The same event that can cause PTSD can cause someone a wake up call, in that very instant that changed them positively forever. In that void of a moment of coming to from the shock moment where time stood still, you get to make a choice but we aren’t aware this is even happening.
That’s what happened to me when I first awoke on the floor in a phone box on the side of a lonely highway, somewhere between Innisfail in Far North QLD and Mackay in mid QLD when relocating on a housing relocation program after 6 protection orders and still feeling unsafe – the last help I could get from the ‘system’. So I took it and, to be honest, knowing it was the last help I think was a good thing. No more crutches so I HAD to work it out.
I woke and was looking through the glass door of the phone box at my 4 kids and my white dog up over the bonnet and through the windscreen of my car.
Time stood still, the world was silent, I didn’t know what had happened to me, but I could see them and my life, the past and the future were there, reflected back at me in watching those I loved most and as their protector.
It could have been a split second or 10 minutes, I’ll never know, but what I do know is that I saw the future if nothing changed and it was too horrible and so I MADE A DECISION UNLIKE ANY OTHER. It was to CHANGE MY LIFE or we’d all end up dead or running away constantly and attracting the same old same old.
That was a full on grand mal seizure, the first in my life at 31 years old as a single mum of 4 kids.
FROM THAT MOMENT I never went back, although things did get worse before they got better but that’s always the case when changing your life. There’ll be a test and I was tested alright. I was curled up in the fetal position on the cold floor of that emergency house kitchen, pleading with a god I didn’t know existed to PLEASE HELP ME.
While still on the floor the phone rang, and that was one opportunity that followed on and led to me many years later, after a wonder 20 years on the other side of my wake up call moment to DEVELOPING WHAT IS ACTUALLY AN ON PURPOSE WAKE UP CALL FOR OTHERS – Creatrix®.
Maz Schirmer xx