If you’re like most women, you’ve realised that we’re quite different at a behavioural, emotional, mental, psychological and biological level. How our heart is all entwined with our head and how our female design causes hormonal fluctuations (from day to day and sometimes hour by hour)  that causes imbalances in our moods and thinking, cause us to need tools that take all of this into consideration.

Regardless of all the self development courses or self help books we’ve read, women find it harder to intentionally control emotions (not always under our control) which effects everything from the quality of our decisions, thoughts, commitment and so on, thus affecting all areas of our life.

We are far from silly, in fact we’ve been grossly underestimated and not considered fully in the self-development industry for our biological and psychological differences. We are wired non-static and therefore what seems unpredictable, is simply misunderstanding and not knowing how inconsistency can be harnessed and worked with, not against. In fact expecting consistency, which is the secret of success according to every Personal Development Guru since the Napoleon Hill days is causing women to burn out and fry our circuits. I’d go even further and say it’s causing us dis-ease and terrible inadequacies that are just crippling to women and causes us to feel like failures.

You probably know the roles of the unconscious mind BUT who says the unconscious mind that can grow a brain inside of itself while running a brain at the same time might’nt need a different type of software to run through our hard-wired  gender brain… Current personal and professional development success formulas and therapies originated via the perception of male minds, therefore the solutions, lets call them software applications, do not fit our female minds (our hardware) It’s like we are iPhones and are expected to operate android apps. It’s not us that’s the problem its simply software incompatibility.

Heck, even the M and P Ganglion cells in our eyes have different balances of focal cells and peripheral cells so these very physical components OF COURSE matter. This is why many courses such as NLP who teach rapport actually take women away from our intuition and innate ability to bond by teaching us to do consciously that which we do better than men at an unconscious level.

We have 23% more neural connectivity (the white matter that transfers communication signals) connecting our right and left brain hemisphere. What does this mean when it comes to our ability to find joy and appreciation in life and our emotional resilience? Well our hormonally cyclic body hates to work at anything consistenctly and logically (this is the male brain way) and so we harm our bodies, brains and minds by going against our ‘grain’ when striving to achieve in these masculine ways. We CAN achieve the same things as men, it’s how we go about it that is not the same.

If you understood how your GENDER mind and body syncronise you’d be blown away with a whole new level of hope for women. Heck they say gender is the 1% difference only, but it actually affects 100% of your 50-100 trillion cells which are each coded gender and if we are using male processes, that stress affects all 11 of the bodily systems that run you. We’ve too long now underestimated the power of our amazing gender.

We’ve taken the time to design female software for our unique hardware so we can no longer crash and burn, but instead we can finally be understood and run as we’re designed to.

The self development industry although you see many females teaching it, they themselves have been taught very masculine methods of transformation which fit only 1 in 5 women because they’ve been designed by males for male brains. It’s alright for them because they are the 1 in 5 (many female CEO’s fit this category) but what about the majority of women, the 4 out of 5? It’s just how it is. It’s nobodies fault because we ourselves have been asleep to the joining of these dots. We (IOWI) have joined them for you and developed UNIQUE gender formulated personal development and mindset tools, processes and solutions, it’s our thing here at IOWI (Institute of Women International).

Up until only approx a decade ago most science lab tests done on female subjects were actually boy mice that’d been castrated (apparently that’s what the female version has been to science and still is in many labs, just boys without balls) so really, we are super behind and there’s no knight in shining armour to come save our predominantly female issues any time soon, and he certainly won’t be wearing a damned lab coat, so it’s up to us to take care of ourselves. Female Solutions designed by a woman!

IOWI discoveries and solutions are FEMALE based however that’s not all we care about because breaking the entire cycle is important to us and that’s not just a female issue now is it. We want to help EVERYONE but working THROUGH the women.

So look at what else we considered when creating Women’s Transformology® Courses to help heal and empower women:-

  1. The Female Factor (a full education in layman’s terms so you can go out and educate others in the community) If not us then who? Why not help us spread the word and bring hope and transformation to women who need us.
  2. Working on our own facilitators so bring our clients ‘Cleaned out’ emotionally resilient Facilitators who value the need to keep themselves cleaned out. We accept women to be facilitators who value their own state of mind so we take care of that for FREE for our facilitators. We created a solution we call Intra-support. Won’t find that in any coaching course or breakthrough guru courses.
  3. Epigenetics– Its just an industry word that means the instruction that the genes receive which tells them how to behave. Basically it’s the biggest hope for ALL of us in a decade. You see we inherit the pre-disposition to certain life sufferings as proven now in universities in every capital city in Australia, even Newcastle has one. Yep, we can  turn off the pre-dispositions we inherited and break the cycle.
  4. Our signature transformational process Creatrix® was designed with Epigenetics and the Female Factor in mind. We had to or else we are not breaking the cycle therefore we’d be putting band-aids on wounds that are infected.
  5. Our facilitators enter into a Code of ethical conduct license agreement– Sorry but not anyone can come help us on our misson. You must be a respectful human being that values such powerful processes and the delicate lives that we deal with every day. It takes women willing to own their ‘stuff’ and be on top of it to ensure she’s the best person to be helping others. Does she have to be perfect? NO WAY or else god help us all, but she does have to have a desire to strive to be a good soul with a good heart. We can handle the rest through our own tools if necessary and also the support we share inhouse.
  6. We hold a public registry of Authorised Creatrix® Facilitators so your clients or patients can check to see you really are an ethical Facilitator. (see the search bar in our website footer). There’s too many people out there in this industry who really are quite dangerous because they use some powerful tools on others for self serving and intentionally manipulative egotistical reasons.

Have you ever considered helping women as a way of life and earning great money and loving what you do? It’s truly rewarding and humbling and OMGOSH the stories of the women you will change for the better.

Do you have a passion and dream to empower women to believe in themselves and love the skin they are in, as well as loving yours too as a part of the course process?

We’ve got the transformational tools you need that have been specifically designed just for women.

We have a mammoth vision. To learn more about what we do CLICK HERE.