Creatrix® is an adventurous virtual reality process that’s done with your eyes closed, that causes you to unlearn your issues at the very root until they drop away, no longer needed, replaced with much higher emotional and mental intelligence.


First the focus and care factor shift, then the beliefs become productive instead of sabotaging, then it changes the thoughts and entire perspective, and finally, strategies are replaced for when encountering the old triggers, so they no longer fire. It’s quite possibly an ancient process of learning because it’s not person to person education as we’re used to. All the while not a single piece of advice is given by the Transformologist®.


It’s incredible to partake in another persons’ self-breakthrough, all via the mere facilitation of it. Incredible! Humbling! FULLfilling, a privilege and the highest of blessings.

Does Creatrix® Break Negative Patterns FOR GOOD?

So Does Creatrix® Really Last?

In our 6 day Creatrix® Transformologist® Course, you will not only get to experience Creatrix® for yourself, but you’ll ALSO learn how to facilitate it for others and to build your business for an emotionally & financially rewarding career empowering women!

Creatrix® is designed uniquely for women and how OUR Mind’s work…

because There IS a difference!

  • Easy to do and to facilitate

  • Painless (even enjoyable!)

  • Goes deep & is thorough

  • Stops incessant ‘head chatter’

  • Changes sabotaging beliefs to abundance beliefs

  • Makes thought patterns more positive


  • Drastically reduces intense anxiety & negative emotions

  • Installs the resources to make it possible to revert backwards

Creatrix® can help ANY woman who is struggling emotionally. They don’t need to have experienced extreme trauma to see the benefits… perhaps they just simply would like to break a cycle they are stuck in, get past their fear of rejection, banish the overwhelm or anxiety or even just access their own personal life leanings that are buried deep within their mind!

Jasmine’s Story

Meet Jasmine. She was a mum who since becoming a mum of 2 kids lost her ability to be affectionate to her husband and found herself taking it out on the kids and not being the type of mum and wife she wished she was.

CREATRIX® is a world first solution you’ve been seeking to unblock yourself and others from their deepest inner barriers, healing the deepest core issues that even you are mostly unaware of.

Creatrix Before & After - Jasmine's Story

How Do Clients Describe Creatrix®?

  • One client called it “Emotional Botox” (She looked years younger after Creatrix®)
  • Another called it “Emotional Rehab” (She was cured of her habitual emotional outbursts)
  • Another client called it “As Miraculous and Powerful as a cancer cure would be!” Except Creatrix® is for everyday women struggling emotionally and mentally, which is more of an epidemic in our current times.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to be able to do this for your female clients?

Become a Creatrix® Transformologist® and you CAN!

You (Or Your Clients) Need Creatrix® When:

  • You feel you are up against a ‘glass ceiling’
  • You don’t feel content
  • You don’t find joy in everyday living
  • Your head is full of negative chatter
  • You’re not achieving your goals
  • You struggle with self-doubt
  • You feel like a failure
  • You have suppressed emotions
  • You have inherited behavioural patterns that you wish you didn’t have
  • You have a fear of success
  • You have shame or guilt from past mistakes
  • You have angry outbursts
  • You can’t let go of the past
  • You continually repeat mistakes & make poor choices
  • You carry ANY negative emotion with you on a daily basis

Creatrix® can achieve what traditional psychology has been unable to do, even with severe PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) in many cases.

You are 6 times more likely to experience PTS if you are a woman because of your gender, yet most PTS research is on war veterans only. For example, unexpected birth complications, sudden miscarraige, rape, hearing the words ‘you will never have kids’ or ‘Your husband is having an affair’, childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, when the eldest child leaves home and ANYTHING unexpected that results in a negative outcome, has the capacity to be labelled as Post Traumatic Stress.

There is no such thing as a unisex ‘one type’ brain/body/nervous system etc. We are hardwired differently – imagine you are an iPhone – and therefore have been desperately awaiting an app to help clear out a glitch in your system but you are living in Android land and they, like you, never knew you were an iPhone. You see, we both can achieve similar outcomes, we just need COMPATIBLE software uniquely designed for the specific hardware, that’s all.


Almost ALL other solutions (such as science, neuro linguistic programming – NLP, personal development, self-help guru theories and psychology) are based on foundational beliefs that both male and female brains (including our unconscious minds) work in the same way, therefore were actually designed as if we are all wired like males! It’s not us women that are failing, it’s the processes that are failing us. Unlike all other processes, Creatrix® is EXCLUSIVELY designed BY A FEMALE, FOR THE FEMALE MIND, making it revolutionary in the world of personal development and psychology for women!

The 5 Stages of Creatrix®

  • Re-Lease – Emotional and limiting blockages

  • Re-Learn – Get your own soul’s life lessons & tools to move forward

  • Re-Code – Delete inherited negative patterning

  • Re-Frame – Your entire perspective

  • Re-Create – The life you want

Are You Ready to Break the Cycles of Your Ancestors?

What if you carried the pain of you ancestors and could unload that? Ever heard of Epigenetics? Its just a fancy scientific word for ‘you don’t just inherit great grandma’s knobbly knees, you also inherit the emotional scarring, the continuation of certain cycles such as domestic violence, abuse and insecurities from your ancestors’. Sounds crazy but it’s true and makes sense too. Well Creatrix® was designed exactly with that in mind.

YOU can be the one to break the pattern.

By taking your mind for a Creatrix® breakthrough, you get the life learnings/lessons that HEAL the negatives so that you CANNOT even feel or believe those old sabotaging beliefs anymore. YOU ARE FREE OF THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL because you will KNOW better deep at a core level!

