What if a POSITIVE attitude isn’t all it’s cracked up to be??

Could we have it wrong? Most people do who are into self-help.

I KNOW money ALWAYS flows, it’s never a problem of ‘it stops when I get negative and flows when I am positive’. Around the issue of income I am always unwaveringly in the state of KNOWING and doubt does not exist around money coming into my life, regardless of whether I am positive or negative, so what matters most?

The direction of your negative energy matters more than the negative energy itself. I hope that makes sense. Negativity focused on a solution versus focused on the problem; Both are still around the negative but they can produce 2 entirely different results. Most people don’t know this and get it wrong and then stay away from all negative environments entirely. That won’t change the world for those who are suffering. We need to go in and be able to handle it by choosing to be solution focused in that environment instead of being problem focused in that environment. Where we come unstuck is when we end up getting frustrated by focusing back on the problem and not the solution. You need to have tools to rid the anger rather than remove yourself from the negative altogether as most do.

The biggest solutions ever created were created by studying and being around a negative problem but with a solution focus and not a problem focus.

If you’ve read a lot of self-help books and attended many seminars you may have been led to believe that when you are negative bad stuff happens and when you are positive good stuff happens.
Please explain then why and how we will ever help the disadvantaged if we have to stay positive. Pretty hard to do if we have to avoid them to stay positive. This is important if you are a carer or want to help people, create solutions and leave a legacy that changed the world.

You can be around the most horrible ‘stuff’ and STILL do good and get a positive outcome. You cannot be a world changer by avoiding the area of pain and suffering all together. You just can’t. The problems facing many disadvantaged and suffering people need solutions by people who get this and stay solution focused regardless. Not that easy because you can get angry and frustrated at times as a difference maker, that’s why we teach techniques that control these emotional states so you can still get your results and not be affected.

The trick is to KNOW what you have to KNOW and if you see the suffering in situations or see the suffering only in a way that causes you to create a solution then you can be around all that negativity and create a solution and help them. The world as it is needs this from us.

In fact, it’s a matter of how you see those suffering as ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THEIR SUFFERING or IN THEIR SUFFERING WITHOUT A SOLUTION that makes the difference between having a positive impact or a negative one. Its not whether you chose to stay away from the disadvantaged and only hang with happy people and think only positive thoughts.

I know this flies in the face of what most people believe and even I used to believe this only 5 years ago, but we are an institute with a mature outlook and understanding of what it takes to make a real difference and we intend to focus on the problems women face and the problems of suffering of girls across the planet however with a SOLUTION FOCUSED OUTCOME and one thing is for sure, I KNOW KNOW KNOW that we will continue to create solutions for the problems facing women and girls today and in the future.

The world needs this as hiding from the truth of the suffering is useless and in fact ADDS TO SUFFERING, that would never help and the world will stay as it is.

We couldn’t have created a new psychology solution for women called CREATRIX™ if we didn’t entirely examine the problems and the suffering and torment many women face. It is the women who understand this more mature outlook on self-development that will be the ones to change the world and make a difference. And also the ones who will make the fortunes to fund such projects.