Consistency and Goal Focusing is NOT for Women

Consistency and Goal Focusing is NOT for Women

WARNING! If your coach tells you to work consistently week in and week out, ‘plan your work and work your plan’ and stay ‘FOCUSED on a goal’, you’re being set up to struggle, fail and feel crappy about yourself. This is not the female way and it’s harmful to our mental, emotional and physical health because we’re wired differently.

For 4 / 5 women this is the recipe for sucking the spirit right out of a woman’s soul and creating insecurities she didn’t even know she had. These masculine strategies for success go entirely against the very grain of our natural design, igniting unnecessary fear, insecurities, and stress.

Our hormones will never allow us to CONSISTENTLY do anything let alone focus. We aren’t meant to. You can blame your ovaries for that. Stay with me, this is BIG and IMPORTANT for most women trying to achieve ANYTHING in life who values their mental, physical and emotional health and don’t worry, you can still have everything you want, in a way that fits and feels more effortless.

This model has been around for decades and fits the man’s brains like a missing piece of a puzzle, but it fries our beautiful female brain circuitry, leading us to feel depressed, useless, inadequate, stupid and not good enough, and this leads to anxiety and eventually self-loathing. All of this leads to adrenal overload and before long we give up and burn out. It’s just not worth it. Projects life ‘nap rooms’ are simply band-aiding the actual real issue, we need to educate that we’re not made for this way of doing things.

How a female responds to stress is scientifically proven to be entirely different to how a male arrives at and handles a stressed state. The toxic chemicals that release under stress are not just more potently destructive on the female nervous system and brain, they sit longer in her system and even fluctuates in levels throughout her cycle. One week we cope fine but next week we’re crying on the doctor’s chair. Don’t get me started on the fact they’re still mostly testing only on male mice in a male-dominated medical industry. We need to get with the program, ours that is for whole health, mind, body, spirit, and SANITY.

Focusing on a goal for example, is great for the male brain because they’re most often in a ‘peripheral’ state (science proves men have more M Ganglion retina cells, the ones measuring time, space and distance’ ones and women more P Ganglion retina cells, that focus on subtleties. see page 19 via this link for evidence) which is a calmer state also known as the state of the parasympathetic nervous system (the opposite of stress), so it’s no wonder focusing helps them achieve more because it fuels them. In fact, men find it invigorating and a great challenge to have something to focus on.

Women, we see our world in an overly focuses way already, to add more to focus on, is to add an even heavier load to our sensitive sympathetic nervous system, the state of high stress due to this modern era we live in, causing adrenal overload. Differing stages of our cycle cause the messages coming from our retina that is interpreted by our brain throughout our cycle to change, so we need to understand, we’re delicately designed to achieve our outcomes OUR OWN UNIQUE WAY. Science proves the focus v peripheral retina cells in genders is the opposite of what Dr. John Gray author of the infamous book ‘Men are from Mars and Women are From Venus’ claims.

We all know of women who teach and swear by these male-brained success strategies, but what if you knew she’s very likely unaware she’s keeping a secret. We’re so conditioned to believe the only way to achieve is what we’ve been told that we fool even ourselves. I’ve coached many female leaders over a couple of decades in business and I can tell you now, it’s rarer than a bloody blue moon that a female trainer actually achieves her success using these ancient success strategies consistently.

This ‘imposter syndrome’ is killing her slowly, her spirit that is. She thinks she’s either super intelligent or a complete fluke because deep down she KNOWS she’s not consistent, she KNOWS she rarely works that plan and did someone say ‘goals’? Just the word GOAL is enough to cause a tidal surge of cortisol flooding through her body that triggers even the hardiest of female nervous systems into a cortisol…. whats the word for opposite of orgasm…… implosion. You get my drift because you’ve experienced it.

I know many great female inspiring leaders and they’re tired of the ‘spin’ cycle, the frustration and believing there’s something wrong with THEM when it’s not them at all, it’s the strategies and emphasis on taking ‘consistent actions’ that’s been brainwashed into her. Anything outside of that means she’s doing it ‘wrong’ apparently. But ladies, that’s not the case at all. In fact, I’m hypothesising that you can do waaaaaaaay better when you learn your own fantastically female formula for flamin’ fabulous fame.

