Why I resigned as a Child and Family Health Clinical Nurse Specialist

Why I resigned as a Child and Family Health Clinical Nurse Specialist

“6 Years ago I was experiencing one of the worst emotional & mental breakdowns I had ever had. I was convinced I was so broken & damaged & had nothing left to offer as a wife & even a mother (to my 4 kids). I was convinced I needed to leave them so I wouldn’t damage them any more than I already had. My anger & rage was what they received from me on a daily basis ?

I was in constant prayer asking to be saved from myself & to heal the relationship between myself & my children! I personally never experienced a healthy relationship with my own mother & as much as I tried, I kept behaving & repeating her behaviour towards myself & my children.

I came across Creatrix®️ on a Facebook add the idea of an emotional breakdown seemed liked the lifeline I was praying for.

I watched every video available on their website & whatever I could find on YouTube. Everything I heard & read was like’WOW’ I need to try this!

It was last bit of savings & the best investment I made in myself, my children & my future! 

The results were sooo uplifting, rewarding, relieving & healing that after my breakthrough I went on to become a Creatrix Transformologist & resigned as a Child & Family Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, because this was a gift I wanted to share with as many mothers & families as I could. I wanted them to find & feel their inner peace & love & share it with everyone around them.

Creatrix®️ didn’t heal & fill my emotional cup, it created within me an emotional fountain that over flows into every relationship & aspect of my life ♥️

I’ve broken generational traumas, attitudes & behaviour that my children no longer need to carry.”

If you want to have Amal’s experience, ONLY 2 INTAKES LEFT THIS YEAR, so you get to start 2023 with massive IMPACT and yourself LIMITLESS.



Which of these benefits would improve your life quality by at least 50%?

