Creatrix® is an internal education program. A Transformologist® of Creatrix® is not the teacher, YOU ARE.
We just help you tap into your own inner GURU, who is the only one who could possibly know the life lessons you need to learn to break free of a deeply ingrained issue that are well-patterned inside of you.
That’s how it can work so fast and be so cycle-breaking, because we go straight to the source instead of trying to bluff you that we know more than you.
Your unconscious mind is WAY smarter than we are, especially the female ‘creator of human’ realm of your unconscious that can take one cell and turn it into 10-100 trillion cells with the same DNA inside them so they pass on the family traits.
Your unique bloodline blend of experiences can’t have another person from another bloodline, even one who has experienced similar events as yours, can NOT know what you have exactly inherited or need to learn.
One process, all issues, all people who are RIGHT and READY for their next level of emotional and mental intelligence can finally release their most stuck issues, for good.
Your female super unconscious mind knows how to install a bloodline pattern inside of you through developing it inside the developing baby, inside of your uterus, and knows this incubator and creation of human life of the ancestors who developed you. You’re just the currently alive model.
The UTERUS RUNNING PROGRAM THAT IS EXCLUSIVE TO US WITH A UTERUS, can’t be fooled by the methods that only manipulate the brain wiring (such as NLP) or spiritual releases that deal with only the emotion, because they don’t factor in the entire system. We are a mind, body, soul, conscious and unconscious, uterus-knowing creature that needs to learn AT ALL OF THE LEVELS AND LAYERS of ‘what’ and ALL that we are.
At first I hypothesised this, sounding like a total nut job I guess, until I then designed Creatrix®️ to test the hypothesis. 8 years later we have never reverted from the wisdom gained that set us free of a stuck issue.
Unless other processes speak the uterus language at the unconscious level the issue MUST regenerate in time for you to be you, however amazing and transformational they feel in the moment or for a few weeks or up to a few months later.
That uterus realm of unconsciousness intelligence is the real hero of Creatrix®. 
And here’s the interesting part – YOU and YOUR PAIN are NOT even involved in the process, so it’s safer than most methods of healing your heart, once and for all.
As woo-woo as that may sound, it’s build on the science of Epigenetics and the brain difference between the sexes.
It’s truly unlike anything else on the planet.
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