Do you understand Epigenetics? You hear me talk about it but it’s simple really… Here’s an easy way to understand.
Your issues are not necessarily originating with you, so if you only work on issues that are yours in origin, then that work is usually undone within a year as it ‘wears off’ because it wasn’t a deep completely ancestral clearing. In the epigenetic engine room of a uterus is the all truth knowing female human-making unconsciousness and this is the level you need to heal to.
So many people use methods that say they are epigenetical, but if there could ever be a ‘before’ ancestor that existed, then how do you know where it started?
When finalising Creatrix’s design it HAD to not be able to ‘miss’ any origin, regardless of how long ago it was… AND it had to include the ‘lessons’ from the issue to change the automatic response to triggers.
You can’t just ‘imagine’ cutting the cord to your ancestors or any of that disrespect to our higher intelligence, because you’re still under the influence of self and your own filters. YOU are blind to your own lessons without a revolutionary experience to shock you from your well memory-running programmed habitual automatic responses handed down to you from goodness knows when. After all, we program our brains what to ‘notice’ so it only notices what aligns with our belief system, frequency and focus.
If you were consciously in control and therefore could change just because you want to, you would have. You wouldn’t be reacting so sabotagingly to things AGAIN.
Self can’t analyse self so when a professional says “ask your own unconscious mind when it started, or ask your unconscious mind’s permission to blah blah” the poor old person just guesses. You can’t fool your actual biology, it KNOWS where it started and we go a loooooooooooooong way back.
It’d be naive to think it would have started only in the last .01% period of your ancestral bloodline’s existence, or someone you knew in your lifetime. Really? Yes you were born innocent, however you have external traits that go way back in your family, and you have INTERNAL traits/ways of perceiving too.
You have to work with 2 generations at least if you’re a girl because you were already an egg inside your mother when she was inside her mother. Whatever they became traumatised over and didn’t have the resources to deal with at the time, as protection, your unconscious mind remembers this. For eternity the responses have been placed onto automation, so you never have to worry about it and it’s there to protect the bloodline and keep it alive.
We need to work in the thousands of generations ago if you are to be SURE.
Thus you see GENERATIONALLY-INGRAINED CYCLE BREAKING change with Creatrix® that lasts because of it’s epigenetical design.
Institute of women
Institute of women