What is EPI-Genetics

It’s the newest science that proves YOU can change your destiny. CREATRIX® was created in alignment with this science to be a fast, LONGTERM solution to help women ready to break entire negative cycles.


nature or nurture and epigenetics

This is very important information yet most of the medical community either don’t know about it because it’s purposefully kept from their studies or they are ‘old school’ and refuse to fathom it because it would basically debunk the foundation of all of their belief system in their field of medicine.

In fact, it means Genetic Science has been looking in the wrong place for the past 50 years and missed something right under their noses that now brings hope to us all. They discounted the removed the sleeve to see within the GENES, removing the most important information of all. Read to the end of the page and watch videos to understand fully. This is powerful stuff and you WILL be hearing a lot more about it in the future. We pride ourselves on evolving our processes according to the newest information and in the best interest of women, therefore the entire human race and the Mummy and person you are is where we are starting to make the difference.

Basically it means we are not just our genes, they get ‘told’ how to function whether than be good or bad. Their is a ‘choice’ of how they behave, otherwise referred to Epigenetic scientists as ‘genetic expression’.

To women this is CRUCIAL INFORMATION!!! Videos on Epi-Genetics

Our ability to nurture and NOT pass on our ‘issues’ and our ‘stresses’ is what will break generational cycles creating a better cleaner DNA for generations to come. (learn about something called ‘methylation’ of our genes as demonstrated in the video at the bottom of the page called Epigenetics 101 if you want to study this more intensely to see the relativity to the our gender in layman terms for anyone to easily understand. Sacrifice a 1 hour tv show, it will be worth it for you.)

We expect that science and medicine might be searching for a ‘drug’ solution however we have created an organic solution, no drugs necessary and fast, painless, freeing, powerful, enjoyable and most of all it raises your EQ (emotional intelligence).

The environment (internal such as stresses that release cortisol and hormones that can be toxic to the brain when longterm and external such as toxin exposure or famine etc) can affect the expression of a gene’ says Dr Paul H Brenner. Think of ‘expression’ as ‘behaviour’ so the genes that we have which are no more than most plants actually ‘express’ in different ways which cause us to be much more complex than a plant, not the number of genes we have. He also says “There’s a possibility that you can change your life in just one generation”.

Dr H Bruce Lipton PhD who is a former research scientist (in last video at bottom of the page), one of the first to ever clone human stem cells in 1967 says “Epigenetics is a new science and understanding that genes are not self-actualising, meaning genes do not turn on and off, they are just blue prints and so they are not the effector”

Why is this relevant? We are not our genes! They receive instruction via your perception. When we change your inherited perceptions as well as your own perceptions, we in effect, change your inner being. You don’t have to understand any of this for our innovative new breakthrough process called CREATRIX™ to clear out your sabotaging old conditioning that is likely causing you to be stuck in a cycle. It works on everyone and anyone who is willing to partake in this beautiful, painless and actually enjoyable releasing process. It free’s you up at your core.

Simply put, CREATRIX™ breaks generational cycles.

It is now proven that your DNA is not your destiny. In fact, by changing the environment (inside the body and outside) you can re-code your genes. This means you possibly inherited what your ancestors stressed about, ate and were exposed to internally and externally. With CREATRIX®, you can undo damage that is causing negative cycles to recreate your destiny and especially that of your children AND the energy you supply to your current life.

Ecological and Evolutionary Epigenetics is a new field of frontier research at the intersection between molecular genetics and evolutionary ecology. THIS IS BIG AND IT CONCERNS YOU!

Here are a few more videos that explain it quite well however you must watch to the very end to fully grasp not just the science of it but the full scope of hope that this new science and understanding brings to the planet.

Above is a TED talk from Courtney Griffins which explains it in her way in just 18 minutes. She explains that in pregnancy your inner stresses definitely become a part of your fetuses ‘environment’ and get chemically laid down in the fetus’s genes.

HOWEVER, it is CHANGEABLE!!!! This is the most powerful information to mothers! We CAN CHANGE THE STATE OF THE NEXT GENERATIONS.


Institute of Women believes in breaking negative generational cycles and this means WE WOMEN can make it happen. Isn’t that exciting?

If this excites you come train with us (great payment and earning options to help you) because we want to attract women who want to make a significant difference creating a positive legacy for our granddaughters and grandsons but it’s up to the WOMEN! We have more influence epigenetically. So nature? Nurture? Epigenetics? or is it ALL OF THEM?

Yes it is!


For a thorough explanation watch the above video with Dian Baker PhD, APRN, PNP presenting her lecture to Doctors and Educators. You are not just your genes. They do have choices of what to express and this is the best video we’ve seen although it is a min 1 hour viewing.