Maz Schirmers Story the Actual Creatrix Innovator

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Maz Schirmer's StoryMarylin (Maz) Schirmer

Founding Director of Institute of Women International, REBRANDED as Un-Institute of Women™

Marylin Schirmer should be dead, literally. She went from an unemployed check out operator who lived in hiding as a terrified insecure mother of four children to becoming number one in a fortune 500 company in 10 countries breaking Australian 43 year records at the time, and still holds them today (2015).

After more than a decade of incredible success travelling the globe, she became obsessed with understanding why women were not rising beyond a certain level and not able to achieve their dreams or break through as she herself had done.

Marylin’s story is a true life rags to riches story that took many twists and turns that eventuated in her asking questions that sent her on a unique and incredible journey of the human mind, the female kind. Her book The MAZ Factor- A gutsy true story to change your life promises to be one you cannot put down, in fact, don’t start reading until you have a day free.

Maz recalls moments in her life as being epiphany moments where time stood still. It was in these moments where her best innovative creations originated.

Through her experiences, study, research, training and leading women for all those years, Marylin identified that something vital was missing because the women who wanted to change their lives, who wanted success, to break free or just sought greater fulfilment and a better life generally, were not getting what they wanted. It made no difference what she taught or the hints and tips she gave them. Marylin shared every obvious aspect of what she did yet the results were not happening, something was definitely missing.

This sent her on a quest, which turned to a mission, passion and purpose. Marylin Schirmer’s mission was to find THE SOLUTION for women and she has done just that! Maz has designed not just a full education model that encompasses both the conscious mind and unconscious mind but is unique for women which she now teaches in an incredibly value-packed, 6 day course. It considers what other self-development and leadership courses JUST DON’T, including free ongoing ‘personal work’ afterwards for licensed and qualified facilitators.

She felt one of the biggest failings of other modalities is that they didn’t ensure that the facilitators/therapists they were training were being properly ‘cleaned out’ themselves! So not only are they trying to provide help to other women when they actually need it themselves, but they also burn out easily.

Maz believes that helping others should empower you, not deplete you and you should be well rewarded for such a powerful service with a financially secure lifestyle. This really is a ‘total’ success system for women who will facilitate and a total solution for those who will be their clients. WIN/WIN/WIN and nothing less!

CREATRIX® is the brainchild of Maz’s life work, and it is by far her best, most cutting edge innovation that entirely breaks a woman through her ‘stuff’, her ‘baggage’ and her limitations. As one woman she cannot be the only one who can do this so she has made it duplicatable and now hopes thousands of women across the globe will become licensed and certified CREATRIX® Facilitators so women suffering emotional turmoil can find relief. Also to support women who simply want more from life and need a success mindset to break through the glass ceiling and the cycle of sabotage.

Women’s psychological needs are at epidemic proportions and nothing is happening to rectify the situation because its not recognised as a gender crisis, so Maz is taking it into our own hands by setting up the Institute of Women International and needs support for her mammoth mission to SET 1 MILLION WOMEN FREE across the globe!

Will you help her?!

Maz has accumulated nicknames from her students such as ‘the knowing one’, ‘the Maz Factor’ and ‘Mazmerising’… all for good reason. With over 13,000 hours research on gender success psychology, there’s much wisdom to gain for yourself personally or as a change facilitator who works with women.

See our Courses and ‘What is Creatrix®’ pages for more information! To see the power of Creatrix® in action, CLICK HERE.

Marylin is a mother of 4 (and considers the Institute of Women International her 5th) and has 6 grandchildren.

“I am on a Global mission, a global purpose, to set 1 million women free from all past negative emotions, conditioning and to break generational cycles. To help women break free just as I did and to transform their own lives, and that of their children and future generations and above all else to be free to live THEIR BEST LIFE!
… love Maz”.




Maz Schirmer Founding Director

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