Our Signature Creatrix® Transformologist® Program is so uniquely designed, it’s been awarded MOST ‘INNOVATIVE FEMALE EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM FOR 2023 by APAC Insider Australian Enterprise Awards.
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Maria McGrath
Maria McGrath
I feel deeply grateful for Maz Schirmer & her amazing team of women who have supported me through my own personal growth & healing 10 years ago... I can't imagine what my life would have been without it (or whether I would have even survived it without the healing of Creatrix®)!! I knew the moment I was FREE of the deep depression that had been strangling me, that I wanted to help other women gain that same, amazing peace & emotional freedom... And so for 9 years now, I have grown & evolved being a part of IOWI, and I absolutely love being a part of the safe, supportive & loving community of women that Maz has created.... Women supporting other women, to grow, heal & expand their emotional intelligence to BE the best version of themselves!!! The superlative business knowledge, tools & training that comes with being a Transformologist® is second to none!!! I continue to be amazed at all the support & training that keeps getting better & better as the years go bye!!
Monique Hauwert
Monique Hauwert
IOWI, Creatrix® and Maz have changed my life! I've been a coach for women for a couple of years now and have worked with different modalities, but something was missing. Till I found Creatrix® because that is the missing piece. Creatrix® will change women's lives fast, painlessly and long-lasting. I can now say my life has changed because of Creatrix® just as my clients now can truly say to me 'you have changed my life. I'm proud to be able to facilitate that profound transformation for my clients, it's my purpose and my passion, to set women's hearts free.
Kylie Bonnor
Kylie Bonnor
I've known for some years now that Creatrix was the easiest fast track in women's personal and professional development, but Z.0 has blown my mind. What a privilege it has been for me to witness my daughter transition SO QUICKLY from the depths of despair, aside from the relief I saw on her face, the changes have continued beyond the instant results following one of the 3 sessions (2 main ones then a short follow up). We were dealing with regular self harm, suicide ideation (and planning) in the throes of Anorexia Nervosa and needing CONSTANT supervision for life and meal support and mental health. After being failed by the medical system over the course of a couple of years followed by hospitalisation and intensive ongoing months of therapy this year with no end in sight or relief from her very busy brain, just 1 session saw change and things turned around. Our household was immediately calmer. She no longer had the sensory reactions or intense phobias triggered when a crumb of food would touch her finger or the family talking at the dinner table (or someone chewing/drinking beside her), the overwhelming self deprecating head chatter was gone and quiet and she said she felt really happy for the first time in almost a decade. She could attend her appointments at the hospital and look at/communicate with the nurses and staff (and she could finally FEEL their warmth, kindness and good intentions towards her!) Above all of this though, she was able to eat without prompting or pushing (or even needing watching), taste new foods, enjoy previous favourites, snack, stopped counting calories or analysing serve sizes or nutritional panels. (I could keep going on the list.) She's worn clothes she couldn't have worn months ago (and something other than the usual styling of massively oversized and usually out of season triple layered baggy jumpers/oodies and tracksuit pants worn to hide their extremely frail figure and maintain warmth.) But the main thing was when she put on weight and didn't go into flight fight and run at the hospital, she just... smiled! She has a long way to go on her journey, there a lot of things that have become habits and comfort zones and she is learning how to consciously change those patterns to find a new normal but there is very little to no distress around these changes that would have been impossible 6 short weeks ago. She is calm, confidently voicing her likes and dislikes (BUT especially where food is concerned - is trying things first then deciding - we used to have to introduce the IDEA of a new food at least a week before serving it for her!) and discovering what she likes to fill her time and soul with. ? She wishes every one of her friends at the hospital could feel this way too. Thank you isnt even enough to say for what you have done for my daughter and our family, I am beyond grateful to Maz and the team that are committed to changing (in our case SAVING) women's lives!!!
Malin Lindskog
Malin Lindskog
After years of searching I finally found "the too-good-to-be-true method" Creatrix®. After experiencing it myself there was no doubt that I wanted to learn this innovative, fast and lasting method for female emotional healing. Now I help women break free from negative emotional patterns so they can live their life fully. On top of everything I´m part of an incredible sisterhood where we help each other out 24/7. I can´t thank Maz enough for putting all the time and love in this authentic, heart centered organisation. Can´t wait for what´s to come!
Donna Brennan
Donna Brennan
The Institute of Women International has been the most amazing training I have ever completed. Very thorough, constant training, innovation and changes. It has truly changed my life mentally and physically and I continue to grow and develop 4 years later. My family, friends and everyone I meet get to benefit, the ripple out is huge. I use to suffer with high anxiety and self doubt, now I am achieving huge success after having Creatrix®️. The community they have created and helped is incredible also. There are no words for what Maz has created for Women and more Women need to know there is a solution. Maz and her team are should be commended on how many lives they have changed and will change in the future generations ahead. I am so grateful to to be part of setting hearts free around the world. ?xx
Leiza Mosley
Leiza Mosley
A professional and innovative organisation led by women with heart, compassion, respect, and a desire to create profound support that enables women around the world to break through glass ceilings and achieve their dreams. Very thorough and leading edge training to deliver its unique tools and techniques, with a high degree of efficacy.
Natalie Murray
Natalie Murray
This revolutionary business completely changed my life! There is nothing else out there in the league of Creatrix® for safe, rapid emotional breakthroughs for females.

