You cannot take action if you don’t think you can do anything about your circumstances which is how labels bind us to hopelessness and inaction.

Could you be blocking yourself from the very life and success you desire by simply labeling yourself?

When considering labels I mean all labels in your life and these include the labels we sometimes give ourselves such as: dumb, stupid, worthless, useless or anything UN-empowering to you. Un-label yourself unless that label empowers you!

Labels are our way of bunching stuff together for easier cataloguing but it can end our search for better outcomes.

A label is a sentence, a closed book. Labels drown hope. There is then no reason to search for a better answer after all you found an answer in the label. That’ll do. That resolution is not very empowering is it? It is certainly easier to believe in the label rather than look within and outside for the solution, but the label is definitely less hopeful.

What about the label we put on ourselves such as ‘I am dumb’? It could be said that you are just doing the process of seeming ‘not knowledgeable’ at present. The word ‘am’ often follows with a label. Who said you are? According to whom? What belief is it that you must have to think something like ‘I am dumb’, that which does not serve you in a positive way?

If any statement makes you feel bad, STOP SAYING IT! IF you catch yourself and it’s too late, counteract it by saying five positive statements that are proof you were wrong, to contradict the original negative statement, and remove the decision to have the limiting belief with the exercise herein.

You could change the statement ‘I am dumb’ to its opposite. It is certainly harmless enough, in fact, it is vital if you want to be happy. What is truth anyway? Who’s version of it? It is only a lie if you don’t believe it to be true. The real lie is more likely to be that you are ‘dumb’ not than you are clever; you just wrongly believed it was true in the first place. You must start somewhere. Do it enough and it will become your empowering truth! Do it, you might like it.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but with a label that light is a train, conversely, without a label that light is a ray of hope.

Oh, the lies you get to get away with now. You can tell yourself you are anything you ‘want’ to be. Always say it with a wonderful and positive image in your mind and feeling love in your heart, along with the same feeling you put inside of you when you know something good is true, and watch the miraculous changes happen in your life. Turn the imagined into the real.

Which comes first, the labelling or the belief? When you say you are stupid for example, do you then believe you are or did you believe it and then said it? It can be either because one creates the other. It’s reciprocal. That means you have the power to change it. Or would you rather believe in fate? Goodness knows where you will end up then. Where was fate taking me in my old life? I was choosing my past fate with my choices and negative energy. Make good fate happen to you. I choose to drive myself, you can too. Choose power over powerlessness!

I was labelled as having ulcerative colitis and epilepsy, which everyone knows do not just disappear because they are known to have no cure. The specialists and statistics say so, so of course it is hopeless to believe otherwise. My Clinical Professor Consultant Hepatogastroenterologist (that was his title, it is here on his letter of diagnosis) was so sure I had a life sentence that he was willing to put it in writing in case of hospitalisation when travelling. It states: ‘Marylin Schirmer was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis on March 2nd 2000 and remains a patient of mine requiring intensive treatment and supervision.’

When I turned the label into a process of ‘doing’ something, then it simply was that I happened to produce hundreds of ulcers in my colon. My diagnosis of Epilepsy was just that I happened to lose control of my body and my mind would blank out. They were a bunch of symptoms, not a label. This meant hope.

The only benefit of labelling is to look at what you have in common and not in common with other sufferers who ‘do’ similar symptoms well also. I am grateful for the positives that science does bring into the health arena. In many cases we find the bodily evidence through diagnostics to be able to detect problems such as my ulcers from my ‘ulcertative colitis’ by scans, before it is too late. That they can see inside a body has its benefits that’s for sure.

I haven’t had any symptoms or signs of those two diseases and have been blessed with more than a decade of not having to pay for the expensive medications, and remembering to take those damaging drugs that could reduce my lifespan, and possibly cause even more damage to my body by searching within and realising I was carrying a heavy resentment and anger for someone for the past year. I was literally ulcerating myself with my hate. When I addressed that issue, forgave and let go of that person my body just stopped making ulcers. Could my body have been simply giving me a sign and trying to get my attention by using the only communication it could? Could our mind and body be one?

Could my epilepsy I developed at 30 years old due to the fact I kept saying I was going to ‘block out’ my past and start my new life? Could my language have directed my body? Interesting to study the power of our language and how our body responds. Since I got my life kicked off and changed that language and also stopped smoking, no more fits. I took myself off Tegretol and that was almost 20 years ago now.

Obviously though, If I lost an arm in an accident I cannot will the arm back out of nothingness. The lessons though are not to stick new negative emotions in my body. Instead, get the learnings and next time I shall listen better to my UM. Life is about learning.

The ‘system’ assumes that ‘what is’ just ‘is’. Who said? Who knows your body best? Don’t give away your power, not totally. Every one of us is so unique that perhaps we could be the exception to the rule. I believe I am. When people give me statistics such as only 5% chance of success, I always believe that I fit into the best option for me, even if it’s a minority.

I would like them to keep searching with an open mind, and not ever get to where they think they have the answer to fixing the cause by only muffling the symptoms of a disease, with medication. If they remove the label first, the answer is more likely to appear.

Within infinity there is hope. Choose to be open to infinity, to endlessness and limitlessness.

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