WHY CREATRIX®️ IS TOO GOOD AT ITS JOB FOR SOME PEOPLE. This is why it’s not for everyone and not everyone should be a Transformologist®️. We could not offer the 100% results without our high standards of accreditation. Here’s why:-
The process of value to a person paying for a service comes from the process of comparative evidence. But what happens if you cut off one end of the stick which has before and after at each end? Because of the transformative, raising of deep intelligences she experiences in sessions, we end up dissolving the ‘before’ end of her comparative stick.
Creatrix®️ removes the ability for accurate comparison because it raises emotional intelligence, intuition, syncing unconscious and conscious back together on one page and even reduces nervous system stress.
We can’t dumb you down just to check how you felt when you applied the old meaning.
We made you smarter than that at the speed of closing your eyes in a Creatrix®️ session, to opening them, so that must be what you want. Yes, several sessions can be needed, but each time is the same process.
For example, you cannot tell the little girl self you once were, who was unable to tie her shoe laces, to get back into the frustration to remember its intensity for comparative purposes. The only way would be to UNLEARN.
When tying your shoe laces back then it required not just the conscious thoughts of ‘this lace goes here, this has to loop here’, but it was also, ‘I need to catch up to the other kids or I’ll be left at home. That means I’ll get in trouble’, that caused negative emotions and frustration and overwhelm. It all went when the problem was resolved with education.
The only thing different as adults, is we don’t even know there’s any optional perspectives to anything mentally or emotionally derived. It requires seeing things differently, which means unlearning what led us to arrive at our beliefs and thoughts, which cause us to end up sabotaging or struggling. It IS possible, but only if there was a way to suspend ALL of our facilities.
Adults think we know it all and there can’t be any other interpretation. We will even die for our beliefs and many have. We think they are the only truth and the only option of perspective, and that we are right!
So how do we suspend your truth, so you can discover if it’s actually true, or if you need healthier actual truths that are better aligned for your highest good and will have you experiencing an improved quality of life and peace?
Creatrix®️ can and does do this, effortlessly, safely and effectively BUT with one problem. It’s the pink pill in the matrix, in that you will be transformed as you desire on the inside, but you won’t get to know it. Unless you’re exceptionally aware.
Regardless of how academically smart you are, you are emotionally and mentally stunted when you are believing in any way that has you stressing more than you are calm within your nervous system, and negative emotions that come and go rather than hold for any length of time, or struggling to trust yourself to make choices or process events in your mind that don’t lead to overwhelm.
Within an hour of Creatrixing, you will be emotionally much more mature, having gained emotional intelligence to the point it’s literally and virtually IMPOSSIBLE to see the problems in the way you did, which created your version of everything that led to the problem you presented with.
So when you settle in after 1 day or 2, you will say I don’t feel different, I’m not sure anything changed. And yet you will be so emotional mature and emotional intelligence and intuitively retuned, that you might try to blame us that you haven’t changed. That would be understandable, however it’s the price we all pay to take the pink pill. You get what you want but you don’t know you got it ????‍♀️????????????‍????????????
This is why you must want to be better, to the point you do not need validation because the lack of actually suffering will not be there. This requires you being aware of the price of keeping the problem versus no longer having an excuse for it. Some people tell us they’re ready, but in truth, their need to be right or broken, unwell or whatever they were receiving as a benefit, will no longer be justifiable. Such as if I stay depressed, I get meals cooked for me by the neighbour or I get attention. If not, I’ll have to make friends like everyone else does, or I’ll have to cook for myself etc.
This is called secondary gain and it’s a real thing. We can tell ourselves we’re wanting to no longer have our problem, but it’s sometimes we’re not actually ready if we really weighed up the price and sometimes believe it or not, another ‘therapy’ failing us can give a person another notch on their belt. It’s a phenomena we also come across, thankfully not too often, so there’s many reasons we screen all.
Being a Transformologist®️ is the most rewarding career to take a women from suffering, to no longer suffering in a way that’s fast, safe and is irreversible when we have the right and ready clients it’s meant for.
We get constant, humble thanks from clients who wanted to raise their intelligences, for years to come from some of them, being that we were the only actual solution to their pain, and for others, we get forgotten and occasionally accused as part and parcel of sometimes having women slip through our screening net.
These forms of intelligence we are raising are not the one you will use to analyse with because that’s your conscious mind, the analyst. So event memories remain but not negative emotional memory.
The only way to go back to this point of your intelligences is to dumb you down back to this exact point in time. That’s the one thing we can’t do. Even you can’t do that. You can of course ignore your intuition, which is what has been screaming at you up to now which was ignored during choice moments that led to patterns reforming.
