How to say affirmations in the language that your unconscious mind (UM) understands.
An affirmation that WORKS doesn’t have the word “I” in it, contrary to what all the gurus teach. If that worked we’d all be rich and have no issues.
The UM knows you are not the perception of yourself.
The more ideal way to say an affirmation then would be to firstly imagine an image of yourself while saying it like this:
“You are beautiful!” This gives a nice image, a blueprint if you will, of which version of yourself you are talking to.
If you don’t already know, the UM swaps self for others. What you say of others it thinks you mean it about yourself.
This is why judgemental people continually suffer, regardless of affirmations. Best to work on that part of yourself, THEN do affirmations correctly.
I proved this hypothesis to be correct when I designed Creatrix®️ using a story constructed of metaphors with no self in it and blow me down if it didn’t work better than when using a story with a ‘self’ in it. In fact, the affirmations went so deep they became set on automation as knowings deep into the core as self truths.
The UM will swap the characters learnings into the self automatically, that’s just how it works. It’s very cool.
This is why teaching is the best way to learn.
Try this exercise – Imagine you close your eyes and stand behind yourself and tap yourself on the head. Which one is you? What about floating behind THAT one that’s standing behind you and tapping HER on the head. Of the 3 versions, which one is actually you? There is the you that thinks and can see yourself but there is the you inside your PUPILS, the real one.
To see ‘self’ is our construct, so when you say “I” it means nothing to the UM.
So once again:
  • STEP 1: Heal your issues around how you see others because UM thinks you mean that of yourself so positive affirmations will cause internal conflict and not work.
  • STEP 2: See an image of yourself in your minds eye.
  • STEP 3: Say affirmation starting with the word ‘You’.
Even better still, stand in front of a mirror and say it WHILE LOOKING DEEPLY INTO THE BLACK PIT OF YOUR PUPILS for real power.
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