Over time women have accumulated blanketed layers of tainted perceptions that have buried incredibly innate superpowers deep within her core that we have not only forgotten how to access or use, but we’ve long forgotten that they exist at all. When we get back in touch with what I call our girl ‘superpowers’, we cannot doubt our worth, our level of influence, or the value of our contribution, as many women do today. If ever there was a time for women to rediscover their extraordinary essence, it is NOW. It’s time to reignite our spirit.

Most women have been lulled into a false sense of security and trust that the systems of authority in areas of expertise (medical research, politics, and education etc.) will find solutions to our female health and wellness issues.

My research has uncovered that 95-99% of these ‘bodies of knowledge’ were originally philosophically perceived, formulated, measured, modeled, discovered and determined by male minds. We cannot fully ever know what it’s like to be a male just as males cannot fathom what it’s like to be female, regardless of their area of expertise or authority. We have mistakenly been waiting for something that is not possible.

In order to heal our own minds and bodies and be able to function at our best we must first accept our deeper, underlying differences, which will empower us to become proactive in finding our own solutions. This will allow us to thrive, and celebrate our essence while forging a new path for future generations to follow.

A Woman’s limbic system is much larger than males and although some similarities, it almost seems to have a separate function for each sex. For women it’s the emotional interpretation centre that instructs our hormonal (endocrine) distribution centre to function according to these perceptions. Perception (and mis-perception) affects EVERYTHING and cause stress. This is important to know as it is the reason why and how we get ourselves ‘stuck’ and have problems unique to us.

Our limbic system is designed for that of a ‘creator-being’ that can create the egg of life, develop and nurture new life within itself and continue the maternal process outside of itself through naturally organic intuition and hormonal bonding (For example, A man may not know he is a father unless told, but it’s impossible for a mother to not know she is a mother). Women are built for love, not stress. The effects of stress hormones releasing overtime inside of a female body is messing with our design and its showing up as hormonal and emotional dysfunction. Frankly, we are not built for it.

It has been perceived that a brain is a brain, a mind is a mind and an emotion is an emotion, regardless of gender. While similar, the way in which women go about creating the emotion, the processing of information and functioning biologically and intuitively, both consciously and unconsciously is the key difference. This is the secret to UNcreating our own unique problems and creating new and unique solutions.

This is why the existing male developed mindset changing processes and success and happiness strategies are just not working for females. This is why I have broken new ground by creating a Women’s Genetic Breakthrough Process, it’s been long overdue. Remove tainted perceptions that cause unnecessary stresses (even inherited ones) and you reclaim your power and your body can get back to its originally designed functionality. Your female mind can be set free along with emotions and limiting beliefs that make you feel ‘less than’, ‘not enough’ or ‘insecure’.

Let us fathom ourselves and not forfeit our own power as it really does takes one to know one. We’ve seen it, we’ve heard it, we’ve read about it everywhere….the time of the woman is NOW!

WE are what WE have been waiting for!


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