Want to learn more about our Creatrix® Facilitator (Transformologist®) Program so you can make a lifestyle and living empowering women like we are?

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The Institute of Women International is a proud supporter of PLAN International, contributing every month to the wonderful work they do in helping the most disadvantaged women in the world to be respected, feel confident and be self-sufficient.

 Our Specialty is Setting Women Free From Inner Struggle, Fast, Safely, Profoundly and Irreversibly. How? Raising Emotional Intelligence and Sharpening Intuition using Creatrix®, that is a cutting edge methodology created for our female brain.

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Creatrix® is Maz’s revolutionary breakthrough process, designed specifically for women, that works better and gets to the root of issues SAFELY and FAST.


But don’t just take it from us…

What do 4 women from around the world have to say about Creatrix?
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If you are a woman in the business of helping women BREAK THROUGH THEIR LIMITATIONS, we will start by setting YOU free of YOUR LIMITS so you can MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT and MAKE A LIVING for you and your family.

Click below to get a deeper understanding of our unique female-specific point of difference and the Creatrix® Transformology® Program!

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So What Makes This CREATRIX® Process SO Amazing?

It’s no secret that men and women are different. Women’s brains function and process information in a different way to men.

Creatrix® is the only process in the world that factors this in.

Creatrix® is a fast-track process to a clearer mind, the release of emotional baggage (including inherited trauma) and a more successful and happy life.


A more centred, burnout-proof woman is unstoppable.


It’s like psychology – but on steroids – for women. It’s formulated UNIQUELY for women’s minds. Psychology would be jealous of the results we get. We know women are different from men and more prone to emotional sensitivity and suppressive issues, so our process respectfully considers this.


Creatrix® is developed based on the science of Epigenetics. Women are biologically wired differently to men. It’s fact. Our process works because it has been researched and proven. It’s the future of personal development!


Big claim, we know. But we’ve seen chronic anxiety reduced from 10/10 to 0/10 in under 1 hour using our method. Gone for good. It creates an immediate release with LONG-LASTING results.


No medication or remedies recommended. There is no substance that can truly fix deep-rooted internal problems. We simply facilitate the unique process – Creatrix® – that’s designed to bring to light a woman’s life ‘learnings’ so she can take a new lease on life and move forward with a fresh approach and no mental blockages.


This process effects the WHOLE of you and improves every area of your life. Creatrix® is specially designed for the female mind to help you realise the learnings you might otherwise wait your whole life to receive. It’s like getting the positive after-effects of a horrible wake up call, without the horrible event that brings it on.


Both physically and emotionally. No talking about your problems other than to do a brief assessment prior to the process. No tears – except maybe tears of happiness after the process has been completed. It’s really so simple!

 CREATRIX® is so ground-breaking, it’s been featured in a full cinematic documentary where 3 ordinary people were selected to be coached for 12 months. Maz received an email from the film Director informing her that 2 out of 3 of the women being coached had emotional issues too deeply rooted, and needed me to fly over and help the 2 women to get through. Maz achieved that and you can watch it for yourself. Maz has free viewing tickets and you can get a ticket by joining her facebook group WOMEN UNBLOCKING WOMEN and posting a request.
The movie – titled ‘Impact’ -Available on Prime and Apple!

What Do Other Women Say?

“I never feel alone and know that I’m always supported in my business”

Creatrix® is the only thing that has truly helped me with my thought patterns, self-sabotage and negative feelings. I’ve tried so many other options and none of them helped this much and the issues always came back. I was so blown away by the transformation that I decided to receive training from IOWI to learn the technique myself. The training program was so well run, the trainers were professional, kind and dedicated. The most important thing is that while we were in training, we also continued to receive support on our own growth and development.