1.  It suits the female Unconscious mind. It feels right for a woman to do. It ‘fits’ because it’s designed FOR the unique way our female mind functions. (Yes, it’s different, very)
2.  Easy to do for both facilitator and client. (Woman to Woman)
3.  Does NOT require full disclosure of details around life events you don’t want to discuss, it will still resolve the ‘problem’ that it’s been causing for you.
4.  You get to understand yourself due to the extensive yet fast and easy pre-assessment. A nice clear image of what has been going on inside of you.
5.  Feel physically lighter as well as feeling like a burden has been lifted.
6.  NON-Emotional process, even for a woman who has suffered horrific events, she can relax and not feel the emotions of the event itself while getting her life learnings. It’s beautiful actually, and profound.
7.  Deep intuitive Learnings come through during the process that releases the past negative emotions from your body, ENTIRELY, this BREAKS THE CYCLE FOR GOOD!
8.  Raises your level of Consciousness, which causes you to make wiser life choices.
9.  Raises your level of EQ (Emotional Intelligence), you just won’t be so irrational.
10. Ripening of Intuition– Heart, Gut and Head align. They work in sync.
11. Affects all areas of your life.
12. You are less easily manipulated, especially by males.
13. Your monthly cycle is not quite as disruptive as it might otherwise have been.
14. Many of the women look VISIBLY younger in the face (less stress lines instantly)
15. Less confrontational.
16. Become more ‘present’! Feel in the NOW moment so More easily able to smell the roses.
17. Addresses entire genetic history and breaks the Genetic cycle. (According to science of epigenetics)
18. Not logical, linear or spacial so the female mind finds it easy to do. This temporarily distracts the mind long enough to get the learnings because it gets you to see what you otherwise could not see and so this helps you get your learnings come through without disruption.
19. No risk of getting wrong learnings because no one other soul is giving them to you, our facilitators are just remarkable at holding your mind in a specific unique position and know the correct questions to ask until YOU GET YOUR OWN LIFE LEARNINGS. 
20. Works regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs.
21. Bigger level of influence as you know what feels right and so you won’t question your decisions as much.
22. Climb the spiral of consciousness much faster without having to take a lifetime or 2 to get life learnings before evolving to the next level of possibility.
23. Feel Whole.
24. Feel Complete.
25. Feel a sense of belonging.
26. Feel Worthy and Important.
27. Self Respect and Self- Belief.
28. Removes Stress in the future but as one client’s doctor said, it took at least 20 years of past stress from your body and adrenals.
29. Activates Creativity.
30. Doesn’t affect your personality. For example, if you swore before or had a warped sense of humor, you will still be you. If anything, you just become more relaxed and comfortable in your own skin.
31. You feel more YOU than you have in years if not for the first time ever.
32. Increases libido in 7/10 of our women.
33. Mind and Body integrate to work more in sync.
34. Widens the pathway for ‘attracting’ what you want in life.
35. QUIETS THE MIND– hardly anymore head chatter. PEACE at last.
36. Can’t suffer fools easily. (Can be a draw back if you live with them though haha)
37. Raises your standards in life. You expect to be treated well.
38. Balances you out, where you were weak you will feel strong where you needed softening that happens too. (Especially for women who were angry and never showed emotion)
39. Releases Suppression. (we are most proud of this one)
40. Gives you your voice back. You can more easily say what you want to say. More able to express yourself.
41. So simple ANY WOMAN CAN DO IT however its very complex in design but we didn’t want the client to know that, so it can almost be considered as a silly little process UNTIL we finish and you realize the difference, then you’ll say what they all say, O.M.G.O.S.H. are you kidding!!!!!. (heehee)
42. Causes an entire energy shift in the body that can alleviate certain physical ailments (We make no physical health claims, however we have real life case studies of women ovulating or menstruating for the first time EVER who couldn’t before, and entire body skin rashes they’ve had for up to 30 years, disappear in just weeks afterwards. We see these as bonuses).
43. Is a great foundation for very real life change you have been avoiding because you will feel more in control of your life and taking charge of it.
44. Breaks cycles instantly however over time you see the follow on effect in those who are around you often and your children for example. Just witnessing your change gives them permission and the courage should they need to make life changing choices in life not just now but in the future.
45. At a behavioural level you will see the results within just weeks.
46. Activates the parasympathetic nervous system, the opposite of the flight or fight response so your organs can resume full function and this brings slow constant health improvement.
47. Lowers stress INSTANTLY.
48. Lets go of past (all issues that kept coming to mind to cause you to go backwards before) and you can finally move forward in life without taking steps backwards. You must do the changes though that your life lessons tell you to, only YOU can change actual life circumstances to support an inner clearing like this.
49. Heightens intuition DRAMATICALLY. Removes the rust from the antennae that was originally your ‘gut’ telling you when to back away from something. However you couldn’t really listen because of all the noise in your head and your heart. This was disrupting the signal. You are more able to ‘know’ correct decisions to make when at choice points of life.
50. MORE ACCEPTING OF OTHERS. This so makes a big difference to bringing peace.
51. Brings through forgiveness that felt impossible to do on your own.
52. Entirely removes the mind coding of the problem you come to us for to the point though you have trouble remembering how you felt before. In fact you ‘can’t’ feel it, even if you try. Your brain has been rewired never to return to the old way because you now KNOW better in your gut and in your core. In fact we have to record our sessions because you will have no reference to compare your after state to. Yes its’ that thorough.
53. Activates SELF LOVE.
54. Better overall health.
55. Empowered because now you know you ALWAYS have a fast, painless easy long lasting solution should you ever find yourself in inner turmoil again possibly over something you’ve never experienced previously.
56. Affects your ENTIRE FAMILY because (we can’t fully explain why but) babies etc seem to be instantly calmer around you and the family can stop walking on eggshells as we often find out afterwards that they were doing.  Cranky mums make miserable childhoods. Happy mum = happy home.
57. You are more easily able to ACHIEVE SUCCESS especially in business.
58. We alter the usual rule of you must DO to HAVE in life so you can BE happy for example. We change it to BE-DO-HAVE. In other words, you get to BE happy now, which means you are more successful from what you DO so you get to HAVE  more in life.
59. More fun and funny.
60. More affectionate.
61. Can think straight.
62. The world appears more colourful.
63. Creates a more positive, optimistic and abundant mindset.
64. More able to create wealth.
65. More able to achieve regardless of goals so even if you don’t know what you want to do with your life, you are simply flowing in a direction that ‘brings’ you situations that seem to make you happy.
66. Your values realign.
67. You won’t feel obligated to people.
68. You won’t care as much what other people think of you.
69. You don’t have to wear masks for different people and situations because you trust you are good enough and because you accept yourself, you don’t need that acceptance from others as readily.
70. Puts life into perspective to the point of feeling you ‘get life’ and know who you are!
71. Alters the beliefs, installs the resources and changes the thoughts  ALL AT ONCE.
72. Stops nightmares if from past events.
73. Heals relationships!
74. You were able to make the uncomfortable decisions that come from your gut instinct.
75. Can improve whole body health.
76. Lightens your spirit.
77. Raises energy level!
78. Easier to stick to diets and healthy eating programs.
79. Exercise routines more easily maintained.
80. Balances blood pressure if root cause elevation is stress or trauma related.
81. Non appreciation for small life success, and it’s this that compounds to create big success.
82. More able to achieve goals and make dreams come true (including manifesting vision board goals).
83. Can remove PTSD symptoms amounting to no longer having PTSD.
84. Able to be more focused without anxiety.
85. Over dramatic.
86. Due to the resetting of baseline stress levels, you’re likely to live longer.
87. Develop stronger relationships (even if you didn’t like them before).
88. It helps you get through Life’s ups and downs without stress sticking around.
89. Helps get you through Menopause with less symptoms and outburst.
90. You start attracting amazing people into your life instead of toxic people.
91. You can deal with conflict easily.
92. You see everything from a different perspective and attract more abundance.
93. You become more confident.
94. You become more resilient.
95. You find solutions to things instead of obstacles.
96. You have the courage to step out of your comfort zone.
97. You resolve FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).
98. You see way more opportunities.
99. Failures are a thing of the past.
100.  You realize you are the only person in control of your happiness.
101.  You want others to succeed alongside you instead of jealousy or envy.
102.  Real inner sustainability.
103.  You can lead difficult conversations you used to avoid.
104.  You don’t over think things outside your control.

