WHY I REFUSE to use Timeline modalities or anything similar, such as NLP for my female client’s longterm, deeper level issues.

At the NLP masters course I saw a woman stuck for 8 hours, immersed in a deep emotional state from a TLT session. No one could get her out of it, it was horrendous. That poor woman. Trainers and ‘crew’ all had a go at getting her out. They just kept her out of sight in another room but sometimes we could hear her.

I was staying in the same hotel as her near Sydney University where the course was being run and I saw her walk in that evening looking about as bad as someone could look from a full day of trauma immersion, and still be walking, but she could hardly talk.

Then when working with clients over the following 18 months, I noticed the men didn’t EVER come back for a same issue, but my female clients did.

Then, a friend said ‘you’ve changed, I liked you better before’.

We are the last to see ourself, no matter how ‘evolved’ we get, because that’s just how it works. This really got to me.

I was ALREADY successful when I started to learn NLP, peaking actually, but I wanted to help others to be able to be successful too, because even though I was number 1 in Asia Pacific at the time, others just couldn’t do what I was doing that was making me so successful. I wanted to be a better leader, that’s why I learned it.

I thought I’d discovered the holy grail with NLP, and for a long time I thought it was miraculous. My ego was inflated as I went on to become a certifying trainer of NLP Practitioners.

I was prepping for my first course, (on the side, I was a serious researcher in epigenetics and the biology of the sex brain difference) and it dawned on me…NLP RAPPORT WAS JUST THE FEMALE WAY OF CONNECTING and here we were trying to model ourselves!!! HAD the men who founded NLP, Bandler and Grinder got it wrong when modelling the ONLY female they modelled, Virginia Satir?

SURELY NOT, wtf how dare I to even think such a thing of such worshipped men. If you want to get crucified, contact my guru NLP trainer and ask questions. I found that out the hard way, so this made me realise it was up to me to get answers.

My friend had told me the NLP ‘rapporting’ with her was exactly that, mechanical. I’d lost my mojo! I was becoming a failure, after 17 years of success.


NLP rapport is simply the modelling of female connection.

I had to unlearn that to bring myself back to me. I was growing a set of balls and doing so much NLP I was male-braining and it was taking me away from my success and making me look, well, stupid to people who used to look up to me.

We don’t need to ‘model’ anything. We females need to simply come from the heart and a cleaned out core. SIMPLES.

NLP has it’s place, for example in the moment techniques are good so you don’t end up acquiring deep issues, but for healing our patterned ‘stuff’ or issues stemming from past traumas, safety first, and that won’t come from TLT.

Creatrix® is so safe and long lasting, it’s truly female and beautiful. There are quite a few great techniques out there, all universal though, but for guaranteed results, it’s Creatrix® hands down.

Why? Because it understands our difference like nothing else does and works within our framework. Really take a look deep into these blogs, rather than taking my word for it. I’m seeking women to become facilitators who are already in the industry because it’s you who will recognise the true value of Creatrix.

We need to get this to the women of the world so they know it’s here, made just for us.

By the way, this group is full of women who’ve experienced similar and now they use Creatrix for their female clients. Go for a scroll, watch the interviews and stories and see if it resonates with you.

If you want to try a session for yourself, book a chat for a trial session and we can prove it to you.