Whole, complete, enough, special, precious, nurtured, heard, beautiful, valuable, loved! When a woman feels these things she will soar, she will do anything for you, she will act out her fullest potential. She will be unstoppable and most of all feel fulfilled, centred, grounded and feel joy in her heart. You will love to hang with her.

Why aren’t we? Did you know that more than 80% of women DON’T feel most of the above? Is that good enough? What are we going to do about it?

Instead women are feeling trapped, stuck, so in their head they aren’t even noticing ‘life’. Many feel inadequate, devalued, unlovable, stressed, frustrated, unappreciated, unheard and not good enough.

Our latest research showed that 7 out of 10 women feel anger and 6 out of 10 feel fear, 7 out of 10 feel self-doubt, 6 out of 10 don’t feel confident and 8 out of 10 felt a low self-worth. 10 of the 10 we asked agreed that all of this was effecting others around them however they didn’t want to negatively impact those around them, especially their children who would carry Mum’s way of ‘doing life’ as their example into their future and relationships.

Whow!!!! What is going on? Ever noticed it’s a cycle and a pattern? Not just that we are recycling our own ‘stuff’ but that of our mothers and probably great great great grandparents as well. We inherit their struggles, beliefs and values in many cases, even the outdated and non-serving ones that may have been useful long ago but not in today’s world.

OK so that being known, what are we to do about it? Well here are 3 great steps you can take for yourself if you are in the majority as above to start your way out of the self-sabotage cycle.

1. Look in the mirror but not ‘at’ yourself, this time look into the soul through the pupils of the little girl that was once 2 years old who didn’t die. Look deeply to connect to her little heart within. You see, your body aged but your soul and spirit are still un-programmed with all the ‘stuff’ accumulated since. It’s not real, only perception. It’s that little girl who is the real you.

2. Once connected, treat her as you desire to be treated! Only ever speak to or about yourself as you would speak to an innocent child whom you loved as your own child and whom you wanted to grow up without any insecurities. Take her out and about, perhaps take her for a walk in the rain or a play on the beach or for an ice-cream. She DID NOT DIE!!!!! What might she like to do? In fact, her eyeballs haven’t even grown in size since she was 2. Oh she is precious alright, in fact, is it about time she got the love and treatment she always wanted and deserved? Guess what??? Only YOU can allow her that simple desire. YOU ARE THE GATEKEEPER to her happiness, no one else can make her feel all that she desires if you don’t make her happy.

3. Change your environment where necessary to support the needs and wants of a valued precious human being who expects to be treated well. Say NO where you too easily pleased others above yourself. Say YES to your own needs by putting yourself first. Put the oxygen mask on yourself if you are to help others anyway. It’s not selfish because remember, its not even all that about YOU! You affect those around you.

Be sure to let us know if you need help. Our programs are all designed to free women back to whole, complete and KNOW they are more than enough. CLICK HERE to find out more.

For Life Without Limitations

Maz Schirmer

Leading Expert in Women’s Success Psychology.