Did you know the majority of those interested in Creatrix® are mums?

Did you know the majority of those interested in Creatrix® are mums?

We have more in common than we realise. Did you know the majority of those interested in Creatrix® are mums?

Not all, of course, but most. What that means is we can come in to a business to help people go beyond where they’ve been before with our motherly brilliance (leadership and nurturing).

As far as the nurturing goes though, we can think that’s what is needed to run an empowerment business for women. My evidence of the ‘nurturing to success’ model is totally missing something big.

The truth is you will need your paternal not your maternal for the actual breakthrough part when working with sabotage or else their unconscious mind won’t take you seriously. That’s the part you must learn to work with but woman to woman we tend to have issues that sabotage that no one ever teaches leadHERS.

Ha ha that paternal (fatherly) part of us is the part that comes out if we see our child about to run on a busy road.

Developing this part of us requires removing our insecurities about the need to be liked, judged and even rejected and abandoned. Otherwise your clients unconscious mind (is simple and primal and only respects what it knows is not weak) will run the show.

This shows up as someone missing appointments, full of excuses, tells you when she’ll do what and so on. She WILL sabotage your work.

Women’s business blocks are rarely anything to do with business.

Maz Schirmer xx

Welcome to your New Glass Ceiling!

Welcome to your New Glass Ceiling!

You’ve been on your path for a while, cruising along, doing your thing, when out of the blue a switch goes off inside of you and you feel the tracks slip from underneath your feet.

You can’t even pinpoint what it was that caused you to lose your mojo – it might have been a conversation with a friend, family member or peer – it might have been something someone else is doing that you’re struggling to do….But all of a sudden, you can’t stop your brain from going a million miles a minute all day long.

“I can’t do this….”

“What if….”

“I’m not sure I can….”

“Look at her, she’s so XYZ, I’ll never be as good as her….”

“Maybe I should look for something else?….”

“Maybe this isn’t for me?….”

“Who am I to do this anyway?….”

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? After all the experience I have, and all the work I’ve done on myself, I shouldn’t be reacting like this!….”

Every one of these beliefs trigger off an avalanche of feeling that you just can’t shake – no matter what you try and do…. These emotions have got you so good that even your most dependable ‘go-to’ strategy is falling flat – you just can’t pull yourself out of this funk!

Welcome to your newest Glass Ceiling!


You’re experiencing this new Glass Ceiling BECAUSE of the work you’ve done up until now – every time you grow, you stretch your thinking and perception to be able to succeed at life on that level – all of the work you’ve done for yourself up until now has got you to THIS point…. 

But as is the nature of life, you are constantly exposed to new triggers and situations that can cause you to level up…. This is the blessed journey of the ambitious woman and the Emotional Glass Ceiling.

This Emotional Glass Ceiling is presenting you with a choice…. Stay limited and in the ‘safe comfort zone’ by altering your activities so that those negative emotions reduce in intensity OR, face it head on and see it for what it really is – an opportunity for you to GROW AGAIN!

“So Bree, WHY after so much work, do I keep butting my head up against these Glass Ceilings though? SURELY TO GOD I’VE DONE ENOUGH?!!! I practice self love, I regularly meditate, I have a number of practices that I religiously adhere to – most of the time I’m really confident and able to ‘cope’ with stuff like this! And I’m able to help OTHERS, so why can’t I help myself in this regards?!”

This new Glass Ceiling has been triggered because of recent things that you have experienced – that phone call, conversation or observation about someone else’s activities….but they are fed from hundreds of generations before you….

  • From the women who for years were told their ‘place was in the kitchen’ that leads you to feel unable of grand success.
  • From the women who were told their voice didn’t count – and were not allowed to vote or have a say on how society was run
  • From the women who were ‘sold’ for the highest dowry which in turn dictated their position in society
  • From the women who were too scared to speak about what they intuitively felt was right for fear of being labelled as a witch
  • And from the every day women who every day were told they were the weaker sex, were not good enough, incapable, unworthy, underserving

This is Epigenetics and it’s why so many women are struggling with issues they can’t explain!

