What you send out, you bring back. Like attracts like. But your past trauma’s running your programs today, have a ‘charge’ to them that needs to permanently shift if you want a different improved future.

Does that make sense?

Males can use conscious mindset tools effectively for change, but the female brain and body struggle to release blocks using such conscious processes.

Our brain needs equally balanced conscious and subconscious processes that factor in ALL of the science of epigenetics that the female is built on, because we have the engine room of epigenetics inside of us, synced up with our brain, you can’t fool it that we created our issues therefore we can undo them.

Here’s a graphic that might help you understand what we mean when we say HEARTSET comes before mindset for women. PERMANENT heartset.

Book a session if you’re in the industry and want to experience a single session to ‘feel’ how Creatrix® achieves this. It’s very cool!