After Creatrix®️ you have a refined intuition which is our natural GPS system that is designed to keep us safe, healthy and guide us to our best life. The problem was we stopped having faith in it.
So to ignore it after Creatrix®️ will be a choice, but of course you can choose to ignore it. That’ll dumb you down, but not exactly to the same point but it sure is a way to make yourself end up struggling and suffering all over again in some way.
So we’re going to remind you later of what exactly you came to us with that gave you enough reason to pay me to have the Creatrix®️ experience.
We’re even going to record you at the first session telling us yourself, what you came with and how it is affecting your life and why you want to change, because this will be the only chance we get to get ‘before’ evidence.
All because Creatrix®️ is too thorough, that it’s too good because it does what no person can do for themselves, which is a reality without all of our faculties or even time, and no one can teach us due to this. We will suspend time and your faculties, keeping you in a safe blissed out state, so you can relearn for yourself. This in and of itself, changes the filters. It’s the only way we know of, to create irreversible transformation. That’s why they pay us the big bucks, not just for the time your sessions take, but for ALL of what we do and are responsible for, and have to put up with.
So yes, Creatrix sometimes gets blamed for what it didn’t do, when it did do it, only it did it too well for every person that’s right and ready ready, by the same person who did get the outcome. Those who see the difference like cheese and chalk undeniably are those that were at the receiving end of their negative reactions, but sometimes someone who is not shown up as being the problem, who does like that she can see through them, so they can sometimes try and manipulate them to believe the change is negative.
So by raising your intuitive, emotional and even the intelligence required to arrive at healthier interpretations of yourself, others, life and the world, you will also switch your beliefs, regulate your emotions to healthy and harmonious because hopefully you’ll listen to the intuition which will at least be heard now. This in and of itself, makes your thoughts be less sabotaging, quieting your mind and being peace.
So to raise these varied intelligences as Creatrix®️ is facilitating, has been needed and is not able to be achieved in any other way we’ve seen before, BY SELF as the teacher, which is also why Creatrix®️ results sticks.

It’s the uniqueness that makes Creatrix®️ ‘wisdom’, gained by you TO you during the sessions, that’s 100% required for LASTING, SAFE, PROFOUND, IRREVERSIBLE CHANGE. This is why it’s winning innovation awards and is revolutionising the industry. It’s a  real solution for an industry that’s failing women in fast, irreversible recovery.
The Creatrix®️ TRANSFORMATION that will occur takes only an hour or 2, over several sessions to create the CHANGE you came to us to get.
This is what MAZ SCHIRMER WHO CREATED CREATRIX®️, as the ‘means’ to achieve this had to design. But the facilitation and screening to get to maintain the 100% outcomes that Maz herself could get when she designed it meant having to create Transformologists®.
To create these, she had to unpack and teach TRANSFORMOLOGY®️ because to get 100% irreversible outcomes does require a set of circumstances, a confidence, a humility to not need recognition that come from comparative evidence, therefore their reward is knowing she is doing amazing work. There’s an art to the delivery, almost a psychological dance to navigate subconscious resistance and potential sabotage, not to mention integrity and commitment to safe facilitation at the standard of committing to win every single race.
So to not have you so anxious and fearful and depressed and angry and sad and guilt ridden and lashing out and overwhelmed and screaming head chatter and self doubt and an inability to make quality choices and to always end up the victim and repeating negative patterns and to not enjoy life and feel too weak to say no and not good enough and so on,
requires YOUR ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that you want to raise your varied intelligences that you can’t get anywhere else. The kind that can’t be gained through your filters, because the area of your consciousness that keeps your filters (beliefs, emotions, meaning applied, thoughts, values) are all habitual, ingrained, automated programs running outside of the conscious brain that we think is in control.
Unfortunately, running these programs are 98% outside of your awareness, but to discount the 2% would be to think you’ll arrive safely at your destination on an aeroplane who’s 2% off course to land on a runway 1000kms away.
Creatrix®️ utilises and enlists all that you are, so it’s complete and thorough, it means you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UNDO IT TO EVALUATE AND COMPARE FOR EVIDENCE PURPOSES.
If you absolutely need that, especially before you’ve even given the time needed to go make different choices etc, YOU WILL BLAME THE TRANSFORMOLOGIST®️ AND CREATRIX®️ THE METHOD unjustly, saying you are not different, because all you feel is ‘you’. You are more you in fact.