YOUR family history is playing out within your cells every single day, in every thought, belief and feeling you have (science is proving up to 14 generations – that’s almost 300 years!) – and your unconscious mind will slowly unlayer these issues for you as you continue to grow and expose yourself to new levels of achievement, success and life.

Busting through your Emotional Glass Ceilings DOES NOT need to be a long, hard fought battle – especially when you work with who you are as a FEMALE 

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By Bree Stedman

What makes Consistency the Quickest Route to Burnout for Women in Business

What makes Consistency the Quickest Route to Burnout for Women in Business

So many Success Gurus and Influential Leaders preach that the key to success is consistency…. 

“Get up early – Push yourself – Show up EVERY DAY – No excuse is good enough – you’ve got to Hustle if you want it” 

Once upon a time I used to encourage my clients to do the same thing – because that’s what I was taught…. NOW, well, I literally cringe EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I hear  this advice because I KNOW how detrimental it is for women. 

In theory, it is solid advice. If you’re a man. 

Because men are designed TO be consistent. Little changes (significantly) in a mans body after he hits puberty – therefore he is almost perfectly engineered TO be consistent. 

But women – heck there is not a SINGLE thing about who we are that is designed to be consistent. We are designed to ebb and flow – largely thanks to the constant change of our hormones. 

It’s this point that many women will say to me “o but Bree, I don’t get a period – I have contraception that prevents it” or “I’ve been through menopause, that doesn’t affect me anymore” or a variation of the same theme. 

But this is the thing about our hormones and it’s not something that is openly taught when we are learning about the function of our hormones at school – and that is our menstrual cycle is just ONE physical symptom of our ever fluctuating hormones. 

EVERY SINGLE part of our life is affected by our fluctuating hormone levels – from the day we are born until the day we die, our every thought and action is influenced by our hormones. 

And so to try and ‘Be Consistent’ with the same/similar routine every single day of the month is to set yourself up for Burnout and inevitably Failure. 

Ever noticed that when ‘trying’ to implement a new Success Routine there are days when you feel like you’ve absolutely nailed it? You bounded out of bed at 5am (for the 5am club!) and you got stuck straight into inspire-driven activity.

But a week later, you literally had to DRAG yourself from the pillow, and the motivation to be inspired felt as though it was on Mars. 

Ever felt like the creative juices have been on full steam, with content spewing out of you faster than you’re able to talk. Only to have it completely dry up a week or so later?

And then there’s the time when you’re able to absorb, understand and communicate new and complex information like a sponge – you soak up new concepts and ideas without even having to THINK about it…. and then a week or so later you struggle to remember the ALPHABET!

These are just some of the examples where your hormones influence your activity. And it’s the tip of the iceberg, because when we REALLY start to get to know our own unique cycles, we can find patterns that affect the quality of our thoughts that thereby influences our feelings (eg you can be more anxious, more insecure, more overwhelmed at certain times of your cycle and then naturally confident and bold at others), patterns in our energy levels and the need for sleep (yes, ladies we do NOT always need 8 hours of sleep a night – sometimes we can thrive on 6, other times we need 10!), patterns in our bathroom habits even! 

All of this is why forcing ‘Consistency’ and attaching your ability to do that to your ability to be SUCCESSFUL is Dangerous and very unrealistic. 

You see, when you have to ‘force’ yourself to show up, especially when you’re out of sync with that activity, you’re actually setting yourself up to experience MORE self-doubt, and although it varies for every woman, in general it goes something like this….

“I should get up, it’s 5am and if I want to be successful and all the success people I know SWEAR by starting my day at this time.

But I’m SO TIRED – I have no energy.

NO! I need to PUSH THROUGH this…. maybe that’s why I’m NOT successful, because I can’t even drag my lazy ass out of bed….

what’s the point, no-one responds to anything I do anyway, maybe I’m not cut out for this. 

So-and-so was Right – Business is HARD

I’ve been doing this for so long and I’m STILL not as successful as ‘Insert Name’…. I guess I’m just NOT GOOD ENOUGH!”