 Love and belief in you, Maz xx

Find your Niche in 10 minutes or less, Maz Style!

What you may not know about me, is that my gift is simplifying success for women, so they are WAY more likely to achieve their dreams and goals.

For example, I created A WHOLE BANK OF SIMPLIFIED TOOLS we call our Resource Library. It’s got hundreds of files in it.

Here’s just one of my shortcuts from the Resources Library… Shhhh this is exclusive, so it’s for your eyes only:

I guarantee they will be able to find their niche in under 10 minutes, whereas this stops MOST women from launching. Remember though, they have the tool Creatrix® that works on deep issues, so convert this to be your service solving skills and tools.


Hate the idea of nicheing in your business?

Did you know how simple niche-ing down can be? It’s sometimes too close to your nose to see, so let me help you.

Did you know niche-ing is simply becoming a specialist in solving 1 PROBLEM?

People pay more for a specialist, trust and look up to them.

It can be as simple as specialising in ONE EMOTION, ONE BELIEF or ONE EVENT.

Niching is to get them in the door, or at least saying “OMG THAT’S ME”.

In sessions you still do other things, but the measurement from the ONE thing will be drastic and stark to them.  This is the secret to getting happy, long term raving fans.


If you continually refuse or avoid to niche down to a defined target audience, and instead choose a broad target, such as ALL women, it’s likely because either:

1. Someone well intended, has misguided you, saying it’s not necessary. The problem with no niche, is explained below in more detail. It’s a choice, however, you must know WHY you choose to either do it, or not. Then you must take responsibility for your choice. The consequence must be weighed up so you make this decision intelligently.

2. Because you don’t understand HOW easy it can be or WHY it’s so important to those you can help most effortlessly, not to mention the benefits to your bank account.


3. You think it’s more considerate to offer the service to ALL women because, you’re seeing it as discriminating against women outside your niche?

If so, have you thought it could be a fear in you, not a discrimination to them?

Because what would that say about YOU if you left anyone out?


…another issue in you could be ‘needing to be seen as virtuous and inclusive’ because you were excluded at one time or been raised to believe it’s bad?

Something to ask yourself.


