Why do most women who start out in business, fail within 3 years? I mean 997 out of 1000. As a leader, I got to see those figures play out, literally on a report.
What did I do then, that made me so successful for 2.5 decades, launching several businesses, each grossing over a million dollars? Was I just a fluke? What exactly was the difference between success and failure, specifically for women?
I suddenly became NOT ok about this predictability after realising nothing I taught from the best of the personal development knowledge could change these odds.
This led me on a quest and here’s my story and how it led to the creation of Creatrix, which breaks the cycle of sabotage. Strap yourself in because this I hope motivates you.
I share my past here with you of where I began, and it wasn’t pretty, and I don’t want anyone to go through that, certainly not any more generations. In fact my story led to the mission of setting women’s hearts free, along with my Creatrix® Facilitators who are busy out there Creatrixing women who are ready to break their cycles.
From my mess, came my mission. See if you relate to any of my story.
Love Maz xx
Institute of women
Institute of women