Instead of being rational, listening to and honouring your body by acknowledging that MAYBE you’re not inspired to jump out of bed at 5am because your Hormone Cycle is wanting MORE REST to restore your body that particular day, you do what we women do best – we turn the situation into an example of why we CAN’T be successful – a thought that comes likely from a deeper Limiting Belief that drives the negative head talk – but that’s a whole other blog 😉 

I’m sharing this information so you put the stick down and start practicing more self-acceptance 

AND understanding about who you are as a woman…. you are NOT designed to be consistent – to show up with the same level of inspiration, creativity, energy, positivity, connection, pizzaz, oomph, motivation every single day. You WILL have your highs and your lows.

And it’s NOT a negative thing – it’s about learning what you can do at every phase of YOUR cycle so that you work with your Natural Cyclic Strengths and show Self-Compassion instead of opening up room for self-criticism because you can’t perform with consistency! 

With this being said, you can still aim to be regular as in business, we DO need to show up for our clients on a regular basis. But when doing this in alignment with the natural ebb and flow of your cycle, by planning your month out to suit your creativity, comprehensive thinking, communication and energy levels, you’ll find that showing up NATURALLY is far easier than forcing yourself to do it because ‘consistency makes me successful’.  

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By Bree Stedman

Enough of the ‘Just Think Positive’ Advice already

Enough of the ‘Just Think Positive’ Advice already

I’ve been working in the Personal Development Industry since 2013 – personally working with more than 340+ women, and for years before that I was an ‘active reader’ of self-help books, so I feel I can confidently call myself an expert in the field. Especially when it comes to Personal Development FOR WOMEN. 

I know what works really well for us, and I know what really doesn’t. 

And the one piece of advice that I’m SO sick of hearing coaches, leaders and well-meaning influencers tell other women to do is ‘just think positively’ – like it’s the ‘magic pill’ that will heal your emotional pain and limitations. 

This is not because I don’t believe in Positive Thinking – I do….. WHEN there is ZERO negative head talk or charge that is accompanied by the Affirmation or Mantra. 

What do I mean by that? 

I remember back in 2012 I would spend LITERALLY 30-40minutes EVERY NIGHT reading through my mantras and affirmations, writing in my gratitude diary, ‘getting into the zone’ to FEEL more positive about my day. And of a morning, before my feet would hit the ground, I’d repeat the routine…. I did it EVERY morning and EVERY night because that’s what ‘THEY’ told me to do. 

Admittedly there were times when this activity did help (in retrospect I believe those times were likely connected to where I was at in my cycle) but for the majority of the time it would leave me feeling exhausted because SO MUCH EFFORT went into trying to be positive and so much of me didn’t FEEL it. 

Throughout the day, I would be hyper-focused on my thoughts – trying to catch everything negative and turn it into something more appealing – and again, although this exercise helped me to be very aware of my habitual thought patterns, it didn’t little for my self-confidence or self-worth…. especially when, despite my best efforts I couldn’t SHAKE the reoccurring nature of my negative thoughts. And the more I became aware of those negative thoughts, the worse I FELT about myself – an no amount of ‘positivity’ was going to magically change those feelings. 

THIS is why Positive Thinking as an approach to ‘reprogram our brain’ is NOT beneficial for women as a starting point. It’s something we can utilise AFTER we’ve addressed our Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs, but trying to do it while that lives within you is like trying to get a cup of mud run clear by adding a drop of fresh water. We’ve got to clear it up FIRST to really have the benefit of the fresh new thought. 

Let me explain. 

When a woman has a ‘conscious thought’, let’s say “I AM GOOD ENOUGH”, unless she 100% without any doubt BELIEVES this conscious thought, she will have a knee-jerk unconscious reaction that reflects her TRUE BELIEF about herself.

And that knee-jerk belief is fuelled by all the emotions that cause her to feel like shit. 

