FAQs around getting licensed as a CREATRIX® FACILITATOR

(our signature breakthrough process we use as Women’s Transformologists to achieve outcomes for our clients)

What stops people being able to feel the strong negative feelings again after they have experienced Creatrix®?

Because this unique process causes them to get the actual complete life ‘learnings’ as doubt-free ‘knowings’ around the issue to the point of now knowing better. They have total clarity they in no way could see before or without having done Creatrix®. They are now well grounded and have removed the rose colored glass perspective they must have had before to believe or feel what was causing them to see the issue in such a way it caused them to struggle.

How long does it take to remove a fear? For example- fear of failure or anxiety?

In most cases 10-40 minutes. The more times the client has done the process, the faster it takes to work on an next issue.

How does it work?

Its quite hard to explain without doing it, but it’s done with eyes closed but it’s not hypnosis. Creatrix® (our signature process) utilises the power of the mind through perceptory positioning, creative visualization, story and specific questioning all whilst holding their mind in that unique position. This UNIQUE position allows you to get a ‘download’ of your life learnings you cannot get any other way other than perhaps a few lifetimes of suffering the same destructive repetitive cycle. The life learnings change your entire life perspective to a more self-serving one for your own higher good. Its a reset back to feeling whole, complete, a sense of belonging, peace, quiet mind and in control. There are quite a few other factors but that’s a quick overview.

Why does the training take so long?

Ummmmm 1 week compared to 4-7 years to do psychiatry and here you don’t give advice, you just facilitate the person to get THEIR OWN learnings that only THEIR soul knows they need. There’s a lot to learn to be confident to work in the area of the female mind and what makes this work specifically for women and why. You will see when you start why. Creatrix® is very intriquite in its design and delivery of the scripting is not as simple as reading.


Why must I go through the process myself first if I just want to help my clients?

Particularly and most importantly because your energy as a facilitator matters more than has previously realised. You may have limits that you could be transferring to your clients and therefore we must have a ‘clean’ facilitator using it to ‘clean’ out clients. We have to remove the possibility you could be transferring limiting beliefs and therefore unconsciously (that you may not even be aware of) sabotaging your clients results as well as your own.

Also, you can’t do something you don’t understand so you have to get your own proof. There is none better than your own results. Also it’s possible you could have blockages or beliefs not supporting your own personal highest potential to your own business success, therefore women you could have helped don’t ever get it. Consider it a luxurious bonus because EVERYONE has been extremely grateful for discovering and removing their own limitations prior to using Creatrix® to help set others free.

We will continue to treat you to Creatrix® while licensed at no cost as well.

Why is there a license?

To stop people using it outside of integrity and accountability.
To ensure all Creatrix® facilitators operate under a code of conduct that is serving to our WIN/WIN/WIN philosophy. The IP (Intellectual Property) of the Creatrix® scripting is heavily copyright protected and we too are bound to honor the integrity of the process as it’s guardians. The brand and process you are trained under are proud to value the betterment of the community at large and want to preserve the integrity of all concerned. We believe Creatrix® has a higher purpose as it’s ability to remove suppression from an entire gender is far too important to risk.

Why are there fees associated with the license?

Frankly it’s a bit like if you write a song, you get royalties from the song when it is played. This script is no different. You are paying a fee for the right to use it. Simply knowing how to read it does not give you permission to do so. The license is the ‘permission’ conditions and you pay for the privilege.

You also get bonuses like free ongoing mentorship and training via a secret facebook group. You get email access to your trainer should you get you stuck and need help.

Access to assisted services that compliment ours to ensure you have no excuse not to make this workable for you as a business opportunity as well as doing meaningful fulfilling work.

Community access and much more. YES the license has a small annual fee.

How much does the course  cost?

When people see dollar signs they make a judgement of value. You CANNOT know this value until you learn what it is. Also we don’t accept everyone anyway. We seek highly integral woman who share the mission to enrich women’s lives and therefore are subject to an interview. You can say no thanks when we are done however we can make your money back in just 2 clients, and that includes the entire course cost plus your own breakthrough. Its very fair and we do offer affordable payment plans. If you want it badly enough we know we can help you to do this.

Where are the courses held?

They are for now only held in Sunshine Coast QLD and people fly from all over to attend because they think its well worth it. We hope 2017 to offer this course in every state once we get trainers enrolled.