2 CRUCIAL blocks to WOMEN’S success, that Men don’t have

Through my 25 years of training women in business, I’ve learnt a thing or two about the psychology of FEMALE SUCCESS. 

And it’s not what people are being taught… Because we are wired differently to men, so why should we expect to create success in the same way they do?! 

Have you ever been taught that GOAL SETTING, CONSISTENCY and FOCUS are the keys to success? 

If you’ve been using these methods to try to get where you want to be as a women’s empowerment leader, and it HASN’T BEEN WORKING…  

…then you’ve been operating AGAINST THE VERY GRAIN OF YOUR NATURE as a woman! 

These taught ‘Success BUILDING’ strategies were designed for men, by men 

and work brilliantly for the way their brain works, and because they’re so wired to provide, thinking in a hierarchal way, success is something they get from ‘doing’. Yes, we all have to ‘do’, however we’re creators by design, not builders, so success means something entirely different, so even the best strategies on the planet will not get actioned by us if how we’re taught to do them is frying our very circuits, causing overwhelm and additional stress. 

Burnout is a female thing, and way too prevalent, and you can be successful, in a DIFFERENT WAY, that doesn’t ‘add’ stress, but instead, makes you feel like you’re achieving it effortlessly.

Do the DO, so you can HAVE, so you get to BE successful, is doing us more harm than good.

Our way is we must FIRSTLY ‘BE’ free of what can cause us to NOT flow in our authenticity, so we can simply BE our limitless, unencumbered, authentic self. That’s at the core of us. Then and only then are we likely to ‘DO’ and to do what brings us success (especially when our work is with women) comes from ‘relationship forming’, using our maternal and gut instincts, to ‘lead’ us to CREATING success.

So… Here are those 2 CRUCIAL puzzle pieces to you achieving YOUR SUCCESS, THE FEMALE WAY.

  1. GET UNBLOCKED & HEALED. We must GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY, UNBLOCK our deepest root insecurities and ‘female encoded’ limiting beliefs at the DEEPEST LEVEL so we don’t sabotage, doubt or block our own success.

For example, one way we do this is through emotionalising events by possibly feeling ‘rejected’, then for us this can take us down. 

Women’s emotions can run deep, linking us to memories that have nothing to do with ‘business’. Unlike the male brain, we categorise (file) differently in our brain. Our memories are dripping with emotion, then we also file in ’emotions’ so rejection at work, leads to the same pain we got when we were rejected by the love our life.

These emotional cycles play out in all areas of our life because our brains don’t compartmentalise like the male brain does.


Learn the Female Success Model, which is 1000 times easier when you get it, than what we’re all being taught.

Before you know it you’re a happier, MORE SUCCESSFUL version of you on the INSIDE, then the BE, DO, HAVE plays out naturally, due to you being programmed for success, and allowing yourself to naturally flow towards your success. Money is a byproduct of a woman who’s running herself this way.

You can have the success formula AND GET UNBLOCKED in one program, and be free to actualise your potential, finally. In just 8 weeks, you can start EARNING, while still learning.

Does that get you excited?! If so, let’s talk, and see if we get you to YOUR SUCCESS, BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER!

I have 3 Powerful Secrets for you

I have 3 Powerful Secrets for you

Understanding these 3 messages can revolutionise your ENTIRE internal world, to the point it changes your ACTUAL life on the outside for the better, and continues to, ongoingly and exponentially.

Potentially these secrets, when ‘realised’ from within without your filters on, they can move you from stuck, hurting, limited and feeling bad because of it, to believing anything is possible and life’s not just worth living anymore, but there’s nothing standing in your way of new, exciting perspectives, dreams, ideas and you’re acting on them.

Are you ready for this???

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Love and belief in you, Maz xx


ROI Return on Investment is what matters

‘Your yearly program is too expensive Maz….’

That’s right it IS…

IF…. you don’t understand ROI (Return on Investment), instead seeing the fee as an expense on top of your other expenses, rather than the investment that it is, that can outdo any interest rate if you invested the same money into any scheme out there!

We want to help you make money, and all while fulfilling your heart and souls calling, not just take money from you. Of course you must be ready to no longer want to work towards the dreams of others (an employer), but be supported so you have the best chance of success working for YOURSELF.

The whole idea is you can MAKE incredible money, so your financial circumstance increases, not decreases due to paying for our program.

It’s an investment in YOU, but with all the support and tools to fill all the gaps of what you’re otherwise missing to finally act on your deepest dreams and goals.

Basically it’s not much less than a complete franchise (which costs 5-10 times what we charge), saving you ridiculous amounts of pure and utter frustration in trying to put a personal development program together from bits and pieces you’ve collected from aaaaaaaall the courses you’ve done.

That stress toll on your mind and body, and the overwhelm from that work load could be swapped for a calm body, a clear mind and a simple, done-for-you road tested system.

Wouldn’t your time be more valuable and profitable being spent DELIVERING A FAIL PROOF GUARANTEED method to women, and making you money instead?

