Creatrix™ is a female minded breakthrough (healing) experience that sets a woman free of her blockages, her lack of self-esteem, confidence and self belief to name but some of the issues that stop a woman feeling great about herself and in control of her life. It’s fast, pleasant and instantly transforms a woman at her CORE. Discover the real you and your potential!

1. It is a Breakthrough Process Designed for the way the Female Mind Operates

There is no such thing as a uni-sex brain. Our female brain makes us process our world differently and that is scientifically proven.

Let’s face it, logically we know it doesn’t make sense to not love ourselves, put others first all the time and think we are not good enough or good enough looking, yet many females still do these things don’t we? We know it makes no sense not to ‘action’ our dreams but do we? Tell us 1000 times we are beautiful, if deep down under all the layers of anything resembling logic we feel inadequate, it will not change us. ‘Every day in every way I get better and better’ as an affirmation to a woman with low self-esteem is just not going to shift it at her core. We’ve been needing a process just for us that considers we don’t process in a linear, spacial, logical or cognitive manner for our deepest female life problems. CREATRIX™ is the vital phase of entire solution for women which is the TRILLENIUM EFFECT, our education model for success. So here is what we’ve considered in the innovation of this amazing female breakthrough process. (See also EPIGENETICS for more scientific information that is equally important)

The female brain has 23% more connectivity between left and right brain hemisphere’s. This is important for many reasons. We can utilise both hemisphere’s for language, males usually left side only (shown in brain MRI scans). Our lymbic (emotional centre) system is much larger and the long list of differences entirely explain our different needs in health (especially mental and emotional) and also in how we address our our female life issues and inner blockages and even education. Traditional education appeals to and is designed for the left brain modalities and the right brain has been virtually left out. We don’t see emotional control or how to deal with very real life issues being taught to children in school. We see mathematics, logic, and facts taught in most educational systems and in most problem solving activities.

It’s the last things necessary for life happiness but great if you want to get a job based on those skills or you have a very logical builder/fixer type brain such as a males. Building and maintaining relationships at work, couples and parenting relationships and solving emotional problems have been left out of the equation. Well not anymore! Males and Females are equally important, it’s just that we each need to be considered when it comes to our gender hard-wiring and having software solutions designed for each and not a one fits all when it doesn’t. There are many similarities yes, but the differences effect everything for a female from decision making to feeling valued and important.

Male brain activity and female brain activity is very different when under an MRI scan when the couple do a simple thing like watch a movie together. What we see and what they see and what matters to each gender is as different as what the brain scan (Dr Amen Brain Clinics) shows. The female mind is not all that logical, not for the majority of women. We add emotions into our decision making which makes most existing solutions and breakthrough processes fail with women. This also causes us to see things far from what they really are at times, especially if we carry past emotions that we add as a layer to our perception. The more fear, rejection, hurt, abuse, failure, disappointment etc. that we’ve experienced the further we are from letting go and moving forward and enjoying a quality life. You can’t just say positive affirmations to change these deeply rooted emotional issues.

In regards to UNCONSCIOUS MIND! The female unconsciousness is that of a ‘creator’ of life which a woman is. The parts of her that seem to be a small element making her different from a man in fact might be small in past perception but it matters in everything she does and totally affects the way she perceives and goes about life and success or the lack of it. Her brain has more white matter (the part that generates energy/electrical charge). Her left and right brain are bound with 23% more dense white matter.

This is massive when we are talking about changing our life or breaking the cycle. The negative emotions HAVE to be removed from the past to be able to move forward freely and positively else you stay in your patterns and all the CBT, logic and even NLP (male minds modelling the mind, um how do they model the unconsciousness that we have which can create and grow life within itself, if they are not a female?) and other processes that don’t consider the gender processing difference. A brain is a brain, an unconscious mind is an unconscious mind, well not really. Ours has extra bits to worry about operating and we believe this is for a very important reason. We are not MEANT to be too logical so doing so can us much stress which ensures the cycle continues. Our Process is designed to break the cycle allowing a chance to create a new cycle of success and peace of mind.

2. Lightning speed results

Approaching the entire issue of the breaking cycles meant we had to open our minds to believing that there was a way of getting these results, so we re-viewed what was the female mind having to do and programmed to do and how did it get itself into that state. Then we used its own processing way back on itself to undo this problem. Marylin Schirmer our founder and creator of CREATRIX™ wonders why has no one else realized this before or asked these new questions of problems most don’t even recognise exist. We bought into the common analogy and beliefs that females were complicated and therefore assumed ‘they’ were right. Or we just weren’t becoming successful or happy from current models because we weren’t ‘actioning’ what was being taught. Heck, most women know WHAT to do, there is more to it though as to why they are not doing it. We were just misunderstood and trying to use a different processing software but our hardware has struggled to operate effectively because of this.

So our process is a matter of closing your eyes and you have all of your past negative attachments to experiences in life detached. 6 hours is the maximum time it takes. Now that’s pretty amazing! But it’s not just letting go, their are life lessons that come through to fill the void and you simply feel complete and much much wiser.

3. Genetic conditioning memory clearing

The science of EPIGENETICS played a major part in the design of CREATRIX™ as we knew as far as 2000 years ago suppression existed so was it passed on to us through our genes? The new science of EPIGENETICS says yes, that is exactly what is happening. Not being a scientist was a benefit for Marylin Schirmer because she didn’t have the pre-conceived limiting stuck origins of beliefs such as ‘we are genes therefore unchangeable’ or that ‘we are meat, therefore you cannot change it by something like thoughts or other unseen intervening. She knew EPIGENETICS made the most sense (please study our page to see videos that explain this further) so Maz ensured the process design would have to cater for the fact females might actually carry suppression outside of her own awareness, or original creation of her problem. This fully helps ensure the process will work on young girls that struggle mentally and yet have lived blessed lives and cannot explain it. We wanted to address problems of unknown origin. This process just WORKS everytime and is very thorough, regardless of origin.

4. Pain free and actually Beautiful to Experience

That’s it, it’s enjoyable. Your eyes are closed and we use ‘story’ as a framework.

5. Money Back Guarantee

(Ask your local psychologist, therapist or healer for one and see if they offer it) but we make no medical claims and don’t give any medical advice) We do not work on psychotic or mental illness. Just women struggling with their lives not being how they want them to be and struggling with anger, hurt, resentment, sadness, fear, anxiousness, not letting go of past issues, and basically feeling limited and struggling to move forward in business or personal life. They simply are blocked and we get you back to flow, deep at your core.

6. Evolutionary ‘core’ breakthrough BONUS BENEFITS

Unconscious learning’s that release past blockages and evolve the women into the highest tier of conscious awareness (according to Dr Clare W. Graves Evolutionary Value-based Spiral Dynamics) that assists a woman to have an incredibly powerful, positive and effective impact on her family, society, future generations AND the planet. This activates the natural feminine hormones such as Oxytocin which show up as ‘love’, compassion, bonding, empathy and others in the body for maximum magnetic energy production and generation, instead of ‘stress’ hormones that block us from creating a compelling future. Thus enabling women to live according to their highest values and self-respect, and bringing forth the evolutionary process to create a next generation without past inherited blockages).

It sounds amazing because it is!

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