Remember, we are your ideal tribe

Remember, we are your ideal tribe

We are NOT MLM, we are NOT a direct selling company. There is zero commissions. HOWEVER I want Creatrix Transformologists to always feel inspired and to feel special to help them stay motivated. After all, they are taking my baby (Creatrix) out into the world so it can deliver its magic to women.
Being in business can be lonely and you can easily do nothing because 1. Women are not naturally money driven, even though we need it to live and get us what we want, it’s rarely enough on its own to cause us to constantly self motivate. And 2. After having Creatrix done on ourselves (it’s free for facilitators anytime), we are left with nothing to prove to anyone and no longer cares what others think of us. You’d be surprised how many women deep down only work for those 2 motivators.
So I decided to help them WANT to motivate themselves through a recognition program. I have 3 awards.
1. The heart award! There are 3 recipients. They vote for this, as it’s not something we as a training and support company have any say in.
Then there’s the Perfect 10. These women received their perfect 10 quality heart charms and here’s them after receiving them.
The 3rd is new and it’s our Ambassador program. This one has money incentives and all sorts of things to keep them motivated. Lots of bonuses and things.
No matter what any of the Creatrix Transformologists do, they are loved, appreciated and we want what’s best for them no matter what that is, however, as women come in all sorts, we wanted different positive ways to support them.
Women shine in an environment where they know they’ve got support and have like minded women available for them to teach out to.
We believe we’ve created THE PERFECT ‘THRIVING’ program for women who know they’re born to set other women’s hearts free from all the pains of life so they can be their best selves.
Making it a career for themselves is one thing, but to make it a lifestyle and be one of the hearts set free, means we also have THE MOST AUTHENTIC WOMEN EMPOWERMENT FACILITATORS in the entire industry.
If you’re in this group, it means you have a vision, are in a mission, and also are passionate about helping women. You don’t have to do it alone, you can join us and have even more success. Don’t put this decision off out of doubts and insecurities, we can Creatrix all that stuff. That’s just sabotage. 93 out of 93 reviews are 5 stars. In fact, many of our women are IN THIS GROUP because we’re an open book. TRUST HOW YOU ENDED UP IN HERE!
As an influencer, don’t block yourself from how far and how many you are born to help. Do it NOW or don’t do it at all! Just decide!
We are waiting to help you like you’ve never been helped before. You don’t lose your independence if that’s what you love because although we have so much to offer, you can simple take and leave what you desire. But no one is an island and whether you take it or not, it can also be lonely at the top. We all need human connection and we supply the kind that are unblocked women just like you would be. Our people are YOUR people that are hard to find in this planet, especially lately. Reach out now and at least have a trial session. These are only available to women seriously considering our program.
Send us an email to [email protected] with your country and say “TRIAL PLEASE”.
Institute of women

They still think us girls are just boys without b.a.l.l.s

Even the female scientist can’t see why you’d test women’s issues on actual female mice because she’s been so brainwashed to only use tests that can be measured in their devices.
Anyway, lab mice are genetically inbred now and have rarely anything in common with humans, compared to 100 years ago when mice testing started, on actual natural mice.
And who would think even menopause therapy was tested on men.
Let’s hear a man tell you.
Institute of women
Institute of women
What if ‘I AM’ Affirmations don’t work for you?!

What if ‘I AM’ Affirmations don’t work for you?!

