I would like to share something that’s very close to my heart and my personal story. I can’t begin to express how grateful and over joyed I am a present! As most of you know I have begun my journey with a very exciting business venture. And it’s because of this very unique and very special process that I was able to let go of Shame, embarrassment and pride to share it with you.
From the word go……every experience we are exposed to begins and continues to mould the people we become. Those experience impact us in either positive or negative ways, over time and from a very early age we start to develop our belief systems, our own personal take on life, our perceptions on the world around us and very importantly our perceptions on ourselves. During this time we start to collect baggage and put up walls to protect ourselves, because with each hurtful situation we feel heavier and more protective of our hearts.
For myself personally, I have encountered a number of situations that left me feeling vulnerable and traumatised. I have been the victim of sexual predators, i have been in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship, my best friend passed away well and truly before her time, I’ve lost a business, I’ve lost a house, I’ve had a very bruised ego, all kinds of every day experiences that took it’s toll leaving me feeling stripped and finally the mothership of all heart aches……being told our first born of 34 weeks was not going to survive the birth and would have a severe disability. This was the point where a part of me died and my heart had been broken in a way that I never thought possible. The guilt and grief I carried for nearly 7 years after his birth was well hidden but very raw.
Now my story might seem terrible to you or maybe your story is a lot worse then mine or maybe you have lived a very blessed life.
Either way the reason for me sharing this, is to show women that no matter where you are at in life, how much baggage you carry or what experiences you have encountered (being from a broken heart, extreme trauma, not having confidence in yourself, lacking self worth and anything else in between).
There is a very real and incredible solution to empower you and help you to be the best version of yourselves. My heart no longer feels heavy……it now sings with joy, my guilt and grief no longer weigh heavily on my shoulders…..I can now fully appreciate the gift my son is without the trauma attracted, my anger and frustration has melted away……allowing me to feel so much more in control (and yes I still yell at the kids because I’m still human hahaha) my worry, stress and fear…..is replaced with peace. Never before in my life have I ever felt so calm, so emotionally clean, light and peaceful!!!! What you have created Marylin Schirmer is truly incredible and a gift every women should experience. I cant even begin to express how truly grateful I am and how very excited I am to be apart of it. I have gone from a incredibly highly strung worrier…… To an “almost” too relaxed woman with a new purpose and passion in life. My growth and personal development has not yet finished, it never will end…..because with each day and each year that goes by we are alway changing and moving with the flow of life. Nothing can ever stay the same…..we can either choose to learn from it and grow as a person or continue to feel stuck, never really moving forward.
I have taken part in other programs to help me move through my issues, however nothing really stuck. I had improvements but nothing soul shaking….. Not until NOW!!! If you are interested in learning more go to Maz’s website https://www.instituteofwomen.com she is the founder of this incredibly process. After June I will be qualified to change lives just as Maz has changed mine and how honoured I feel being apart of it. (FYI Maz’s personal story is worth a read…. Her life was very colourful!! And she over came some mind blowing situations.) she is living proof that you are capable of anything. Bless you Maz….you totally rock!! Xxx