Our minds love to run away with us, taking us down dark roads that lead to misery, regret, anxiety and heartache when most of the story it’s telling us isn’t even real or is long gone and can’t be changed anyway. Try telling that to your nervous system though. It releases the exact same Cortisol stress chemicals/hormones into your body as if it were real, so the power of the mind can lead to all sorts of dis-eases in the body, not just of the mind.Everything from Adrenal Exhaustion, to anxiety disorders as well as most diseases can be worse if not caused by such stresses that stem from our perceptions.

When it gets out of hand you end up depressed, burnt out, having panic attacks, dreading, hating and fearing everything and taking it out on those we love, and we don’t want that.

Women are not made for all the stresses of today’s life and it affects those we love. As corner stones of families, we really do affect way more than ourselves when we are in our heads too much in a negative way.

The exact same mind has the same power to take you up roads that lead to peace, joy and harmony, but how do we manage it when it’s so powerful? It’s all about continually disrupting the pattern until your mind realises you don’t want to do that old pattern anymore. You see, you gave your unconscious mind the power in the first place by simply ‘allowing’ the pattern to continue.

Here are 7 ways to keep your mind beautiful and break the negative thoughts pattern:

1. Override the head talk with better noise. The very second you notice yourself feeling bad STOP the pattern by standing up, find your music and play one of your favourite dance songs LOUD that have positive lyrics.

Or if it’s middle of the night play classical music on your ipod with earphones even if you don’t like classical music. This acts as an instruction to the mind that you’d rather listen to classical or enjoyable music than listening to the broken record it was playing.

2. Change your environment. People and places are linked to the patterns of the mind. Notice the places you go and the people  who set you off or feed your negative thoughts. If it’s triggered by being alone, get onto meetup.com and go join a local group doing something, anything that causes you to interact with other humans doing something you can tolerate if not enjoy. The act of change is what it’s all about. Don’t be scared though because it can be simple small changes that make big shifts.

3. Change your routine. Routine is part of the problem and also part of the solution. To make a switch though means creating a disruptive strategy for each old trigger. For example what do you do when you first wake each day? Notice the VERY FIRST thing that leads to the thoughts. Is it standing and reading your emails on your mobile while waiting for the jug to boil? If so STOP IT.

You see, the time of day, the jug boiling and scrolling through your phone have been linked by your mind as working in sync as if they go together, so you need to un-link them. To do that you’ll have to either stop boiling the jug, change the rule you have around your mobile phone or change the time you do it.

You could start your day with a juice and a walk instead giving your mind time to wake up in a new way each day. How you start something often determines the quality of the outcome, which in this case is peace of mind.

4. Count 5 things around you that are red, then blue, then yellow. By then you will have had time to come back to being present and broken the mind pattern.

5. Do a valuable activity  such as working out what truly motivates you to see if you are living in alignment with your highest values. Here’s how. Sit and ask yourself this question over and over again until you empty out your answers on paper. “What is important to me”. That is your list of values. From there you can assess your life to see if you could be doing something different or it may reflect where you fell of the life excitement wheel and where you need to get back on.

6. I know you’ve heard it before but it’s soooo important. Count your blessings. You simply cannot feel negative while doing this. It’s actually impossible. Don’t just say the same old things you think you are supposed to say. Really reflect on how lucky you are that your knees work, or your eyes, or that you live where you don’t have to grovel in the rubbish for food or that you have warmth when it’s cold and ways to cool yourself when it’s hot. Just anything small as well as big.

Imagine if you didn’t have something so you can see the real value in having it. When you are deep in a hole it’s hard but doing it anyway is still telling your mind you won’t surrender to it’s perpetual negativity.

7. Do an unexpected kind deed. When we are down we are very self focused. We only see life through our own eyes and negative filters. Go get evidence that it’s possible to feel good. It’s true that when we make someone else feel good it in turn makes us feel good.

8. This one’s a bonus. Give yourself regular check ups from the neck up regularly. Check in with yourself making yourself accountable. Like each Sunday evening see how you’re doing. If things need to change and you make this activity regular, you will get on top of it before it takes hold.

You are worth it. You only can bank on one life for sure so don’t waste it away in misery unnecessarily. Enough people have gone to their graves that way…

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