“6 Years ago I was experiencing one of the worst emotional & mental breakdowns I had ever had. I was convinced I was so broken & damaged & had nothing left to offer as a wife & even a mother (to my 4 kids). I was convinced I needed to leave them so I wouldn’t damage them any more than I already had. My anger & rage was what they received from me on a daily basis ?

I was in constant prayer asking to be saved from myself & to heal the relationship between myself & my children! I personally never experienced a healthy relationship with my own mother & as much as I tried, I kept behaving & repeating her behaviour towards myself & my children.

I came across Creatrix®️ on a Facebook add the idea of an emotional breakdown seemed liked the lifeline I was praying for.

I watched every video available on their website & whatever I could find on YouTube. Everything I heard & read was like’WOW’ I need to try this!

It was last bit of savings & the best investment I made in myself, my children & my future! 

The results were sooo uplifting, rewarding, relieving & healing that after my breakthrough I went on to become a Creatrix Transformologist & resigned as a Child & Family Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, because this was a gift I wanted to share with as many mothers & families as I could. I wanted them to find & feel their inner peace & love & share it with everyone around them.

Creatrix®️ didn’t heal & fill my emotional cup, it created within me an emotional fountain that over flows into every relationship & aspect of my life ♥️

I’ve broken generational traumas, attitudes & behaviour that my children no longer need to carry.”

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