How to say affirmations in the language that your unconscious mind (UM) understands.
An affirmation that WORKS doesn’t have the word “I” in it, contrary to what all the gurus teach. If that worked we’d all be rich and have no issues.
The UM knows you are not the perception of yourself.
The more ideal way to say an affirmation then would be to firstly imagine an image of yourself while saying it like this:
“You are beautiful!” This gives a nice image, a blueprint if you will, of which version of yourself you are talking to.
If you don’t already know, the UM swaps self for others. What you say of others it thinks you mean it about yourself.
This is why judgemental people continually suffer, regardless of affirmations. Best to work on that part of yourself, THEN do affirmations correctly.
I proved this hypothesis to be correct when I designed Creatrix®️ using a story constructed of metaphors with no self in it and blow me down if it didn’t work better than when using a story with a ‘self’ in it. In fact, the affirmations went so deep they became set on automation as knowings deep into the core as self truths.
The UM will swap the characters learnings into the self automatically, that’s just how it works. It’s very cool.
This is why teaching is the best way to learn.
Try this exercise – Imagine you close your eyes and stand behind yourself and tap yourself on the head. Which one is you? What about floating behind THAT one that’s standing behind you and tapping HER on the head. Of the 3 versions, which one is actually you? There is the you that thinks and can see yourself but there is the you inside your PUPILS, the real one.
To see ‘self’ is our construct, so when you say “I” it means nothing to the UM.
So once again:
  • STEP 1: Heal your issues around how you see others because UM thinks you mean that of yourself so positive affirmations will cause internal conflict and not work.
  • STEP 2: See an image of yourself in your minds eye.
  • STEP 3: Say affirmation starting with the word ‘You’.
Even better still, stand in front of a mirror and say it WHILE LOOKING DEEPLY INTO THE BLACK PIT OF YOUR PUPILS for real power.
Institute of women
Institute of women

Your Deepest Issues Were Inherited

Do you understand Epigenetics? You hear me talk about it but it’s simple really… Here’s an easy way to understand.
Your issues are not necessarily originating with you, so if you only work on issues that are yours in origin, then that work is usually undone within a year as it ‘wears off’ because it wasn’t a deep completely ancestral clearing. In the epigenetic engine room of a uterus is the all truth knowing female human-making unconsciousness and this is the level you need to heal to.
So many people use methods that say they are epigenetical, but if there could ever be a ‘before’ ancestor that existed, then how do you know where it started?
When finalising Creatrix’s design it HAD to not be able to ‘miss’ any origin, regardless of how long ago it was… AND it had to include the ‘lessons’ from the issue to change the automatic response to triggers.
You can’t just ‘imagine’ cutting the cord to your ancestors or any of that disrespect to our higher intelligence, because you’re still under the influence of self and your own filters. YOU are blind to your own lessons without a revolutionary experience to shock you from your well memory-running programmed habitual automatic responses handed down to you from goodness knows when. After all, we program our brains what to ‘notice’ so it only notices what aligns with our belief system, frequency and focus.
If you were consciously in control and therefore could change just because you want to, you would have. You wouldn’t be reacting so sabotagingly to things AGAIN.
Self can’t analyse self so when a professional says “ask your own unconscious mind when it started, or ask your unconscious mind’s permission to blah blah” the poor old person just guesses. You can’t fool your actual biology, it KNOWS where it started and we go a loooooooooooooong way back.
It’d be naive to think it would have started only in the last .01% period of your ancestral bloodline’s existence, or someone you knew in your lifetime. Really? Yes you were born innocent, however you have external traits that go way back in your family, and you have INTERNAL traits/ways of perceiving too.
You have to work with 2 generations at least if you’re a girl because you were already an egg inside your mother when she was inside her mother. Whatever they became traumatised over and didn’t have the resources to deal with at the time, as protection, your unconscious mind remembers this. For eternity the responses have been placed onto automation, so you never have to worry about it and it’s there to protect the bloodline and keep it alive.
We need to work in the thousands of generations ago if you are to be SURE.
Thus you see GENERATIONALLY-INGRAINED CYCLE BREAKING change with Creatrix® that lasts because of it’s epigenetical design.
Institute of women
Institute of women
Let’s go deep on the powers we have within as WOMEN

