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Hi My name is Robina Meehan

As a Registered Nurse for many years in Outback Australia I recognized a furious need. Women in remote Australia were desperately seeking accessible options for Emotional Wellbeing. I created a solution.

I was a girl with a dream, a vision that already had begun to come true. I dreamed of a strong and solid husband. Happy, healthy children and living life on the land. Growing old and sitting on the verandah with my husband looking back laughing, reminiscing with pride of our successful lives. I dreamed of the kids growing up living their aspirations doing what makes them happy…. perhaps one would be continue to run the family property and the other would visit regularly.

So far I’d ticked all the boxes that meant my dream was coming true….. But there was a piece missing. It didn’t quite feel as perfect as I imagined it would.

I had so much more to give. I knew I wasn’t quite living true to who I really was.

I was ready to change. I was ready to unveil again the girl with a dream, to breath easier and be truly happy with what I had.

I am now free from judgement and worry. Free to walk slower, feel calmer, think clearly and be confident.

I can now look into the future, I now know that I am celebrated by my husband and family. I truly am carefree and happy. I really am livin’ the dream.

I was ready to be in control of my emotions, to feel as though a weight had been lifted and to feel at ease with the world. I was serious about living my dream and giving 100% to my husband and 100% to my children because I knew that was what it would take to keep my family strong and together.