We give you with the tools, understanding and transformational experience (Creatrix®) to SET YOU FREE once and for all from your emotional and mental blocks, so that you can reach new levels of success in your life and business.

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Our programs are for OPEN-MINDED, PASSIONATE women who have (or are about to start) their own business, but are looking for that MISSING PIECE of the puzzle to get to where they dream of being. We’re here to provide solutions for women seeking FAST, LASTING results that break generational patterns once and for all.

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Benefits of our Program:

  • Become resilient and burnout-proof so you can be around to leave a high-impact, lasting legacy
  • Experience a profound breakthrough along with other women in business (you will likely make new friends for life!)
  • Discover how to burst through to the next level for more sales and more clients and ultimately MORE FREEDOM
  • Learn how to run your business mindfully, in connection with your body and soul and working with your natural flow rather than going against it. You’ll learn when to do what types of business activities and when NOT to – this is something that no one else teaches women and yet it is so important!
  • Gain more confidence in yourself as an individual
  • Discover the freedom to be your authentic self at home and in business. Isn’t it exhausting having to be “on” all the time just to keep up appearances?
  • Learn how to find more ease and flow in all aspects of your life
  • Discover more harmony in your life: Better balance between your home and business life
  • Let go of the stress and overwhelm that comes with all the “have to’s” and “should’s”. This helps give you the power to switch off and rejuvenate regularly
  • Being able to confidently make decisions according to what’s important to YOU, not what’s “expected” by everyone else
  • Become the creator of your day-to-day life experience: Learn how to create your life, your lifestyle and your legacy YOUR way
  • Understand yourself better so you can help OTHERS understand THEMSELVES better
  • Know how to do the right things at the right time according to YOUR unique makeup as an individual and a woman
  • Stop comparing yourself and worrying what other people think (or might think) about you and really KNOW in your GUT (not just in your head) that you actually are good enough
  • Create more time to focus on what’s important in YOUR life without having to constantly work on yourself, doing the same thing over and over again… who has time for that?!
  • Become the best version of yourself so that you can succeed in ALL areas of your life (business and personal)
  • Become the role model you want to be for your kids AND the 8000 other people we women influence throughout our lifetime, aside from your clients. “What you do speaks so loudly they cannot hear what you say”, as the saying goes.
  • Take ownership of the choices and actions you make in life to create a BETTER life for you and the people you love
  • Learn powerful tools to keep you moving forward so you have the confidence and ability to get out of your own sh#t – the definition of true empowerment
  • Learn how to quickly recognise when you’re going off track so you can get back on it before you go too far down the rabbit hole and create more problems for yourself
  • Complete action assignments that make you move forward in your business (and personally) following the 3 day immersive breakthrough experience
  • 100% confidential – No photos or videos will be posted online without your permission. Also, other students won’t know your story as it’s compiled prior to your arrival at the 3 day immersive event (which is held 6 weeks into the online program)
  • Finally banish that constant negative head chatter! You get to experience the peace and quiet that we all strive for, without having to meditate (you’ll finally understand what it’s like for a man to literally be thinking about nothing!)
  • SIDE BONUS: 7/10 of you that are in relationships will feel more liberated in the bedroom, which seeps into your overall health, happiness AND your business success.

Program Inclusions:

  • 90 days of extreme value in tools and transformation delivered mostly online, including:
    • Maz Schirmer’s BUSINESS PINKPRINT™, it’s a blueprint but designed for WOMEN. It’s more effortless to create success for women but we are following men’s strategies, which overloads our system. For example, we release oxytocin to water down the cortisol and adrenaline and end we up burning out if we persistently adhere to strategies that don’t work for us. 
    • How to be LEGACY focused not GOAL focused. Goal setting can be harmful for women, so learning what to do and when for a healthy female mind/body/soul
    • Weekly tasks to dig out the deepest blocks in preparation for the 3 day event
    • Action-taking steps in your business from the viewpoint of your NEW mindset
    • What it takes to STAY cleaned out
  • 3 day in-person TRANSFORMATIONAL IMMERSIVE experience in a group environment, including daily lunches, morning & afternoon teas. It’s the opposite of a retreat, but the end result is 10 times the calmness you would experience after a retreat!
  • CONFIDENTIAL exclusive assessment of your deepest personal and business blocks completed by a Transformologist® Trainer after analysing your initial results
  • Experience a CREATRIX® transformation during your 3 day experience. Creatrix® is formulated to go deep into your core to remove your sabotaging mindset patterns AND your unresolved INHERITED emotional traumas
  • Discover an equally scientific and spiritual success formula that helps you understand how to use your intuition practically in a non-woo woo way that causes you to be BURNOUT PROOF
  • Group coaching, education & accountability
  • A tax deductible, life-lasting investment that improves relationships, parenting & communication as a bonus to dramatically improving your ability to attract success.
  • BONUS: Complete all modules online and attend the 3 day experience and then receive a 1:1 Creatrix® Session on Zoom/Skype with a Creatrix® Transformologist® near the end of the program completion to lock it all in!


Are you a woman in business who just feels STUCK? Or perhaps you’re going along just fine but are ready to really take things to the next level?

Our program is designed to do just that.

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PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation & travel costs, breakfast and evening meals are not included in the price of the in-person experience.

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Ramona’s story: from self doubt to running retreats in Bali!

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Is This Program For You?

Our program is for women who are already in business or are planning to launch their dream business. It’s for those who know that they can’t reach total success and fulfilment until they learn to fully understand themselves, rise above life’s obstacles and break their negative cycles for good.

You are right for this program if:

  • You already have your own business (or are planning to launch one)
  • You are committed to becoming the best version of yourself because you know that your cup needs to be full BEFORE you can be successful and fulfilled in life
  • You have fears around starting OR moving forward in your business and need to get past them
  • You’re already successful in your business but you have negative emotional/mental “baggage” that’s stopping you from being able to enjoy your success or grow your business even more
  • You’re looking for that MISSING piece of the ‘success puzzle’
  • You have tried other methods to get past your “stuff” but nothing has stuck, and you don’t want to waste any more money on something that doesn’t work


There is no other method available in the world like this. It’s innovative with the Epigenitics concept. Two months after this course I have a waiting list of clients and I haven’t even had to advertise yet!

Nikolien Martina-Doorenbos

Company Owner, Moms & More (Netherlands)

Do you feel like your emotional and mental blocks are getting in the way of your dreams?


If breaking your negative cycles so that you can get on with building a meaningful legacy gets you excited, this program is for YOU.

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We want to set YOU emotionally and mentally free so that you can get out there and shine your light on the world!


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“This program has changed my life in ways $100,000 worth of self development courses just couldn’t. I was already an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach yet I struggled to believe in myself. Not anymore!”

– Kylie Stretton, Caboolture QLD

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