dark hole of depression, sadness and loneliness, and I struggled to get through the day. I was not participating in my life at all, just going through the motions, finding myself getting angry and frustrated for no reason at all.

I now feel like the season of Spring, transformed by new growth and bright blooming colour, after a cold dark winter. My life now has happiness, and I feel a peace and calm like I have never known before. I am free to be and accomplish anything I set my heart on.

The Creatrix(R) process is so very unique, and so very exciting, yet gentle and fast, and the effects are life changing and lasting. Creatrix(R) was created by a woman, specifically for the women’s brain and is the only female breakthrough process in the world.