I do get it though because this was me for a very long time. After all, who was I to question the thousands of best-selling self-help gurus of all time? Actually, that question stopped me standing in my truth for a lot of years. It’s not easy for a woman to buck the system when 100% of those around her believe she’d be an egotistical maniac to go against the teachings of the  ‘greats’ and go public claiming she doesn’t actually DO what she teaches.

After the 3rd,  4th and 100th guessing myself over a period of years, I couldn’t take it anymore and admitted publicly to not practicing what I was preaching. I wasn’t a fraud like I’d felt all that time. I’d just been conditioned to believe something was wrong with ME because after all, even I couldn’t do it right like I was ‘supposed’ to. The irony was I was the one making millions of dollars and achieving 1 in 1 million success within a 10 country radius. I was breaking records (that I still hold today) and belief barriers yet I was feeling like a failure. As it turns out, I’d actually discovered the female success formula and was running my unconscious female program like clockwork.

As you intrinsically know, women can react differently to an exact same trigger depending on what part of our cycle we’re ‘mooding’ at the time so expecting yourself to be consistent at ANYTHING is just expecting the impossible. We really do experience all 4 seasons not just monthly but sometimes in a single day, just like Melbourne. Goal focusing and consistency are for ‘ship’ navigation school, but we’re the ocean and good luck teaching the ocean to ‘navigate’, AND THAT’S OK.

I was simply a woman working in sync with my hormonal cycle and how I am biologically wired, as a women. When I felt zoned out and foggy brained, I’d go internal to revisit my ‘cause’ and visualizing the people I’d help feel good about themselves where no one could disrupt me. It’s about knowing when to do what and when not to do it and what to do instead. We’ll have storms and high tides and beautiful balmy calm waves but don’t expect us to tame it, instead we need to know our ‘what’ we are instead of trying to be something we aren’t.

When I was firing on all cylinders and felt focused I’d work my ass off ‘doing’ the hard yards in my business (approx 10 days a month only). When I felt outgoing I’d go network and meet new people. I was in ‘flow’ with my body. When my brain was fuzzy I’d rest and do the mundane duties that didn’t require brain power. Little did I know at the time my uterus needed my energy more than my brain did and THAT’S OK. When I was teary and soppy I’d cry it out. When I craved chocolate I ate it. My body controlled my mind and I allowed it, I didn’t try to control my body with my mind like I was brainwashed to do.

There’s really no excuse for this lack of education on how each sex is wired in this day and age but the old boy factor is alive and well in the industry as the likes of John Gray are ridiculed for daring to declare genders are different. As you read this you know this makes sense if you’re a woman in business. Our success resources are INTERNAL. We just need to know how to access them and flow. We can ‘create’ our success internally, that’s our way. It’s a thousand times easier and almost effortless.

Even we women don’t understand ourselves because we’ve surrendered to ‘experts’ assuming they would know what’s best for us in the health and mindset industry. It’s time we educated ourselves so we can go educate others, especially the open-minded men who genuinely care about our success and happiness and want that for us. It’s no threat to them, it’s simply nature.

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Maz (Marilyn) Schirmer

Founding Director

Institute of Women™ International and Global Transformatrix®

[email protected]

Why Transformology Tools Get Better Results than Life Coaching

Why Transformology Tools Get Better Results than Life Coaching



Rezza was a life coach who felt insecure and unworthy. She attended our Creatrix® Transformologist® Program to get over her own issues so that she could start to AUTHENTICALLY coach others. Check out her before, and 16 months after the Program:

Counselling and similar courses cannot deliver results like this with the SPEED and LASTING IMPACT that Creatrix® does.

Where else will you find a course offering:

  1. LASTING Change to WOMEN – You’ve probably noticed this never happens with other therapies/modalities if you’ve been on the receiving end) CLICK HERE to see up to 7 YEARS of evidence of LASTING results,
  2. Give You FAST-Working tools that actually cause REAL Change for WOMEN – Female brains are DIFFERENT to male brains and this is not ever factored in to other therapies/modalities!
  3. Will Strip You Out of YOUR Success Blocks as Well as train you to be a Creatrix® Transformologist®.

