The 3 R’s will make you a well known Transformational expert in the industry, and without the 3 R’s you might get what you think are good results but not exceptional results, the kind that lead to you being able to guarantee results and fully back yourself every single time, which leads to weakening your 3 R’s which leads to second guessing yourself and that is at the heart of businesses that fail.

Being in the industry for 23 years now, I would guestimate that more than 95% of coaches and therapists don’t make enough money to live on because of THIS. They don’t ever work on these as a priority because they don’t fully get the importance and direct link from self doubt to results you can take to the bank.

  1. Resonate – this is how you connect to your distinct exact target market. They are YOU but before your breakthrough. Likeness is what creates resonance. We like those who are like us and have experienced similar to what we have. Your story gives you the authority, but only if you are ON THE OTHER SIDE.
  2. Respect – is 100% the difference that makes the difference in Transformology®️. This simple word has so much psychology in it. The CLIENT must respect your and you must respect they are not in the place you are but where you once were. This humility BUT KNOWING BETTER is aspirational more than inspirational. Inspiration does not cause change but aspiration towards you by someone means YOU are who they NEED to help them.
  3. Resolute – Any doubt and their UNconscious mind will put it over you when they hit a point of possible no return in their breakthrough and believe me, you ain’t talking to the conscious mind adult, you’re talking to their stubborn 2 year old level of resistance internal party of them that thinks you WANT to keep the problem. They can smell any sign of weakness or any minute element of doubt and they shift into alpha position and from that point forward the writing is on the wall. This could be where they ask for a discount or something and you surrender, not understanding the psychology of the UNconscious mind.

It breaks my heart to watch so many coaches wonder why they lose influence with high paying clients and have to go back to a shitty ass job just to make ends meet. You don’t just need to do another course on the same old shit. You need to learn the psychology behind Transformation of you want to have an entire lasting career in this industry.

You have to firstly know what you’re dealing with, then how to deal with it. If you talk to your clients the same way you do consciously when you are addressing their UN conscious mind, well good luck with that.
THIS my friends is part of TRANSFORMOLOGY®️. IT’S THE RESULTS PART of life changing, lasting, profound Transformations that NO one in the industry completely understands because no one is teaching it.
During the Transformology®️ training that is taught by me, I go very deep on how you embody this, then at the 4 day program we condition you into it. Is that exciting or what? You will not see this taught anywhere. When you are taught to be the facilitator of a modality, they teach you only 1 of the 4 pillars of Transformology®️.

Understanding this psychology behind what is required to create lasting change in others will make you elite in the industry through becoming famous for your 100% results so you can even guarantee your outcomes because you get it at the bigger picture level. You’ll never again take money from someone you can’t back all the way. When you can’t back yourself, you surely can’t back your clients, can you.

Transformology®️ is what leads to raving fans who refer to you and THAT is the secret to a STRONG Successful ongoing BUSINESS.

Maz Schirmer xx