Blame and entitlement! 

The 2 hardest things to see in ourself, because they feel satisfying, even warm and cozy, because it’s like an INsecurity blanket, the only type we know. There’s nothing like justification to keep a nose in the air!

These run in families and as long as we stay oblivious to these deeply automatic behaviours and perspectives, it’s ourselves that keep the cycles continuing, passing it on to our kids and theirs to theirs. 

The freedom that comes with the wisdom from the lessons needed on these, as they’re deeply, profoundly ‘realised’ during Creatrix®️, is so liberating, our heart fills with love and peace.

We become a softer (but not too soft) version of ourselves, more easily to love (people around us get freed up from tip toeing around us as their stress reduces), more love-able, more attract-ive and we even will look younger. 

We didn’t mean to be like that, but most people do have these on a spectrum. Finger pointing is so counter productive that each time we do it, we stab yourself with a poisoned tipped knife that goes right into our liquid empty void ensuring we stay un-whole, un-solid, unhealthy and incomplete. 

Our unconscious mind (the part of ourself that runs on automation without us even noticing our own self, that friends dare not tell us because they walk on eggshells already and got help them if we get angry at them) doesn’t know the difference between self and others. 

What we say and think about others our unconscious mind-self thinks we think of ourself. When we take account, stop, and take the time to #Creatrixit, suddenly all of what we experienced before that brought us pain by ‘others’ CEASES to occur. People seem so nice. 

Until then, we will collect evidence to justify ourselves. If you think it can’t get worse, it mostly does, because we need to be right to keep us functioning ‘as if’ we are superior and right. 

In that moment of Creatrix realisations, we set OURSELF free! 

We ‘GET’ to the degree that we ‘GIVE’ without blame, entitlement, hate, superiority and resentment. 

I never understood this more than I do now. 

Even though Creatrix has many characters in it that the client herself cannot know, when designing it, I KNEW the unconscious mind knew all characters are really aspects of ourself, so the client safely changes because she’s not even in the process. Seems bizarre to the client, because we’ve never been taught this simple thing. 

Even the best, most robust and thorough breakthrough healing method on the planet can’t help you if you insist on staying in denial of the post of yourself that’s most undesirable. If you’re constantly a victim, often whinging or an agitator or always have drama around you, ask yourself ‘Could I be the common denominator?’