When it was you expecting ‘different’ when in Creatrix®️ UNhypnotised you from a warped reality and that is what was needed. You aren’t meant to ‘notice’ difference, you just ARE yourself, but your true unconsciously unencumbered un-negatively programmed self.
All meanings of all things, events, yourself, other people, the world, life, the future are ALL different. You don’t ‘feel’ meaning.
So afterwards my darling woman, you will devalue the work we do with you. For that reason, we require evidence that must be seen.
To my Transformologists: when they come back saying ‘I’m not different’ remember to have their before recording and the list of issues and how they used to interpret themselves, others, life, the world, and even the future and the past, ready to SHOW THEM. Forgive them for not knowing what they cannot, unless they were an exceptionally aware person, so rather than becoming defensive (which can be Creatrixed) simply say ‘ah yes, hang on while I get your files’, and show them. They will be astounded every single time.
They may even rate the responses similarly but before their metre of anger when triggered was 9/10 meant they would feel every muscle in them tense, possibly shake physically, scream or say words they later regretted, with no pause in reactiveness that may have led to destroying relationships, feeling the anger for days at a time to a 9/10.
But afterwards they may say I still get angry, when it’s actually completely justifiable as anyone would, however deeply within, their unconscious mind steps in to whisper the wisdom they received however long ago when they had Creatrix®️, which is on automation and outside of our awareness, helping them move on within 30 minutes. They also would not be reacting from it as badly.
This rating ‘system’ change they think is the same but it too was recalibrated.
For example, a person rating how cold they feel who lived in Antartica for 10 years complaining of cold in minus 10 degrees rating it 10/10, but after living in Melbourne (city of all 4 distinct seasons) at the peak of winter could rate cold as she feels it at 10/10. In reality, she simply no longer has the OLD high ratings available to her.
Or a woman at the pain peak of labour in childbirth knowing that is really a 10/10, and then stands on a nail saying that’s a 10/10. Hormones took the pain from the memory so that she would want other babies. It’s only remembered when she finds herself in another delivery birth moment.
This is why the EVIDENCE before we start sessions is crucial. We NEVER EVER get another chance to capture the before in such a way as it being evident to the person themselves.
This type of evidence is to show them their old self in that pain saying it with their OWN facial expressions from their zoom recorded sessions.
This is why it’s crucial we do C.A.R.T. measurements, as evidence of before and after where they have shared what they were believing, thinking, feeling, valuing on an event they described that was their trigger.
We must explain this to our clients PRIOR to Creatrix®️, because we have the best most complete thorough Transformational methodology, that as part of the very nature of the process of that, clients can convince themselves it didn’t work enough for what they pay. If only they knew. So have these all ready to show them.
If they come to you rating high or telling themselves they originally came to you to fix a, q and u, the only way to show them they actually came to you with problems b, d and y is in having this evidence to show them. They will only then, be able to know you gave them a million dollar reset, having entirely broken cycles and changed their entire destiny and quality of life. If a, q and u are problems, they’ll then see they are unrelated and may choose to get Creatrix®️ more they have other issues.
It might be also that they didn’t do their 50% role in turning their life around, expecting the behaviour to change without you even being there or maybe not coaching them in how although MEANING is all different, they have to choose how they want to react instead.
This means behavioural habits of reacting will still trigger, however, there is a new unemotional pause moment between trigger and how they reacting, and this is their opportunity to choose differently. They will be able to, in that moment, choose from that 2% part of them is conscious, to react in a different manner. They won’t be able to say ‘It is what it is and therefore I am unable to react any other way’ like they used to.
So it can take a while for them to see behaviours change, because they have no excuse to act the old way anymore. If they were reacting to intentionally hurt others before, we are not responsible for their intentions.
Their intuition is ripe, all rust removed, being unmuffled, so only THEY can choose if they will listen to it, or defy it. Too much defying and they will create new problems.
This is why our screening is crucial to determine if they truly are READY ready before taking them on as a client. Really ready women are committed to their role of acting from their intuition and being willing to do that, even if it means it may get worse for a bit if they have to for example, have hard conversations with people, set boundaries and other people can tell them they are not cold or uncaring, when in fact the other person was simply getting away with treating them poorly or inconsiderately.
So part of being an accredited Transformologists®️ of such a complete methodology is to screen them well from the comprehensive way you are taught, in preparing them well and conditioning you well too, through your own personal and professional development, as is needed to work at such a degree of psychological evolution that no one is used to.
To win every race every time, it’s understanding what this requires. The sacrifice is that we will not always get the glory, but we know we achieved it every time.
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