1. They don’t 100% know you’re talking to them, so they pull out of events they sign up for with you, because oh well, who wants to listen to people who will only partly (they think from 5% to 99%) give them what they need and they have to be in a room with, and listen to you discussing other things as well. Their time is precious to them.

2. Not enough NEED or PAIN to drive decision making, so they never sign up. Every other expense will come before this one.

3. Not as trusting of you because she sees you as knowing a little about a lot of things but not a lot about HER ONE THING.

4. Gets bored when you talk about the other issues that she doesn’t consider important, so she wanders away from your page or posts, and Facebook pulls you down in her feed, because it thinks if she clicked away, she wasn’t interested. Now she can’t see your stuff when you think she can.

5. Respect is more easily lost and rapport can take extra time because she doubts your ability to help HER or understand her well enough.

6. Because of the lack of certainty she had in you from the start, she can be harder to convince you are worth paying so much to.

7. Her expectations will be higher and no way for her to know she got what she thinks she paid for.

8. Less likely to refer you, just in case you don’t understand her friend’s issues.

9. More likely to ask for money back.

10. More likely not to see results, because you’ve made other issues important, but to her they may not be. It’s only a problem if it’s a problem to HER. This may make her feel she wasted her money and that you didn’t respect her time.

11. More problem in sessions. More sabotage. You can think it’s something you did, when really she was not ‘fitting’ you, so the doubt can be high. Not much different to dating, because they want a match in some way for this kind of work. To them it’s an intimate thing.

12. Less likely to come to you is things arise between sessions. Where will she go then?  (Believe me, you don’t want this to happen)

But when specialising, YOU GET almost the opposite, such as:

1. They 100% know you are their guru at first glimpse. They invite their same people with same issues to your groups, and share your posts because you are a kindred spirit expert in their eyes. No convincing needed, and read everything you put out.

2. Easy to convert and get her to pay you well. (Specialists make more money than mere general practitioners ;))

3. Faster connections and better rapport from the onset.

4. They are already in groups and associate with others also in your Niche, so they refer them ALL to you, even long after their breakthrough, plus you have your own story, just like them, so she has 2 evidence stories to tell her friend. Yours and hers.

5. Expectations are less, more easily manageable, and more appreciated. You relieved her BIGGEST pain that she had most evidence of to compare to, to know she changed, because it was so bad for her.

6. They trust you, because it helped you with the same issue. It causes her to surrender to the process, with you in lead role. It causes instant connection so that means likeability and respect, automatically. Makes your job fun, not hard. Effortless and even quite simple.

7. You never have to think again about a speaker subject. It’s always ready to go.

8. Plus, anything else I left out that is the opposite to the issues that come from broad targeting negative list above.

Positives of serving a broad market- Can’t think of anything other than it feels good to the facilitator, but I’m sure there is something I am forgetting.

Here’s a few SINGLE EMOTION NICHE examples:

>Guilt- (You could niche even further down into mothers guilt, guilt from infidelity, guilt from miscarried, guilt from giving a child up for adoption, guilt from feeling sexual pleasure or connection to a sexual abuser, guilt for choosing not to have kids, guilt for blah blah blah)

>Grief- (more specific could be grief after loss of a child or miscarriage, grief after losing a parent, grief after losing a pet, grief after losing a partner, grief of a terminal disease, grief after divorce, grief after losing someone to suicide etc etc etc)

>Regret- (refer for seniors, of a life not fully lived, regret for sleeping with someone outside the relationship, they for a life you didn’t get to live choosing to be forced into being a Carer, etc etc etc)

Here’s a few examples of SINGLE EVENT NICHE’S-

>Rape (you could then specialise further in- raped by a family member, date-raped, raped at school age, raped by husband, etc etc etc)

>Sexual abuse as a child that causes lack of sex drive or repulsed by sex as an adult.

>The fallout from being an ill child

>Getting over divorce

>From grief to loving your life when the kids have left home

>Women gone through menopause

>Whatever event YOU experienced

Can you see why it’s so highly recommended, even though it can feel it will be hard to find them, but they are easily found with searches.

