CONGRATULATIONS on choosing to be trained as a Creatrix® Transformologist®! This will be the most rewarding investment of your life and I am SO excited for you!

Be prepared for a wonderful experience with the most “Aha!” moments you’ve ever experienced as you discover the aMAZing Creatrix® process first hand, while also becoming qualified to help other women break through.

You’ll be able to empower women in a very dynamic and transformative way whether it be one on one or in groups. The possibilities of what you can do with this content is limitless. I’m so excited to take you to the next level at the same time as spend a week with you and no more than 11 other ladies.


The enrolment process is entirely subject to the successful acceptance by IOWI after partaking in a 20 minute pre-intake recorded program compatibility interview.

First there are 3 steps to complete your enrolment process:

  • Filling out the Pre-course Intake Form and choosing which course date you’d like to attend
  • Reading the T&C’s and signing the Intellectual Property & Confidentiality Agreement
  • And of course for us to hold your seat you must make your payment.

You’ll have 2 options:

  1. Pay the full amount which will save you $1405 AUD. The total investment will be $8,995 AUD instead of $10,400 AUD
  2. Utilise our payment plan which is monthly payments of $1040 AUD (with full payment to be completed at least 4 weeks before the course begins). The total investment will be $10,400 AUD

After you’re enrolled in your desired course date:

  • You’ll schedule your phone interview (this is the final step of the enrolment process)
  • We’ll keep in touch with updates regarding your course
  • We’ll send you your ‘pre-assessment form’ by email, 4 weeks before your chosen course date
  • You will also get an email from us a few weeks prior to the course start date with all of the LOGISTICAL information (what to bring, venue information, etc.). Only when you have written evidence of the venue and location should you book flights.

During the course:

  • Show your beautiful face at the course at 9am on the first day of your chosen course date. Course begins Monday 9am and finishes 6 days later at 5pm at the very latest.
  • You will receive a warm welcome and your rather large training manual as you go through 6 days of aMAZing education, practicing Creatrix®, learning systems and protocols, having fun, forming new lifelong friendships, saying “OH MY GOSH” often, eating till you can’t eat another thing, and finally celebrating an incredible week of learning and laughing.


I will be your biggest fan and you will always know I am not far away barracking for your success… love Maz xx

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