But you obviously want to help people so…

You’re in the right place if any of these sounds like you:

  • “I really want to help women turn their lives around and feel good about themselves”
  • “I relate to women who are struggling because I was once and I now want to help others to do the same..”
  • “I love inspiring women and like working with them”
  • “I just feel it’s what I’m meant to do…”
  • “I’ve got too many blocks to help others so I need tools that work for others but also that will work on me too”
  • “I already help women but my tools are not working fast enough or working long term” ….and check out this one
  • “I’ve done it all and still I’m stuck and I feel something is missing for women, but I don’t know what it is” etc


The truth is ladies, it was always going to take a woman to discover that missing link and create a process that works for WOMEN. After all, how, could a male fathom what it’s like to be in such an emotional, hormonal and cyclic body?

Most women think the way to do that is to become a Life Coach, Therapist or a Practitioner or something similar. Although they help to some degree, most women are fed up with these mainstream older models not making a big enough difference, being too slow and too traumatic because they were NEVER designed with the female brain in mind, AT ALL.

They want noticeable results and REAL OUTCOMES that lasts and that’s just that. Is this what you want to be able to do, perhaps on a lesser scale? AND be able to offer a full OUTCOME BASED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

More and more women are searching for new solutions and now you, regardless of qualifications, can become a Facilitator of our EMERGING and CUTTING EDGE alternative – Creatrix® – that works on a deep level for women.

The usual methodologies are NOT ENOUGH for women. They, do nothing about shifting the deepest root core issues, way beneath the surface that MUST release to cause a WOMAN to finally stop the ‘2 steps forward, 1 step back’ cycle.


Even at an unconscious level women are very different.

This ‘outside of our awareness’ part of ourselves, has the gender component to run as well as ‘A’ body. For example a mans unconscious mind can’t run the creation of life process (grow a body inside of itself while running one) but we can do it effortlessly without a single thought.

Our unique process called Creatrix® simply uses ‘our’ female brain and unconscious mind back on itself to ‘undo’ our deepest issues and therefore gets Longterm, Fast and aMAZing transformational results unique to WOMEN.

genes and cells

“MYTH: healing is a slow process”.

This untrue belief within the industry has stopped them being able to create faster more lasting solutions for decades now. I cringe when I read sabotaging comments by supposed professionals saying things like “anyone who tries to tell you healing is not a slow process is misleading you” or “PTSD will always be a major part of your life”. These are exact examples of limiting beliefs that add to the problem by adding hopelessness into the equation. We are not damaged goods. We’ve just been misled and not taught the raw, scientific truth of our design, how to navigate our own ‘hardwire’ and what’s possible given compatible software instead of conflicting software. We’ve been brain washed so deeply and this stifles innovation and evolution, especially in this area of our health. Check out our ‘before and after’ page and see for yourself what’s truly possible now for everyday women! Women ALWAYS revert backwards if you don’t totally break through the bigger deeper issues such as the low self worthiness and not feeling good enough etc and the painful hurts of the past that are the deep level reasons why a woman struggle in business as well as in life and relationships. Women have inherited a level of suppression and that’s just that. We need to strip that shit out once and for all.

The BIG reasons why traditional coaching and therapy doesn’t work for women… and what works instead

Even if you only work in the personal or professional development industry or in the positive psychology industry, with women it’s the same deep level blocks regardless.

If you want tools and processes that work FAST and create LONG TERM results for women, you need female formulated tools specifically designed for our biologically hormonal female system,

But the only problem…

99.9% of coaching, therapy and counseling solutions assume men and women are exactly the same. But just like you can’t use Microsoft software inside a Mac computer, coaching tools do not work well enough with women who haven’t had their deep issues resolved first. We (women) need specific personal development software for our female ‘hardware’ (all that makes us female), that fits our brains and hearts which are wired differently. Become a Licensed Creatrix® Facilitator if you want to transform women deeply in a lasting way. We are the only Creatrix® Training company and Creatrix® is the only female formulated modality in existence that considers all factors from biology, psychology, brain wiring, hormones and the epigenetic components that considers all parts a WOMAN.