GOOGLE HAS LOTS ON YOUR SPECIALITY. You can find your unique way to teach them about it in posts, if you want to know the topic inside out. And add stories of what it was like for you when you had it. And stories of you without it.

So who now understands the benefits of a niche more than they did before, and intend to put the effort in to creating yours, and who has a niche already?

Love and belief in you, Maz xx

OMG Creatrix® healed my 2yr chronic fatigue IN ONE SESSION

OMG Creatrix® healed my 2yr chronic fatigue IN ONE SESSION

I am sure I have just discovered the DEEPEST, ROOT OF ALL ROOTS, SINGLE ISSUE that needs healing for 90% OF ALL WOMEN, not just me like I first thought.

I believe this is a short cut to break women through the cycles that cause us to be taken advantage of and constantly put into positions that bring us suffering and unable to be present and positive in our heads.

If I said it out loud I’d be accused of gaslighting (worse than telling a woman she smells), so that’s the biggest hurdle. So off I go now to work out how to communicate the message, so they can heal like never before.

What owning and resolving this one single issue in a single session did for me personally, was entirely, overnight, brought back my creativity, healed my illness symptoms, brought me out of extreme fatigue, but best of all, brought back my passion more than ever. I thought it was dead, but it was just right there.

It’s now ONE MONTH LATER, and it’s completely sustained and I cancelled all the specialist appointments and packed away all the supplements and healing gadgets.

P.S. Maybe I created Creatrix® to heal myself, who the f knows. Thankfully I have the kind of women leaders around me brave enough to challenge me (and I resisted so it was not pretty) so it could be identified, to be Creatrixed.

Webinar coming soon teaching on what THE SINGLE ISSUE IS for brave women serious about letting go of unhappiness, misery and what feels like bad luck….

Love and belief in you, Maz xx




1. A RADICAL WAKE UP CALL BLEEP MOMENT IN LIFE that’s so shocking, time stands still.

In these naturally occurring events that very few people ever experience, I’ve unpacked a few of the conditions present that make the change permanent.
They are:
> you’re not in any danger at that very moment,
> all your faculties are suspended from the shock factor and
> the world goes silent while you
> get downloaded with emotional resilience life learnings (EQ).

It’s THIS KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, these NEW BELIEF SYSTEMS that replace your entire internal programming, caused by the healing effect it brings to any old trauma wounding and sabotaging behaviours.

This creates renewed conviction to take the actions to change your life, at all costs, regardless of how many other failed attempts you’ve made before. This is very different to past decision making. These decisions are made in concrete, not sand.

The problem is it usually occurs from such a shocking life threatening event, an unexpected traumatic event, like waking up from a heart attack or a stroke.

Or like me, waking up after my first ever, out of the blue (at 32 years old) epileptic fit on the side of a highway, whilst fleeing again from DV.

NEVER are these pleasant life transformational occurrences, but instead of the sudden traumatic event causing a PTSD,  it resolves past trauma PTSD’s.

2. A NEW DECISION OR NEW ACTION – If a life is being lived against your gut instinct, for your highest good, this is needed. It’s time and you somehow find a way to make that change.

Changing your life circumstances in some way, through no longer continuing the way you were being before.

Stopping something that was NOT in your highest good, and swapping it out for a life and lifestyle that DOES serve your highest good.

For example, uncoupling from a partner, saying “no” in situations you always said “yes” to, even if you’re scared. It could be moving out of a house, standing up to a bully, moving town or whatever else your GUT has been telling you that you’ve ignored.

Sounds easy, but occasionally you see this. Just knowing you can is sometimes all you need.

For whatever reason,  the male brain tends to be able do this more often, whereas the emotional content behind this very conscious way of creating radical life change, makes it too hard for most women to sustain. She needs emotional healing to be able to do this so that’s why Creatrix® is now an option for women.



3. CREATRIX®️ the deep underlying emotions that are experienced through having the same set of conditions in place through the design of Creatrix that occur in the wake up call above.

This has the same outcome as the natural occurring wake up can.