Let’s go deep on the powers we have within as WOMEN

Let’s go deep on the powers we have within as WOMEN…
Mind runs brain, not the other way around. If you work at manipulating the brain to change the mind you’ll only get temporary results, because it’s not changing the source in a way that occurs at all 3 evolutionary brain levels, but there’s something I want you to think about, being that you are female.
You can only access the source for transformational purposes via the mind but then you must be able to get the shift across all layers of what we are as well, if you want your transformation (or complete lasting reframing) to be sustainable.
The brain is the conduit yes, but women seem to hold on more at a deeper level.
Are we more resistant because we ‘homes of a uterus’ humans actually can access another realm of wisdom, the wisdom that recreates a human, including the automatic responses learned by the ancestors of the egg and the sperm?
While you wrap your mind around that…
Mind learning before language came about (a bunch of millions of years ago), was automatic response.
Creatrix® addresses, translates and transforms the deepest mind perception to reframe even the deepest outside of awareness automatic responses through accessing the same wisdom that our uterus needs. It’s part of our design and why we needed a DEEPER tool because you can’t fill what we know at our uterus brain level.
Nobel prize science understands this would be possible, even though traditional science doesn’t.
We all have waves of energy surfing through us at all times but we make choices every waking moment of a day (and goodness knows what happens when we are asleep) with our mind and the choices change the waves, even if they stem from inherited traumatic responses we aren’t even aware of.
400-500 billion actions per second happen at this level. Choice alters our reality and what motivates these choices is what must change if you want better responses that create for you a better life.
If you don’t know why you make minute choices then it can be inherited patterns, witnessed patterns or automatic traumatic responses that led to undesirable outcomes that could have been inherited from HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF GENERATIONS AGO.
Choice making motivation can be bloodline deep so women need to work at this layer because we are uterus housing and have uterus wisdom brains.
This causes a bloodline predisposition to experience real life events similar to our mothers or grandparents etc.
You often see twins for example both have a breast cancer gene (identical genes) but only one might actually activate that gene to do its thing and ignite the cancer and the other twin doesn’t. How can that be if we are just our genes?
Where you see patterns naturally break is when the family beliefs change such as one twin moves away from the family changing the inherited values and beliefs through a rebellious questioning mind and not blindly following.
Well, this is epigenetics and we are wired to run the generator (uterus) of epigenetics.
How’s this? We know that ending up with a partner that will abuse us can happen for the first time in a bloodline, however, if you ask any policeman, they will say it’s mostly in family lines. They can tell by your last name and even your address if you are more likely. But how?
Distinct events such as violence to the women and sexual abuse of the children was ‘normal’ in my family I’m sad to say. Abusing men and abused women were 4 generations deep that I knew of.
The beliefs they see around them before even 5 years old, which mostly happens to be of the parents, will pre-destine them to create the reality. Is it just beliefs that must change?
Beliefs come with a set of automatic responses that run so deep the only way I know of to get to them is via the belief into the bloodline, which tunnels down into all of what we are and into all systems that are affected.
Creatrix achieves this level of reframing, recoding, relearning and release because it resolves the conflict that causes the choices of our actions or thought patterns, regardless of where they originated, even ancestrally. If we don’t go that deep or factor in that the uterus instructor IS wisdom and KNOWS, it’s just silly. Working at any level that doesn’t factor in the truth of epigenetics won’t allow you to sustain it because you didn’t change at the ROOT.
That’s why Creatrix creates a visceral felt release including bad smelling urine for a day etc because the change is cellular and uterine brain deep.
Note: even if you’ve had a uterus removed or it’s not working properly or deformed, you were still given the wiring and thus require an epigenetic breakthrough via accessing the uterus wisdom.
It has been amazing to see a beautiful mother sharing her Facebook posts after having birthed 3 children now in the last 5 years; because when she came to me just before her first pregnancy, she had no longer experienced periods because she was anorexic and addicted to exercise.
Her mind had turned off her periods because she was running her body like a man, so the body was trying to accommodate her choice.
Incidentally it turned out her mother had anorexia but in those days there wasn’t a name for it. But Sam exacerbated the inheritance that little bit further and for 5 years had no periods. Her doctors told her she would never have kids without hormone therapy at the very least. The damage was done they said. All she wanted was to have kids.
DURING a Creatrix session she started spotting. She did not come to us to have kids, by the way, just to rid the beliefs and emotions around over exercising and being so body conscious.
Now, we never know when we are blessed to locate the exact beliefs that break a family cycle but in this particular case we did.
We have had 2 women get their periods again during Creatrix and both had not had them for 5 or more years.
The mind is our most powerful saboteur or alliance, and a woman’s just runs deep into the bloodline.
It’s a genie in a bottle and we either rub it in a way that gives us what we want to feel or we are rubbing it (unaware of course) in a way that perpetuates exactly what we don’t want. Either way we are the common denominator and the one in control of it even when we feel least in control. BUT to change us we must go into the bloodline because our uterus run brain cannot be fooled to make a shift if the work’s not taking it into account.
The most the world knows to do to solve the issues is to consciously teach reframing (or hypnosis or NLP reframing) but it’s way too superficial and there is only a temporary fix for women. The male brain can reframe with some of these methods though. Lucky buggers are fine even with TLT or NLP.
But know that Creatrix®️ works through all layers of an issue and all layers of our design and that’s why it lasts particularly for women.
It works at the deepest reptilian brain level through to the emotional brain centre level, the nervous system and thinking brain level, adjusting the values, automatic response levels and inherited roots so the transformation is congruent and able to change in a sustainable way that doesn’t return.
Institute of women
Institute of women
Your Uterus Brain is why you are still stuck