What’s possible?

See for yourself the results of a Creatrix® Breakthrough in this before and after video (We have HUNDREDS of these videos on file with the same results!).


Life coaching is great because it really can help someone to not just turn their life around, but actually move forward to a better life, eventually and with lots of your time. It’s true, BUT it’s not the way to break the cycle at the deepest level where a woman usually is sabotaging herself from so that she can create lasting change.

After our founder, Marylin (Maz) Schirmer became a life coach herself, and then even became a trainer in some of the modalities (methodologies and formulas) listed below, she recognised what was majorly missing for FEMALES who were using these methods.

10 Different Modalities: Why They Don’t Work on Women

  1. NLP (fries the female brain circuitry)
  2. Hypnosis (too unconscious for the balanced integration needed for long term change)
  3. Life Coaching (all too conscious mind to conscious mind therefore not deep enough for lasting change)
  4. ‘Male Guru name’ Coaching (too masculine)
  5. The (won’t say name) Method (not female brain specific)
  6. Psychology (too many limiting beliefs in this industry to ever create a real solution that works ‘fast’ or ‘long term’ for women)
  7. Energy Healing (the negative energy returns, it has to for you to be you if you research epi-genetics, because it’s not a deep enough shift at a genetic coding level)
  8. Counseling (way too conscious)
  9. EFT (temporary)
  10. CBT (male brained) and other therapies/modalities are like our (Institute of Women International) Education on the Female Factor and Processes such as Creatrix® BUT here’s why they are not:


CREATRIX® IS A FEMALE  breakthrough Process designed in a way only a female could ever have perceived.

In fact, do your historical research like we did on the above methods available today and when you’ve wound ALL the way back to the inception and founding principles of those methods, you’ll see for yourself that a male originally perceived the theory behind them.

The question is…

….Could those male brains have had limiting beliefs blocking them from relating to our uniqueness as women or are they simply wired to be unable to fathom the FULL form of the female that blocked them in some way? The first and biggest limiting belief that blocked (and still blocks) progress for the development of women’s emotional and mental solutions, being that ALL brains and bodies are the same and that ‘THE’ unconscious mind works in ONE particular way, regardless of gender. Male and Female minds? Really guys? No one’s ever even questioned it? Until now that is… Coaching and therapies work on the outer symptomatic layers of the problem, whereas Creatrix® works on the root cause for break-through results that last and FIT the female like a glove, after all, it was designed with our uniqueness in mind.

5 Reasons Why the Creatrix® Method of Working at a DEEP Level with Women is SO Transformational

  1. Old ‘KNOWINGS’ that were not serving (Believing you are unattractive, pathetic or destined for failure are a few examples) that kept causing thoughts and feelings to be non-productive and unsupportive are instantly swapped to NEW knowings that are productive to a positive future and mindset. New head talk is created in the background, ready for times when triggered and this is what causes the behavior change which works by reducing the ‘charge’ creating more productive solution options.
  2. It’s an Instant shift (no waiting for results). Immediately you feel lighter and perceive differently without the ‘charge’ because you’ve let it go.
  3. Raised level of consciousness (awareness). Can’t sweat the old trivial ‘stuff’ anymore yet important ‘small’ things can mean more. See through behavior of others and you feel this intuitively so you can start to filter who is ‘healthy’ energy to support you moving forward and not going to pull you down or backwards.
  4. You can’t be easily misled by others because you’ve broken the cycle from possibly inherited issues not even your own.
  5. Effects ALL areas of life at once because women have them all as one.


So, what does a Psychologist gave to say about Creatrix®?

