institute of women gender equalityDon’t get us wrong, we loooooove honour and support AWARE, RESPECTFUL men who support women, just as we encourage women to love, honour and support these men, however we also see what’s happening around the world and talk to many women. At least 3/4 of these women are not happy, feel stuck, empty and unfulfilled in their relationships with men, many of whom are suffering at the hands of men who just don’t have equal respect for women in matters of importance and sometimes in life in general.

We do also hear of men experiencing having to walk on eggshells due to the unpredictable outbursts from the women and feeling victimised by them, however women suffer proportionately more and this in no way means this behaviour is acceptable either.

Communication is desperately needed, not for the sake of it or communication that hasn’t previously been working, but really deeply understanding each other first so that we can communicate to ensure the other hears what is really being said, and feeling what the other has to say. Positive outcome based intentional conversations are called for like never before.

Just because gender or partner abuse may not affect you or I or be something we are exposed to personally, it takes all of us together as a gender to make changes that are necessary for our sisters in particular who don’t share the same privilege as us, in having great men support them, who are consciously ‘aware’ men that respectfully value women and treat them accordingly.

In reference to the image here, it’s no wonder women crave not just acceptance for being ‘enough’ but respect for being just as valuable a human being as a man. We are the granddaughters of the women in the photo. That’s actually not that many generations back to not still be having an effect on our generation and therefore we are passing on that awareness unconsciously that brings about the feeling of being ‘less than’.

We’ve a ways to go however we at Institute of Women International are not just wishing for change, and we are not angrily protesting as a gender, we are choosing to bring about awareness to women and men, through peaceful encounters, love and honouring. It’s all been a misunderstanding through perception and old outdated beliefs, ego and ways that may have been justified back at the beginning but simply serve no positive purpose.

Beliefs can change by choice however if we use their own innately translatable language and metaphors to converse in and members of their own gender to bring that awareness about we can finally change the trajectory of the future for a peaceful and loving example for our children and theirs alike. It’s really not a lot to ask for…

Suppression of our gender is still evident in many areas of importance such as politics for one not to mention the workplace and still sadly many households.

The story this image represents is only 90 years ago, so imagine the many hundreds of centuries before that that we’ve inherited as a deep gender suppression that causes many women to feel ‘less than’ so it’s no wonder women suffer so many emotional issues such as a lack of self-worthiness, self-doubt, fear of the future of not being loved, fear of men, scarred by domestic violence, feel unheard and not important.

We see an epidemic of women right here in Australia, average women approx 2/3 who are not feeling happy, loved and valued. When they open up to us (even the seemingly well put together women who most think are perfect and idealistic) and we dig deep, we discover hurt at the core of most women that many feel they’ve always had. This hurt ricochets and reflects throughout their lives and onto those around us, creating chaos and misery, causing them to make poor choices, set poor examples for our children, feel insecure and end up in a cycle of self-sabotage that continues to sprinkle our lives with havoc. Many women feel trapped in relationships (not just intimate relationships, sometimes at work through harassment) because they are scared to leave because “better the devil you know than the one you don’t” is the attitude of many women as the by-product of this past suppression.

We are getting back our strength through cutting edge programs coming into existence. Creatrix™ being one such process that builds up a woman from the inside out. Many other programs are working on this very global program also with great success, it’s just many don’t even know there is a super fast way to do it because they are still using outdated processes that men likely designed.

Many women are gathering and ‘supporting’ each other without knowing how to fix the core issues that are deeper than any conscious discussion can shift, due to centuries of deeply ingrained unconscious suppression at a genetic level. IOWI intends to heal women and put them on the pathway to a better life and break the cycle once and for all. Facilitators of course are very much needed (seeking 1000 in 2014 alone here in Australia) as the Creatrix™female minded process needs WOMEN who want to be at the forefront of creating REAL change for the future of our children and the generations to come. Trainers are sought also in this ground breaking female based transformative process.

When women do the same work as men and are paid 17% less in leadership roles, this is a penalty (no different from fining us for the length of our skirt because we weren’t exactly fining them for the length of their shirt sleeves) applied simply for having been born with a vagina and not a penis. Paint it up as pretty as you like, it comes down to that simple undeniable fact. Don’t you think it’s time we stepped up the talks? Peaceful meaningful ones?

We’ve been led to believe gender equality has come a long way and in some areas it has. Its good that there are now men who are coming round steadily to the fact that we deserve to be treated as equally valuable contributors and should have equal say as influential leaders and decision makers. Imagine women counselled for our valuable input, an input that considers the longevity of our planet’s people because they are our babies, after all, and we instinctively put them first, it’s a part of our biology. A grandmother or mother will always consider her offspring, so I’d say that’s amazing leadership right there?! Bloody awesome leading, (the kind a planet that must survive LONGterm) when we are talking about the future beings who will be left our legacy, the bi-product of our decisions don’t you think?

In fact, women have much to offer of extreme value and if realised long ago the state of the planet and the well being of the people would be in a very different situation, basically a heck of a lot better. Let’s hope it’s soon that we get the opportunities to actualise our innately female potential for the betterment of this planet’s future inhabitants, before we have nothing left to hand them accept misery on a planet with no resources and lonely lives.

We at Institute of Women think falling in love with ourselves and respecting ourselves and valuing ourselves will enable us to show men how to love and honour us because we won’t put up with anything else. That’s why our processes exist and why we work with the women. We believe the women becoming whole and feeling complete is the best step to take to create a better future for all, women, men, boys and girls.

Written by Maz