How? Well, through that filterless, timeless, silent and ‘pure’ state of clarity, you hear your own higher consciousness advising you (otherwise called wise realisations/epiphanies), like a rapid, radically life altering download of emotional wisdom that enables the bravery to make new decisions, even if they’re tough. It’s that which helps cause new, resolute decisions to be made as in above number two.. changing your energy in these ways, changed what you now attract into your life.

So ultimately, Creatrix®️ is the way to experience the 2 above, on purpose and simply, due to the fact the Creatrix therapy is designed uniquely for the way women process and hold on to unresolved traumas.

If most women change only beliefs, release emotions only, or try to consciously tell herself affirmations that her higher self knows she doesn’t actually believe deep down, she usually gets temporary change.

This can create an internal conflict within her as now they conflict with her deeper values, other beliefs or unresolved deep emotional issues.

Healing and ‘pure unfiltered wisdom gaining’ is the way for rapid, lasting change. The problem is thus resolved as deeply as between the molecules of your very cells, transforming the liquidity of your being, resetting your frequency, your vibration, your values, your beliefs, your thoughts and eventually it ripples out to change your behaviour.

The hardest way to get lasting change is at the layer of behaviour. Behaviour is at the effect of all the deep layers running on automation. If you don’t work more deeply, you will require willpower, and it doesn’t get harder than that, especially for women as we are more unconsciously operating emotions that will block our willpower.

Consider becoming a Creatrix® Transformologist® to help women turn their lives around or improve the life they’ve already started to recreate on their own, making her journey faster and more effortless.

Love and belief in you, Maz xx


Maz Ran 800+ Women’s Events to Research From

Maz Ran 800+ Women’s Events to Research From

I’ve organised, designed, facilitated and run more than 800 WOMEN’S events for WOMEN IN BUSINESS. Yes, do the maths. Weekly for 18 of those years with rarely a week off except for Xmas and if I was sick to the point that medication would not work or I was overseas.
My commitment led me to be a number 1 in 10 countries in volume sales out of 1 million PLUS women who had the same chance within 10 countries. I broke all but one company record and that was for personal sales.
I did not work hard, I worked smart. I helped OTHERS make money and I got paid well only if they made money.
Yes, it’s a little while ago but up until 8 years ago, just the women I led, trained and breathed belief into every single week, passed more than $30,000,000 dollars through their small businesses and bank accounts. That is not all the women, that’s only the ones I was able to get reports on.
I knew the kids and husbands of many of those women. I was able to do research on REAL EVERYDAY WOMEN that I don’t believe anyone has ever been able, or bothered to do before on the Psychology of Women.
As well as more than 1300 hours of scientific research on the female brain (bodies with a uterus). We are so different and everyone is ignoring it in this industry.
Just thought you’d like to know who it is that designed Creatrix® and then Transformology®.
I began as a destitute single mother who had experienced a hell of a childhood, and as a mother of 4 had to flee into hiding for more than a year.
I had zero confidence and even had to learn to smile and eye contact when I entered the business world. If I can do this, don’t underestimate what you can do, with the right leadership, The Creatrix method at your fingertips and the support of Women just like you.
All those decades of knowledge and wisdom is compiled into a massive resources library I GIVE FREE to my Creatrix Transformologists and is still growing. Why? Because they are taking Creatrix (my baby) to the world.
Tonight I’m nostalgic as I’m condensing some boxes of electrical gadgets and found I’ve had 9 microphone sets in those 26 years. I’ve been training female leaders and coaches for 25 of those years. Number 7 plugged into any hotel speaker system and the memories came flooding back when I found it tonight.
I unashamedly share this brag with you, leaving out International awards etc, simply to let you know a little of the background of who went on then, with the above background, to found the Institute of Women International and build it to what it is today.
From just what my head was able to create, women in 23 countries now use as their business toolbox to not just make money but to EMPOWER WOMEN.
Women need us female leaders more than ever, to bring healthy self esteem and confidence back!
No woman is truly free until she can make money to support herself. Life happens and you can back yourself and not make choices from destitution like I once had to.
I promise that I will never treat you or ask anything of you that I wouldn’t ask of my own grown children when you too become a Creatrix Transformologist and add Creatrix into your toolbox.
Love and belief in you, Maz XX