How to Live a Richly Rewarding Life
  1. Know People, Understand & Treat Them How THEY Need It
  2. Communicate Your Needs in Relationships
  3. Celebrate Your Female Difference
  4. Choose to Live and Work with Meaning and Purpose
  5. You Are Already Whole And Complete
  6. You Get What You Deep Down Expect So Expect With Blind Faith
  7. Let Go And Move Forward Whatever It Takes
  8. Make Bold Decisions
  9. Put Yourself First – You are worth it
  10. Build A Solid Core – Start Deep to Break the Cycle
  11. Release the Negatives Around Your Values & Move Forward
  12. Value Self Development & Self Advancement
  13. Ask Solution Based Questions
  14. Lead With A Motherly Love, Understanding And Empathy
  15. Don’t Take Life Too Seriously
  16. Never say Never and Never say Always or Forever (Guilt setup)

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