We have more in common than we realise. Did you know the majority of those interested in Creatrix® are mums?

Not all, of course, but most. What that means is we can come in to a business to help people go beyond where they’ve been before with our motherly brilliance (leadership and nurturing).

As far as the nurturing goes though, we can think that’s what is needed to run an empowerment business for women. My evidence of the ‘nurturing to success’ model is totally missing something big.

The truth is you will need your paternal not your maternal for the actual breakthrough part when working with sabotage or else their unconscious mind won’t take you seriously. That’s the part you must learn to work with but woman to woman we tend to have issues that sabotage that no one ever teaches leadHERS.

Ha ha that paternal (fatherly) part of us is the part that comes out if we see our child about to run on a busy road.

Developing this part of us requires removing our insecurities about the need to be liked, judged and even rejected and abandoned. Otherwise your clients unconscious mind (is simple and primal and only respects what it knows is not weak) will run the show.

This shows up as someone missing appointments, full of excuses, tells you when she’ll do what and so on. She WILL sabotage your work.

Women’s business blocks are rarely anything to do with business.

Maz Schirmer xx