  • I am Successful = No I’m Not! I’m a Failure = Self-Doubt, Rejection, Anger (at self), Disheartened
  • I Attract Ideal Clients = No I don’t! Who I am to help others? = Unseen, Unqualified, Not Good Enough
  • I am Happy and Content = Bullshit! I’m miserable, nothing ever changes! = Helpless, Worthless, Sad

You get the drift – the thoughts and emotions may not be exactly what YOU are saying and feeling, but I bet if you stop and actually catch the truth of your knee-jerk reactions when you’re saying your Affirmations or trying so hard to think positively, that your truth will resemble the above. And they are contaminating the positive thought. 

These deeper thoughts that are triggered through this ‘seemingly positive’ activity are really dangerous for women, because we have MORE connections between our thoughts and emotions then men – so every time we have a thought we are connecting and strengthening the emotions TO the thought…. this is where the ‘theory’ of positive thinking ‘should’ benefit us – but as in my above examples, if there is ANYTHING negative that comes up from the positive affirmation or mantra, you are NOT strengthening the positive, your strengthening the negative.

When working with your female clients (or yourself) I strongly STRONGLY encourage you to work with the negative emotions – the doubts, fears and insecurities AND the limiting beliefs BEFORE trying to reprogram  with affirmations and mantra’s. 

And Ideally, if you want to Guarantee her Cycle-Breaking Long-Term Outcome,  you don’t just want to work on the problems, you want to break the cycles of the problem state by taking into consideration the clients female brain and her epigenetically history (that’s another blog!!) 

By taking this approach, you’ll get a much better Result for your client.

Interested? You know I’m up for a chat! Book in a call at http://go.oncehub.com/bree-iowi 

By Bree Stedman

What stops Female Coaches from Earning a Profit in their Businesses

What stops Female Coaches from Earning a Profit in their Businesses

You’ve got a passion for helping others, so you go and do a course that gives you the qualifications to do exactly that….And then it comes time to setting up your business and your fee structure. 

At first, you think you’ll ‘just get some experience’ and so you offer some free consultations. 

Then you start getting calls from family and friends, so you ‘show your support’ by counselling or coaching them during conversations.6 months goes by and you’re yet to gain a paying client. You come up with all the offers that you possibly can, and still…. crickets. 

So you try and do another course – maybe if you gain ANOTHER qualification you’ll feel good enough to charge. You’ll ‘break’ those money blocks and build something that resembles success. This new qualification helps you for a bit (everything helps to a degree) but before long you find the same pattern play out again.

You’re giving away a lot of content, you’re doing free consultations, you’re spending hours trying to connect but nothing much is happening. One would think that surely after all the time and money you’ve invested in yourself and your business, you’d have better results by now. (Personal Confidence results AND business results!) 

And although you might attract a client or two, you can’t help but wonder 

“what kind of coach am I if I STILL feel like they are lacking or missing something. If I’m spending all my spare time ‘hustling’ for little outcome” 

The longer this cycle continues, the stronger their negative self-perception becomes 

“maybe I can’t do this”

“I AM a failure”

“I’ll never be a success”

And that often grows into a fear of being judged – a fear of being seen – a fear of being rejected.

“Who am I to call myself a coach?” 

This story is not uncommon for so many of the women I talk to…. Just like they all share a desire to be rid of their own blocks and limiting self-perceptions LONG-TERM, so they can help others. 

The reason for this problematic cycle is two fold. Firstly, when a woman has ANY level of insecurity or doubt about her ability, or worthiness in business, she unconsciously sabotages herself. This is because one of the unconscious mind’s job is to PROTECT you – and so if you have a fear of being judged, a belief of not being good enough, a sense that ‘they’ are better than you, then unconsciously you’ll avoid doing activities that MIGHT put you in a position to feel any of those things.

This is NOT unheard of information though is it – most Personal Development teaches this concept in their Initial training programs. So WHY, if you’ve done a Personal Development Qualification that teaches this knowledge, do you STILL struggle with these issues?

Because so many of the methods that women frequently train in do not talk to the FEMALE Unconscious…. these programs are like a PC Computer trying to instal a MAC App (you’re the MAC!) – they just don’t talk, therefore they can’t do the job of breaking that unconscious belief. 