You, facilitating one simple method that is guaranteed the only tool needed to help ALL women’s issues or blocks. No more thinking which of my 53 modalities should I use on this particular woman, in this particular situation, with her unique issues.

It really could not be easier.

You can use your other methods if you want as well, if you feel they have a place after learning to facilitate Creatrix®.

You can do it the hard way or you can do it the DONE FOR YOU, tried and tested way because we will spend the time perfecting your everything from your screening tools to your business tools AND Creatrix is forever being improved.

If you’ve always wanted to be the ‘creator’ of a PD program to empower women, maybe if you still haven’t done it, it’s time to check in on yourself and remember the almighty vision you once had and ask yourself, could I instead uniquely personalise how I promote the Creatrix® and business tools and be the specialist instead?

You will still stand out uniquely, as your own personal brand, and just GET OUT THERE and do what fills your heart and gives you purpose, which is SHATTERING THE SH*T OUT OF WOMEN’S ISSUES AND BLOCKS. They need you more than ever in this world right now.

So a wise question you might want to ask yourself is, ‘What money could I have made as ROI, if I’d become a Creatrix Transformologist® when I first came across it?’


‘If I enrol right now, how many MORE lives might I transform, and how much money (remember ROI is all that matters) can I make in the next 5 years, or 10 years time?’. Could you finally just be doing what you love and not working for other people’s goals and dreams as a part time or full time employee to fund the time wasted trying to work it out on your own? Because you’ll likely be having to do that as long as you put off your dream.

Is NOT doing it costing you a lot more MONEY than the investment because of self doubt, skepticism and maybe ego in needing the recognition for being the ONE to create an empowerment program from scratch?

There’s nothing wrong with a healthy ego, unless it’s costing you the TIME and you desire to live your dream lifestyle, or accepting the support that women need in business more than men.

These women who wrote these comments, signed up years ago, used the tool Creatrix to break free of their self sabotage (all supplied as part of the training program and ongoing as much as needed) so they were able to hit the ground running and get on with setting those women’s hearts free from their past struggles and limitations.

It’s never too late to launch professionally in just 8 weeks with a simplified, systemised results-based, female-formulated, GUARANTEEABLE, well recognised as the ‘superior for women’ breakthrough program, because it’s specifically designed by a woman, for women.

We’re already taking February enrolments with the 5 days face to face happening in March so by first week of April YOU GO LIVE, launching like a rockstar.

So should we reserve your seat for the 5 day face to face component of the program and launch your New Year Career before all seats are taken? We only do these in small groups.


Do you have these 2 BIGGEST blocks of abundance?

Do you have these 2 BIGGEST blocks of abundance?

Blame and entitlement! 

The 2 hardest things to see in ourself, because they feel satisfying, even warm and cozy, because it’s like an INsecurity blanket, the only type we know. There’s nothing like justification to keep a nose in the air!

These run in families and as long as we stay oblivious to these deeply automatic behaviours and perspectives, it’s ourselves that keep the cycles continuing, passing it on to our kids and theirs to theirs. 

The freedom that comes with the wisdom from the lessons needed on these, as they’re deeply, profoundly ‘realised’ during Creatrix®️, is so liberating, our heart fills with love and peace.

We become a softer (but not too soft) version of ourselves, more easily to love (people around us get freed up from tip toeing around us as their stress reduces), more love-able, more attract-ive and we even will look younger. 

We didn’t mean to be like that, but most people do have these on a spectrum. Finger pointing is so counter productive that each time we do it, we stab yourself with a poisoned tipped knife that goes right into our liquid empty void ensuring we stay un-whole, un-solid, unhealthy and incomplete. 

Our unconscious mind (the part of ourself that runs on automation without us even noticing our own self, that friends dare not tell us because they walk on eggshells already and got help them if we get angry at them) doesn’t know the difference between self and others. 

What we say and think about others our unconscious mind-self thinks we think of ourself. When we take account, stop, and take the time to #Creatrixit, suddenly all of what we experienced before that brought us pain by ‘others’ CEASES to occur. People seem so nice. 

Until then, we will collect evidence to justify ourselves. If you think it can’t get worse, it mostly does, because we need to be right to keep us functioning ‘as if’ we are superior and right. 

In that moment of Creatrix realisations, we set OURSELF free! 

We ‘GET’ to the degree that we ‘GIVE’ without blame, entitlement, hate, superiority and resentment. 

I never understood this more than I do now. 

Even though Creatrix has many characters in it that the client herself cannot know, when designing it, I KNEW the unconscious mind knew all characters are really aspects of ourself, so the client safely changes because she’s not even in the process. Seems bizarre to the client, because we’ve never been taught this simple thing. 

Even the best, most robust and thorough breakthrough healing method on the planet can’t help you if you insist on staying in denial of the post of yourself that’s most undesirable. If you’re constantly a victim, often whinging or an agitator or always have drama around you, ask yourself ‘Could I be the common denominator?’