8 Reasons Why Creatrix® is Unique

  1. A Breakthrough Process that is Intricately Formulated Exclusively for FEMALE UNCONSCIOUS and CONSCIOUS MINDS. 

Other Self Development and Coaching offering mindset tools and solutions, assume that the genders minds are one and the same, but that’s not true at all. For example… Just one of the well known Unconscious Mind’s jobs is to run the body. For example, a male doesn’t have to know how to grow a brain and organs inside of itself while running its own set, does it…? Do they have our innately built cyclic hormonal fluctuations to consider? NO, in fact they can’t even relate, which is why we only allow females to become facilitators.

     2. ANY WOMAN who is a WOMAN (even if you come to us with your own issues because we clean you out anyway, you only need to desire to help others) can become a great Creatrix® Facilitator.

You don’t ‘teach’ anything, you facilitate a proven scripted formula that causes the client to get HER OWN life learnings. No advice or theory to study. And because we’ve cleaned you out of your limiting beliefs and own energy, you can’t interrupt or block her from receiving her life learnings as most coaches and therapists don’t even realize they do.

3. EPIGENETICS– working on the beginning at an ancestral level where women have inherited suppression and a ‘predisposition’ for their issues that is not even their fault.

4. We ‘facilitate’ you to realize your own unique business/life ‘LEARNINGS’ which is what causes the long term results, thus breaking the CYCLE. This is a KEY missing component in other modalities. What’s even more unique is where you will receive these lessons/epiphanies/new knowings from.

5. Support for Facilitators once trained– Creatrix® is FREE TO ALL Currently Licensed FACILITATORS.

6. UTILISES BOTH CONSCIOUS AND UNCONSCIOUS MINDS equally so there is no inner conflict afterwards.

7. Only 6 days TOTAL training and you are ready to take clients and make money and help others!!!!!! (not endless years like most)

8. We have a code of ethical conduct license agreement to be registered because we recognize the importance of protecting clients from negative experiences so our brand remains in tact because we believe Creatrix® has a higher purpose. Let’s look at who we are often incorrectly compared to because we are an ‘institute’. We think maybe we should have branded as an UNinstitute when we compare the difference. Large LIFE-COACHING INSTITUTES, ACADEMIES and NLP Training Courses are who students often compare us to but that’s because they didn’t even know that Female Formulated Tools and Processes Existed.

There’s not a lot of ‘NEW’ content in this industry… They are STILL teaching the age old techniques such as ‘G.R.O.W’, ‘S.M.A.R.T’, ‘compartmentalise’, ‘consistency’ and NLP which all suit the male (and 1 in 5 women who process similarly but what about the 4 out of 5?) mind way of processing? How are these working for you ladies so far? They are great, if you are the 1 in 5 women or 6 out of 7 men they work well for. There’s nothing ‘logical’, ‘organised’, ‘orderly’ or ‘consistent’ for 4 out of 5 women’s minds. It’s not the fit for the female UNconscious OR conscious mind, but why should that mean she not be taught alternate ways of achieving, that don’t cause our circuits to blow out? Because no one’s recognising the mind-difference, that’s why. Hormones are REAL, they are not imagined. They affect our mind and brain and as well as that we have different balances in the brain. In fact, gender is coded into every single cell in your body, regardless of how small a percentage some claim it is, it’s 100% relevant. We discovered from these other Institutes that you get no big life changing unconscious-mind breakthrough tools  until you reach approx the 4th level of training- or 2nd ‘Tier’ level of training. And even then you get ZERO Female Factor Training to account for the biological factors.

Why becoming an NLP Practitioner Doesn’t Work

We asked “What IS the difference between NLP Master Practitioner tools and the tools taught at the 4th level training for example”? We were told “It is NLP, but with (male guru name) stuff as well……………………………” The price you will pay is approx $7,500-$15,000 BEFORE you get to that level of training, and 2 years long, but you start with very cheap monthly online training.

Its rare to meet any life coach who is confident after 1 online course, even after 12 months of training because she’s not had any work done on HER in the process or practical hands on training with feedback to improve. No one seems to care who is out there helping others and I think you’d agree that we want women who’ve addressed their own ‘stuff’ working on other people with ‘stuff’. They offer after support but only mentoring or coaching, with NO breakthrough processes or deep level change work, “however they have a large database of other coaches to recommend  for you to choose from”.