And, what TRIGGERS the Unconscious Belief in the first place? Epigenetics…. the INHERITED baggage that is passed on through the DNA…. up to 14 generations back!!! Yep, YOUR Beliefs are NOT YOURS. And they aren’t just your mums. Or your grandma’s. There is no real way of knowing EXACTLY when a belief entered the your family line, but if the processes you use do NOT take this Scientific FACT into consideration, then you’ll find your beliefs will continue to cycle back around because they’ve not been addressed at the starting cause.

Given the history of WOMEN – there is likely a LOOOOOOONG list of examples throughout your ancestors of women feeling ALL that you feel about yourself – doubt, insecurity, not good enough, FEAR. And this science is rarely seen in modern methods of breaking beliefs. 

Secondly – and this follows on from the above point – if you don’t FEEL that you CAN, to the point where EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY KNOWS that you ARE good enough, that you have the capabilities and everything you need to Create what you want for YOURSELF AND others, then no amount of ‘fake it til you make it’, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’, ‘just do it, the confidence will come’ mantra’s will help long term (sure they might help you in the moment, but the inspiration will be fleeting) 

And because of this, when it comes to valuing your services and backing the results that you can get for others, will be limited by your doubts. 

The above two examples are just two of the area’s that we cover in Transformology® – we KNOW that if a woman doesn’t believe that she CAN, then she won’t (or she will but it will either be short lived OR it’ll be done with such force and hustle that it becomes exhausting and not as enjoyable) 

The approach that we take therefore is one that supports how we women MUST heal. We help you WHILE you are learning through practical experience how to help HER.

And then, as you’re building business, making authentic connections and growing, we are there through every step of the way with ongoing business support. 

And all of it is supported with Creatrix® – a Personal Development tool designed FOR women BY A woman, designed around the science of Epigenetics AND the FEMALE Unconscious Mind (the Engine Room of Epigenetics!) 

If this story reasonates with you, and you’d like to know more about how Transformology® can elevate you so you can help HER, Book in a call at http://go.oncehub.com/bree-iowi 

By Bree Stedman

You NEED this in the next PD/Empowerment Course you Do….

You NEED this in the next PD/Empowerment Course you Do….

Wanna hear something CRAZY!

76% of Personal Development audiences are Women and of those women, the majority of them have previously attended an event of the same nature. 

It’s understandable then that many Leaders and Coaches in this field believe that ‘letting go’ of negative emotions and beliefs is HARD work. 

Here’s the thing….Whether you’ve been to one PD event, or 10, it’s paramount that what you are learning is ABLE to break your negative cycles so YOU feel the benefits of long term change. 

Think about it…Most PD events share information of similar nature. Unconscious/Conscious Mind. Cause/Effect. Blame/Responsibility. This field is bombarded with ‘new’ processes that promise BIG results. 

And yet they are ALL missing ONE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE for Women. 

Now, more than ever there are Female Life Coaches with the best of intentions to serve others, feeling like frauds. Failures. Incapable of facilitating lasting change in others. 

So, at the very LEAST, the next time you go researching another PD course to empower yourself AND your clients, be sure it includes these 3 things! 

#1: The Process/Tool/Method/Modality you are looking into includes solid documentation that supports our Gender Differences – our biology, neurology and our past. 

#2: The Process/Tool/Method/Modality gives you a Framework that allows YOU to be healed AS you learn how to heal your clients with an Outcome Guarantee.

#3: The Organisation selling the Process/Tool/Method/Modality provides you with year round support – further increasing your development as a facilitator, and thereby increasing your chances for long-term success. 

Set your next Personal Development Investment up with the above 3 things and I can promise you will experience a much more pleasant outcome that provides you with Longer-lasting results (for you AND your clients!) 

And if you struggle to find anything that fulfils those three key area’s, reach out because Creatrix® Transformology® DOES

Interested? You know I’m up for a chat! Book in a call at http://go.oncehub.com/bree-iowi 

By Bree Stedman