You don’t just wake up one day and you are going to change your life. It rarely happens like that. You know I’m right because at least once a week women SAY they are going to start either a new diet, a new exercise routine, or vouch to do something in a new way BUT how many times have they said that exact same thing? A penny for each one and most women would be rich by now.

Some of us get a wake up call we wouldn’t wish on anyone (I did) and so I don’t want you to sit around and wait for one of those either. So what I want to share with you is the MOST IMPORTANT STAGE to any SIGNIFICANT life change, the very one MOST people ignore.

Also you MUST start with number one and progress in the exact order of progression if you want to NEVER go backwards. The problem with most formula’s for success is they don’t spend enough energy (if any) on this PREP (pre-transformational) stage (if at all) because, well, it can make us squirm and own our ‘stuff’.

YUK,  ‘why put ourselves through more pain for crying out loud’ I hear you say.

No silly, wrong attitude, its WORTH IT I PROMISE!!!!!

We rush to push aside our ‘issues’ to hurry up and get to the good bit of the journey, where it’s easy going and the rewards are plenty. WRONG!!!  WRONG!!!  WRONG!!!

You will see the aftermath of those who habitually restart by skipping this step in the many frustrated people around you who are doing it that way, yet expecting to get life changing results.

Its not long lasting and just like an elastic band you will likely spring back to the old bar level of how far you usually get before you spring backwards. These people can become addicted to the search of the ever-elusive short cut formula to Break through to the other side, to cross their own belief barrier or ‘bar’ to find the longterm happiness and success they seek.

We must milk this stage dry before we move to the next. No short cuts and ready to play FULL OUT.



  1. ACCEPT what is and has been, by getting your life learnings however you have to.
  2. Dig deep to find out what you’ve been NOT aware of about yourself. What have you been denying? You see, we do know our own answers, we just shove them down and dumb ourselves down so we can NOT face our role in our own life past, EVEN if it was an UNCONSCIOUS ROLE we played we need to own it if we are to learn from it. If it was someone else’s fault then we think ‘they’ have to get learnings, not us so that’s DISempowering. We still suffer you see. If we own our choice to ‘feel’ what we felt at least, we can ‘unfeel’ it if we look through new lenses.  (see our Epigenetics page).
  3. List what you ‘feel’ from each Significant life event. Notice what these emotions are doing to you and how they effect you and what OTHER feelings they bring up, and how they link to CURRENT events (and they always do).
  4. Go all the way back through to early childhood and mark out them most significant emotional events in your life.
  5. Assess Your Life, honestly.
  6. Dig for your learnings from the ‘emotions’ rather than the ‘event’. What might you have MISread to make yourself feel so terrible that you can re-interpret to mean something different, something empowering to YOU. (stop the blame of anything and anyone before doing this process)

For example:- If you were hurt by the actions of a parent, your learnings COULD be:

It was THEIR interpretation and not necessarily the truth at all.

It could be THEY were treated that way and didn’t know any better so they simply did the only thing they knew to do.

They just didn’t value you and you may have misinterpreted it to mean YOU are NOT valuable just because THEY didn’t value you.

Don’t take it personally.

And so on and so on. Does that make sense?

(BTW. I know a method that takes literally minutes to draw your life learnings out of your subconscious mind as ‘undeniable ‘knowings’ as we guide you to ‘realise’ them as the TRUTH. Sounds a bit weird but hey, works as fast as clicking your fingers. You can investigate Creatrix® at if you want)

7.  Make Peace with yourself and others. I know you don’t want to hear this word most of you but FORGIVE yourself and others behaviours.

You see, forgiveness does not mean you condone their behaviour in any way shape or form and it doesn’t mean you even have to like the person. Forgiveness just means I’ll stop self-torturing myself over what this person did and set them free to have no control over my mind anymore THAT’S IT!!!!

From here you can move to where many success guru’s or coaches begin at the Take Responsibility stage and from there you can continue your journey taking BOLD and BRAVE charge of yourself, committing  to owning your life fully and that includes all future choices.

Refuse to let anyone or anything sway you because now you KNOW you are valueable, have your life learnings only YOU are in control. You can’t any longer blame others, things or anything outside of yourself or else you will give up your power. Make a pledge to CAPTAIN YOUR OWN SHIP.

And the rest, well you can hang with me for the next steps or seek out a good life coach etc because  the rest is about values, being true to yourself and recycling back to this FIRST STEP whenever you slip up. Try to avoid it and it’s backwards we go so REMEMBER NOW TO SET THE TIME ASIDE AND GIVE YOURSELF A CLEAN OUT.

Or get us to do it for you. Either way I wish you well on your journey to a happier and more peaceful yet successful life living your dreams.

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To your Limitless Success, Wealth and Happiness

Maz Schirmer

Women’s Mindset Junkie and Transformationalist.