It’s fair enough what they are doing because it’s what they were taught, however they don’t all understand what it’s like to just want a single course that only includes the dynamic ‘life changing’ tools in it that work long term FOR WOMEN with the purpose of getting out there confidently getting results fast. Shop wisely, that’s all. We even RECOMMEND Life Coaching as something you can do AFTER you’ve done the deep work if you felt so compelled and the clients wanted more so be sure to do your homework.

Many of our facilitators came to us as Life Coaches and Practitioners of many other modalities and realised most missed the mark when it came to long lasting results for their female clients.

Some had spent more than $100,000 on their own skills and self development, only to still not feel confident.

And what about you? Are they going to ensure you have actually learned the skills properly if they don’t even meet you in person? Peoples’ lives are not to be played with. This is the serious business of changing lives and clients expect results these days. We know you’ve got many choices currently with Life Coaching being the current wave of new career choices for the past 8 years…. BUT We can’t find one that has ANYTHING at all to cater for what we do that:-

  • EPIGENETICS (inherited pre-disposition for events to occur)
  • BRINGS THROUGH LIFE LEARNINGS as deep new knowings, so as to break the cycle.
  • NO AFTER CARE– OWN SERVICES FREE TO FACILITATORS, just ‘mentoring’ not actual deep level work.

It truly pays to get your facts when you are searching.

Having made our point of difference very obvious, we are fussy who we let use our processes, so if you operate outside of integrity or are just looking for a course based on the ‘cheapest will do’ then we are probably not a good fit. Your heart has to be in helping women to turn their lives around or improve the quality of their lives.

IF on the other hand you want to apply, please CLICK HERE to book a ‘compatibility’ chat and to ask your questions.

We’d love to get to know you, hear your story and possibly tool you up to make that dream of helping women become a reality.

Become a licensed facilitator (a.k.a Transformologist®) of Creatrix® by attending our incredible Program for women in the empowerment industry!

What’s Gender got to do with Mindset?

What’s Gender got to do with Mindset?

If you’re like most women, you’ve realised that we’re quite different at a behavioural, emotional, mental, psychological and biological level. How our heart is all entwined with our head and how our female design causes hormonal fluctuations (from day to day and sometimes hour by hour)  that causes imbalances in our moods and thinking, cause us to need tools that take all of this into consideration.

Regardless of all the self development courses or self help books we’ve read, women find it harder to intentionally control emotions (not always under our control) which effects everything from the quality of our decisions, thoughts, commitment and so on, thus affecting all areas of our life.

We are far from silly, in fact we’ve been grossly underestimated and not considered fully in the self-development industry for our biological and psychological differences. We are wired non-static and therefore what seems unpredictable, is simply misunderstanding and not knowing how inconsistency can be harnessed and worked with, not against. In fact expecting consistency, which is the secret of success according to every Personal Development Guru since the Napoleon Hill days is causing women to burn out and fry our circuits. I’d go even further and say it’s causing us dis-ease and terrible inadequacies that are just crippling to women and causes us to feel like failures.

You probably know the roles of the unconscious mind BUT who says the unconscious mind that can grow a brain inside of itself while running a brain at the same time might’nt need a different type of software to run through our hard-wired  gender brain… Current personal and professional development success formulas and therapies originated via the perception of male minds, therefore the solutions, lets call them software applications, do not fit our female minds (our hardware) It’s like we are iPhones and are expected to operate android apps. It’s not us that’s the problem its simply software incompatibility.

Heck, even the M and P Ganglion cells in our eyes have different balances of focal cells and peripheral cells so these very physical components OF COURSE matter. This is why many courses such as NLP who teach rapport actually take women away from our intuition and innate ability to bond by teaching us to do consciously that which we do better than men at an unconscious level.

We have 23% more neural connectivity (the white matter that transfers communication signals) connecting our right and left brain hemisphere. What does this mean when it comes to our ability to find joy and appreciation in life and our emotional resilience? Well our hormonally cyclic body hates to work at anything consistenctly and logically (this is the male brain way) and so we harm our bodies, brains and minds by going against our ‘grain’ when striving to achieve in these masculine ways. We CAN achieve the same things as men, it’s how we go about it that is not the same.

