Becoming an Affiliate for our Creatrix® Transformologist® Course

Do you want to be a part of our mission to set 10 million hearts free by helping to share what we have to offer with others… with the added bonus of being generously remunerated for it?!

6 Reasons You Want to Become an Affiliate Today:


  1. You can make AMAZING money for doing next to nothing!!
  2. You could win incredible luxury prizes ON TOP OF YOUR COMMISSION!
  3. You get to be a part of our mission to set 10 millions hearts free… how rewarding 🙂
  4. It won’t interrupt anything else that you do in your life
  5. This has the potential to be a standalone business opportunity if you choose it to be
  6. It’s easy – everything is done for you!

How Much Commission Will I Make?

Commission paid for each successful, paid-in-full course applicant that you send our way is $320 USD… approximately $400 AUD depending on current conversion rates.

Who Should I Promote This Course To?

Women who are leaders, coaches or mentors, or who just have a burning desire to help other women turn their lives around. The ideal woman is advanced in her personal growth journey and seeking new business opportunities to create an abundant, rewarding lifestyle for herself and/or her family.