You are then free to design your life and finally move forward. We even remove the issues you may have inherited epigenetically (inherited from where your genes were before they got to you) and may currently be witnessing in your children.

But what if we could go back through our history… all the way back and WIPE OUT the severe suppressed emotions that have been passed down psychologically through our genes?

With Creatrix®, this is EXACTLY what we do!

In a nutshell, the Creatrix® experience is…

a metaphoric, conscious/unconscious, deep inner-wisdom-gaining technique using creative imagination, visualisation, specific character positioning (held by the facilitator), with the exact right questioning that brings ‘life learnings’ through as the deepest of unquestionable knowing-ness within. All of this without the tears or reliving negative painful memories.

3 Years on from Creatrix®…

Founder Maz Schirmer Talks About Creatrix®


Is Our Creatrix® Transformologist® Course For You?

What Is a Transformologist®?

A Transformologist® is someone who has attended our 6 day signature course to become a Creatrix® facilitator. But our facilitators are more than just that… they are more genuine than any other facilitators on the planet because during the course, they have experienced Creatrix® for themselves and “cleaned themselves out”, making them ready to do JUST THAT for other women!

Experiencing CREATRIX® is the first phase of becoming a TRANSFORMOLOGIST®. The reason it is FIRST is because when you have suppressed emotions deep within your genetic memory, these will hold you back from the implementation of the skills and knowledge gained by the conscious mind.

In other words, AFTER experiencing Creatrix®, you are 100% ready to learn new information at your greatest capacity AND will be completely ready to help other women without feeling like ‘the therapist who needs therapy!’

We currently have more than 120 licensed Transformologists® from various countries who are out there in the world #settingwomenfree by the day!

Are YOU ready to become a Transformologist®?

What Makes Our Course Different?

Creatrix® is a unique process that solves age-old problems for women, releasing insecurities, suppression and unworthiness issues FAST, painlessly, simply and COMPLETELY so women can be all they were meant to be. It is the ‘missing link’ for women and being able to facilitate it for others will not only give YOU the cutting edge, but also a rewarding (both financially and emotionally) career!

CREATRIX® ReFRAMES your entire view of the world, yourself and others around you in a more neutral, open, opportunistic, accepting and compassionate manner. You then have the opportunity to ReCREATE your life and your business. And the best part… we equip you to do THE SAME for others!

What other course gives you that?!

Your mind slate is clean of the crap and ready to move forward unencumbered by past fears, insecurities and limitations. You are free to live your life by Design and not by Default! We arm you with MANY ‘in the moment’ useful techniques also so you (and your clients) STAY cleaned out. We educate you, empower you and SUPPORT you to make the changes in your life to support your Creatrix® work.

So HOW, Exactly, Does Creatrix® Work?

CREATRIX® works at the core of a woman, her unconscious mind, the part that ‘knows’ what it knows however is in sync with the conscious mind. THIS IS NOT HYPNOSIS.

Are you ready to  KNOW (100%) that you are awesome, beautiful, worthy, powerful, unlimited in potential, whole, complete and enough?

Then CREATRIX® is what can finally get you there.

CREATRIX® quiets the head-talk and creates peace and quiet in your mind. This aids us when striving for better lives, relationships or success when challenged. We call this stage ReLEARNING for the unconscious/conscious mind both in unison so there’s no inner conflict later.

It is so amazing because it ReLEASES the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that cripple women and stunt their self-growth which stops them from achieving their dreams and maximising their own potential. It shatters the suppression and oppression in women that has been encoded somehow in our genetic memory from centuries ago. It metaphorically ’empties’ our genetic cup of crappy experiences and memories, FOR GOOD!

The process then ReCODES your genetic conditioning so you are more able to perceive for yourself, unblocked by unhealthy and sabotaging beliefs, for the first time ever. We are so conditioned throughout history that we have become separated from our own power to create our own thoughts, our own dreams, our own success and our own lives.

Once that has been achieved we can entirely ReFRAME our world, through clear eyes, clear hearts and clear intention. It is at this stage we often hear phrases like “if only everyone knew life was this easy” or “I GET life now”. Suddenly the burdens are lifted and life becomes more of a flow, more meaningful and colourful, even though actual life circumstances and triggers have not changed.

We love how someone struggling with money suddenly doesn’t care and can now think clearly to strategise, plan and create instead of feeling frozen with fear, all because of a new, more productive perception.


Then you REALLY are free to ReCREATE your life, as you dream and desire…


As women we often counsel our friends/colleagues and children… so why not learn a process that can stop their suffering with the added bonus of being able to help yourself using the same technique!

“My dream is to have everyone know this technique as it develops further.” – Maz Schirmer

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and help us on our mission to set 10 million women free?

Become among the first in the world to gain access to this innovative new female-minded breakthrough process!

It will literally take your RESULTS (and those of your female clients/colleagues/friends) to a whole NEW LEVEL.

When you become a Licensed Creatrix® Facilitator you join a very supportive secret Facebook group where all our facilitators meet to support each other and receive mentorship with success tips and free ongoing training. The friendships are tight and we do have a code of conduct that is a licensing agreement to ensure this powerful process is well respected.

Want to find out if your facilitator is registered with us? See our CHECK YOUR FACILITATOR IS AUTHORISED page.

Once qualified you are eligible for insurance as a registered Creatrix® Transformologist® which is an approved modality with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies and AON Insurance Company.

Are you ready to make a living from empowering women?

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