Now that I’m a Transformologist® myself, I still use Creatrix® as my go-to tool and I’m so happy that I can offer it to my clients. IOWI has set up a fantastic support network for us as well, so that I never feel alone and know that I’m always supported in my business. I don’t believe there are any other tools or systems out there, designed especially for women and can offer results like this

Investing in Creatrix® for myself as well as the training to become a Transformologist® are two of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It truly is life changing!

Ellen W

”The value and education is second to none and is constantly evolving”

Creatrix is like magic. That’s what my clients are saying to me and that’s what I know to be true. It has changed my life in a way that nothing else ever has and that’s saying something, as I have been an avid seeker for more than 12 years now, trying every modality, tool and way forward that was available to me before I found Creatrix.

Nothing compares to it. There’s no way you can fail when you undergo your own personal breakthrough as every old block and issue is lifted and you are free to start your life from a new place where limitations do not exist.

When you become a Transformologist, you feel sooo supported by Maz and the team, all the sisterhood that is your new tribe and you can finally stop the anxious search for purpose because this is it! The value and education is second to none and is constantly evolving. You will never feel bored or complacent as there is always inspiration happening within the institute and so much more to learn.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and all of the hearts I am and will be setting free in the future

Danni P

”I wanted a method that was more intuitive and aligned with females”

After years of working with women and girls, I recently had to face the reality that past modalities I had trained in, no longer were giving the same results they did back in the day. I wanted a method that was more intuitive and aligned with females for my ladies. All of the past training I had undertaken was designed by men and more suited to the male brain. It turns out that is why women would not achieve lasting results. To support women you need to support the female brain. It’s that simple.

Many women would come to me as a last resort. They’d tried everything and nothing they had tried seemed to last. Their problems would disappear only to come back after some time. I came across Creatrix®Transformology® and soon discovered this was the missing piece. From the first phone call I knew I had found an institute created by a woman (Maz Schirmer) specifically for women and they “GOT IT.” They got me and all the women who like me were ready for more.

I’m not a newbie in the world of self development. As a women who has just hit her sixties, I know BS when I see it. I’ve wasted time and money finding that out. IOWI screamed authenticity, right from the trainers to all the other therapists who all have the same mission. To set all women’s heart FREE. We are relatable! The training, resources and ongoing support guarantees you have the most up to date knowledge that is inline with the world we live in NOW, TODAY.

If you truly want to set women free and you are not just chasing $$$ in an online world of fast marketing and hype and you want authentic connection to provide lasting change you don’t need spend another $ on more programs. Do this and you will have it all.”

Carole B

“This is a revolutionary tool that I’m so passionate about and so proud to utilise”

From the trainers, to the content to professional development- these women are powerful, grounded, sound in their knowledge and communication. I have been blown away by the outstanding results i have achieved for both myself and facilitating the process for other women. Its more than a community they have created, its a family. Super supportive sisterhood, who have the same vision- to set women’s hearts free.

What can be achieved in 3-5 sessions with IOWI, I haven’t achieved in years with clients through counselling and psycho educational programs. This is a revolutionary tool that I’m so passionate about and so proud to utilise. To see such fast results in a world that’s evolved to embrace fast pace, this tool parallels social norms with the guarantee of success.

Lu E

If your dream is to build a legacy setting women free of emotional turmoil or limiting belief systems, the Creatrix® Transformologist® Program is all you need to do this, make income and find true fulfillment.


Let’s break generational cycles of ‘less than’ and raise women’s emotional intelligence!

Institute of women

More about our founder: Marilyn (Maz) Schirmer

Maz Schirmer didn’t just create the ONLY female-designed breakthrough process on the planet that raises emotional intelligence so issues don’t return!

Maz has had an incredible career spanning the last 25 years. She went from an unemployed check out operator who lived in hiding as a scared, insecure mother of 4 children to becoming a confident leader of women in a fortune 500 company. She rose to #1 in 10 countries, breaking 43-year Australian records at the time. Now with 3 successful enterprises, she has proven that her formula works.

After more than 10 years of incredible success traveling the globe, Maz became obsessed with understanding why women were not rising beyond a certain level and not able to achieve their dreams as she herself had done despite her adversity. She’s a professed “research junkie,” having spent more than 10,000 hours gorging herself on analysing ‘behind the scenes’ of the female mind and psychology to bring us all long-lasting, female-formulated solutions that WORK. She continually passes on her own discoveries and ‘learnings’ as a successful executive leader of women.

Maz now shows thousands of ordinary women how to achieve the life, lifestyle and legacy of their dreams. Go to for more information

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