If you understood how your GENDER mind and body syncronise you’d be blown away with a whole new level of hope for women. Heck they say gender is the 1% difference only, but it actually affects 100% of your 50-100 trillion cells which are each coded gender and if we are using male processes, that stress affects all 11 of the bodily systems that run you. We’ve too long now underestimated the power of our amazing gender.

We’ve taken the time to design female software for our unique hardware so we can no longer crash and burn, but instead we can finally be understood and run as we’re designed to.

The self development industry although you see many females teaching it, they themselves have been taught very masculine methods of transformation which fit only 1 in 5 women because they’ve been designed by males for male brains. It’s alright for them because they are the 1 in 5 (many female CEO’s fit this category) but what about the majority of women, the 4 out of 5? It’s just how it is. It’s nobodies fault because we ourselves have been asleep to the joining of these dots. We (IOWI) have joined them for you and developed UNIQUE gender formulated personal development and mindset tools, processes and solutions, it’s our thing here at IOWI (Institute of Women International).

Up until only approx a decade ago most science lab tests done on female subjects were actually boy mice that’d been castrated (apparently that’s what the female version has been to science and still is in many labs, just boys without balls) so really, we are super behind and there’s no knight in shining armour to come save our predominantly female issues any time soon, and he certainly won’t be wearing a damned lab coat, so it’s up to us to take care of ourselves. Female Solutions designed by a woman!

IOWI discoveries and solutions are FEMALE based however that’s not all we care about because breaking the entire cycle is important to us and that’s not just a female issue now is it. We want to help EVERYONE but working THROUGH the women.

So look at what else we considered when creating Women’s Transformology® Courses to help heal and empower women:-

  1. The Female Factor (a full education in layman’s terms so you can go out and educate others in the community) If not us then who? Why not help us spread the word and bring hope and transformation to women who need us.
  2. Working on our own facilitators so bring our clients ‘Cleaned out’ emotionally resilient Facilitators who value the need to keep themselves cleaned out. We accept women to be facilitators who value their own state of mind so we take care of that for FREE for our facilitators. We created a solution we call Intra-support. Won’t find that in any coaching course or breakthrough guru courses.
  3. Epigenetics– Its just an industry word that means the instruction that the genes receive which tells them how to behave. Basically it’s the biggest hope for ALL of us in a decade. You see we inherit the pre-disposition to certain life sufferings as proven now in universities in every capital city in Australia, even Newcastle has one. Yep, we can  turn off the pre-dispositions we inherited and break the cycle.
  4. Our signature transformational process Creatrix® was designed with Epigenetics and the Female Factor in mind. We had to or else we are not breaking the cycle therefore we’d be putting band-aids on wounds that are infected.
  5. Our facilitators enter into a Code of ethical conduct license agreement– Sorry but not anyone can come help us on our misson. You must be a respectful human being that values such powerful processes and the delicate lives that we deal with every day. It takes women willing to own their ‘stuff’ and be on top of it to ensure she’s the best person to be helping others. Does she have to be perfect? NO WAY or else god help us all, but she does have to have a desire to strive to be a good soul with a good heart. We can handle the rest through our own tools if necessary and also the support we share inhouse.
  6. We hold a public registry of Authorised Creatrix® Facilitators so your clients or patients can check to see you really are an ethical Facilitator. (see the search bar in our website footer). There’s too many people out there in this industry who really are quite dangerous because they use some powerful tools on others for self serving and intentionally manipulative egotistical reasons.

Have you ever considered helping women as a way of life and earning great money and loving what you do? It’s truly rewarding and humbling and OMGOSH the stories of the women you will change for the better.

Do you have a passion and dream to empower women to believe in themselves and love the skin they are in, as well as loving yours too as a part of the course process?

We’ve got the transformational tools you need that have been specifically designed just for women.

We have a mammoth vision. To learn more about what we do CLICK HERE.