Your Uterus Brain is why you are still stuck

Without a UTERUS there IS no epigenetics!!!!!!!!
What does this weird statement mean you ask? Well to the practitioners, therapists and coaches in here, you will resonate once I unpack it below for you.
IT’S VITALLY IMPORTANT for FACILITATORS OF LIFE ALTERING MODALITIES OR THERAPIES because if the method being used doesn’t speak the language of the UNconscious mind that runs the epigenetics ‘installation room’ (the uterus), then IT MEANS YOUR PROCESS DOES NOT WORK AT THE LEVEL OF EPIGENETICS (breaking the cycle at the root, because there’s no ‘root’ that started with you).

I’m even cocky enough to say even that Bruce Lipton, John Gray (both men) do not understand the uterus needs to know CREATION therefore it’s the engine room of epigenetics and there was needed a program that speaks that language. In fact, many people understand there IS a difference between females and males but NO ONE IS JOINING THE RIGHT DOTS FOR US.

If someone in your entire DNA bloodline history ‘could’ have had an issue similar to yours, you have to HEAL AT THAT LEVEL and the only way through is the UTERUS PROGRAM. NO, Timeline Therapy and past life regression, Akashic records and family constellations DOES NOT ENTER THE REALM OF THE FEMALE AREA OF UNCONSCIOUSNESS.

To prove this, I used Creatrix® (the female breakthrough method that I designed uniquely to break the cycles of our ‘issues’ rather than a bandaid, speaking to the area of the unconscious mind that ONLY A FEMALE HAS ACCESS TO) on men and IT FAILS EVERY SINGLE TIME at the point where we switch from generalised great metaphors (that the elite coaches and therapists in the world would know you need) to speaking metaphorically to OUR UNIQUE maternal wiring. Interestingly AT THIS EXACT POINT, the woman ignites, lights up the neurology LIKE NEVER BEFORE EVER IN ANY OTHER METHOD to the root, and right there, in that split second, you see ‘her’ connect to the ‘source’ of her ultimate internal BLOODLINE ALL-KNOWING part of us.

Now the trainers receiving this, who TRAIN in methods and modalities (not just practitioners and deliverers of the tools but those who teach facilitators or coaches) will resonate with what I’ve just said and say to themselves ‘SHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, that makes the most sense I’ve ever heard’. They KNOW something’s missing for women, they feel it in their bones. They KNOW everything else originated through either men or the construct that we all access the exact same ‘area’ of unconscious.


I seek WOMEN ON A MISSION WITH A PASSION AND A VISION TO SET WOMEN’S HEARTS FREE who know women need MORE than what’s out there.

I’M TAKING APPLICANTS and only want to attract women who seriously would get off on delivering this WORLD FIRST!!!!

My Transformologists and I have a mission to set 10 MILLION FEMALE HEARTS FREE and that can only happen with action taking women in the industry who align with this purpose. It’s the most f’n rewarding and confidence boosting thing when you can guarantee 100% results and then you never take a woman’s money, wondering if you can deliver value. 100% of the time you blow them away with results.

LASTING results is the only truth of how good the tools are and that YOU ARE THE WALKING TALKING ROLE MODEL OF YOUR TOOLS.
Once you learn Creatrix®, you will never wonder again which of your amazing suite of tools to use for what issue. ONE TOOL, ALL ISSUES, 100% RESULTS. We start with YOU.
Institute of women
Institute of women